How We Were Made: A Book of Revelations

9780954595739: How We Were Made: A Book of Revelations

666, that very famous and most enigmatic of numbers has puzzled everyone ever since it first appeared. The solution to its true meaning lay in the words which came with it 'let him who has understanding reckon the number'. "Reckon" is another way of saying 'calculate', but even that didn't help much. Neil however has discovered that the 'calculate' means this - 6 X 6 X 6, for this 666 number is the key to unlocking the true cypher which encodes further data. The number produced is 216 and it is this three number string which has been used to construct our world and much that's in it, including man. He has also found that the number is frequently scaled, up or down, to provide other constants such as 21.60 (the pre ice-age tilt of Earth) and 2,160 miles (the diameter of the moon) and many more. It may be multiplied and divided by the cardinal numbers which give up more constants. This is not a maths book but a very readable explanation of how we were made through the application of a design specification.

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About the Author:

William Neil is a Chartered Engineer (C. Eng.) with a degree in electronics; he also studied for an MSc in control engineering, is a corporate member of the Institute of Electrical Engineers, and has written many articles for professional journals on inter-computer communication. Some time ago his three man team spent 4 years writing the specification for the protocols and procedures for the world's first packet switching service (the UK's Experimental Packet Switched Service, EPSS). Packet switching is now the world standard for the internet and computing. He has a life-long interest in history and and read for an MA in archaeology and has taken part in professional excavations.


"'an engineer, Neil has turned his mind to the question of how life itself works and has discovered the answer is mathematical. His thesis centres around base 6, or 60 as used by the the ancient Sumerians, and it suggests that we as well as our planet and solar system have been constructed or placed according to this 'engineering specification' of base six. Neil speculates that this number system was put in place not by God but by "them" whom we may call gods. To him, it's not accidental that the same "bizarre numbers" keep cropping up all over the place. Neil demonstrates a host of dazzling numerical correspondences, mostly extrapolated from the famous number 666; multiplied out out (6 X 6 X 6), it gives a key number 216, which produces other fundamental constants. Interestingly all the numbers between 1 and 36 add up to 666. Neil applies his findings to show how 666 and related numbers can be found in the human form (216 bones in the human body!), in our DNA, in monuments like the Great Pyramid and Stonehenge and in ancient and modern measurement systems. It can even be seen in the "building and placing" of the moon, which he calculates is hollow apart from a 300 mile thick crust. I f you are fascinated by numbers and sacred geometry, this book will be a treat.' NEXUS MAGAZINE 'We live in a world of illusory form and solidity, a vibrational and mathematical construct and William Neil is uncovering the numbers that hold it together. Highly recommended'. DAVID ICKE BOOKS' 'This book identifies the real meaning of 666and its relationship to our existence. The author's knowledge of both ancient history, and numbers,coupled with the ability to tell a real story, makes this book a fascinating journey of discovery. The elusive key of 666 is pursued through many constructs and shows conclusively how the creator engineers built up systems, such as mankind and the Earth-moon twins, using only specified numbers. Also shown is that the imperial system of measure is one of theirs too, which allows us to see where the numbers are hidden. The discoveries in this book are not opinions, but irrefutable observations of facts, and the body of evidence which is produced, is quite unsettling'. PROFESSOR A M FLINTTE"

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