Shell of Soul: Secrets Revealed - The Consequences of Past Life Influences and Health

9780956689917: Shell of Soul: Secrets Revealed - The Consequences of Past Life Influences and Health

Shell of Soul is the journey of discovery. The biggest SECRET is us. What we hold, ignore, absorbed and inherited through no fault of our own, however very much in action today. Controlling every part of us without consciousness understanding or acknowledgement. Have you ever wondered why we like or dislike different things even from the same upbringing and family conditioning?Have you ever wondered why you had the knowledge and ability to do something although no one has taught you in this life, but you know cognitively and are competent at doing it? An inner knowing and possibly a variety of abilities, it could be math's, reading maps, languages, nurturing and caring, you know instinctively how to reproduce and look after a family well. You have a sense of knowing and self-responsibility, how to look after your self and others. Yet your siblings, parents and even your extended family don't?Why is it that some are vegetarian and others meat eaters? Why are some clearly comfortable in the seawater and others fearful of it?I found answers to those questions through my exploration with Dissolve and Resolve Emotions (DARE), linked to womb origins, absorption, reincarnation and past event demise, with previous psychological and health disorders together with emotional entrapment! Life gives us conditioning, gives us our likes and dislikes, tastes and learning that we have amassed, it gives us wisdom, allows us to bend and move through life because we have the knowledge and experience to back us up. Those who have had many human lives would be likened to elders (like grandparents) they hold and use past knowledge in their lives now. Compared to a warm blanket, allowing us to avoid the pitfalls of life.Those who have only had a few life experiences will have less knowledge to draw from they often become frustrated and are confused why things don't flow as smoothly in life. They tend to be less tolerant of others and have high expectations, sometimes seen as arrogant and impatient. Human life gives us grounding and a foundation to grow from, it is something we queue up for and we keep coming back for more experiences.Reincarnation can be compared to the best holiday you could have, you have put all the pieces together, planned the itinerary now you want the experience.Did it work out the way you planned? Or were there pitfalls? Emotions - are feelings, which are the true mirror of what we are feeling inside. Emotions can affect the performance of our Chakra (energetic) systems and consciousness. Emotions will affect what we think, how we behave and increase the chances of making skewed choices and decisions. The emotions will fragment our energy systems and cause depletion in the physical body. Emotions can affect us physically and create disorders, skew the mind with negative thoughts, which create negative feelings and emotions...The circle of life goes on.Add in the previous incarnations of physical and mental wounds, behaviour dysfunctions, disease and disorders and we have a cocktail of dysfunctions misalignment and decline. Broken and injured the circle of life goes on, compounding consequences in future events and subsequent lives.The decline and dilution of the real life script (this life agenda) is inevitable with interference and blockages, on all levels of our being. No wonder life has become a struggle, invariably compounded, with never-ending consequences with each choice and emotional demise received. With each decline in a life script we become less of our true selves - we become a faded aspect.We are becoming a shell of the Soul...I wondered why we were so different and yet so similar? Why was it that one person would be positive and look on the bright side of life and yet their sibling would be negative and continue to draw more negativity to themselves?Same parents, same upbringing however, different outlooks and perceptions of life.No two people are alike, they may have similarities taking on aspects of parents or siblings but they are not the same. Even physically they look different. Their emotional and psychological state is changed. Perceiving and acting differently, we all have different strengths and weaknesses that have accumulated historically and in present time.We are all unique. Compared to our fingerprint, we hold a uniqueness about us, we are a mix of our genetics, our present and past history, interwoven with positiveness and negative weakness ingrained within body and soul creating who we are today. As a professional clinical therapist I could see two people with the same disorder but they would deal with it differently. One would be more pragmatic and positive the other would become the victim and have martyr- like tendencies, liking the attention while being ill and having no intention of getting better.I started to look at why! Backgrounds were similar but emotionally very different. I had many years of clinical training and education in different forms of therapy, including Stress Management, Basic Counselling, Diet and Nutrition, Lymph Drainage, Cranio Sacral Therapy (CST), Paediatrics and Reflexology.I specialised in Women's and children's health for many years treating clients with a variety of issues regarding infertility, pregnancy and miscarriage, children's allergies, behaviour issues ADHD/ADD and traumatic birth processes. I had a big toolbox with which to treat my clients and they came from around the UK and Europe. A One-Stop-Shop. Treating in a unique way with a combined approach. Something that was out of the box thinking even in those days!After all my education and long years of training, I was dissatisfied with aspects of my toolbox. I knew there was something missing in my education. Deep down I felt I could do better. Deep down I knew there was a missing link. I felt that the tools I used at the time did not go deep enough. They were skimming the surface, putting a further plaster on deep levels that remained untapped.This was the level I was looking for - the core of the problem. Where did it come from? Where did it originate?As it turned out all was deeply buried and hidden from view, the answers were held in their history, their cells and energetics and would lead to clues. Not only present life history but previous incarnations. This was where, from my perspective, the hidden depths of answers lay!I continued my search with Brandon Bays 'Journey' and other modalities that would show me flashes but no firm jig saw pieces of the bigger picture of involvement and ramifications defaulted to live. However when I used the techniques over some years, I realised it was not the full picture. I still had the niggling feeling there was more!I continued with my own research! It was a journey amassing my finds, working daily with clients I probed and looked at the emotional demise individuals held, the depths of their issues were definitely related to their emotions and previous experiences.Finding we were a weave or tapestry, which is intricately woven with all the physical disorders, emotional wounds and psychological associations we have felt and experienced, giving us fears and terrors to live from, repercussions, consequences would form and develop into coping strategies and default patterns for living life. There were lives of happiness, alternatively lives of drudge and just holding it together, it was the negative lives that were the problem, these were where the emotions lingered, where the default patterns and triggers had been formed, still in action today!Through my quest and development of Dissolve and Resolve Emotions (DARE) I have found that we are entrapped in patterns of thinking and action, I found the majority outdated and no longer required. They needed a new updated programme to work from - they defiantly needed a programme 'DARE AP upgrade'.The Light bulb moment cameThe epiphany, the enlightening moment came to me one day when I worked on a guy who had back problems. He was in agony with lower back pain. I used my skills as I had been taught but I knew instantly his pain was emotion and stored in his lower back. When I looked deeper I felt it was not from his present situation.I started to ask him questions and he confirmed it was not from this life at all, I knew intuitively what he stored was emotion from a previous life! This was not hypnotism or regression. He was awake and answering my questions without any other influences.He immediately had a vision of an old life where he had hurt himself in an accident. Emotionally he was devastated, as he could not support his family, his pride was injured, as he now relied on others and felt useless. I helped him to release his historical emotions (I dissolved them by transmuting) and as I did this, his back started to soften.Previously when treated with other clinical methods I could not release his lower back pain, it was solid and in spasm, but releasing his emotions did. His body responded to my clearing his historical emotions.Once complete his body made adjustments to it self under my hands. Deep tissue healing and realignment took place over a period forty-five minutes. Softening muscles, tissue and bone. The flexibility of his spine was amazing. When the client sat up, he said it was a weird experience he could see visions and colours, feel heat and cold in his physical body as I worked, he saw clearly and described the visions in detail. He felt the difference in his back, he felt the pain ebbing away and he felt his body relax from the vice it had been. He actually stood tall when he put his feet on the floor. Even more to the point he could move his back with no contra indicators! No aches or pains, they had vanished.D ARE was Born - In those moments of treating, Dissolve and Resolve Emotions (DARE) was born and over the next twelve months I did further research. I was having great results and finding that the emotions and past life influences were very real.Some could see the visions, others couldn't, but either way they could all feel the release of the emotions and their restrictions and disorders seemed to disappear.I worked intuitivelyI had developed second sight and used all my sixth sense skills (my internal sat nav) to help find the blockages, barriers and voids. I realised that the weakness and disorders were linked. The weakness came from the energetics (the chakras and Aura) that support the physical.In 2008 I was continually asked where clients friends or family members could find a DARE practitioner. There was only me, so I decided to teach the DARE methods to others. In order to do this I had to dissect my intuitional methods and skills, put together technique by technique, everything I did intuitively, without thinking about, for clear explanation in training and practitioner manuals.It was 2010 when I launched DARE as a (CPD) practitioner's course. A radical approach to psychological and emotional disorders, a clearing programme for the 21st Centaury.I found that the condition of the body when we experience an accident or illness would be different in every case, depending upon our physiological, psychological and emotional state. Logical when you think about it! When we are stable and happy emotionally, our body can cope with events better, we bounce back after a tragedy or trauma, moving on and getting on with our lives.When in depression or the body is under par, the body will deal with the trauma very differently - holding on to the memories and emotions, storing them in different parts of the body, reliving the trauma daily, instilling the memory at a cellular level with hormonal chemicals reacting to compound the emotions and physical decline. For instance if we knock our shoulder against a door frame, the ripple of the impact will go throughout the body, like a pebble in a pond rippling out to many areas of the body. Locked in our weak areas ready to accumulate and cause further disease and disorder to come. However, if we are happy and stable the ripples will go out and continue to flow out of our body field unhindered.Unstable conditions will mean there will be barriers and the ripples will lodge at the weakest or most unstable parts of the body. If we have had disorders on the left side of the body for example, weakness will be prevalent and not as supported as the right.Further injuries and falls would be felt on the left side, more prone to imbalance and bumping into doors, tables etc., limbs bruised and battered from falls and injuries. Where primarily the ripples will store themselves (the weakest area) and look for secondary areas to lodge and accumulate. This can be anywhere in the body and/or energetics.It may be some time later, even years, before we notice a discomfort on the left side of the body, with limbs not supported as desired, presenting weakness on that side of the body, posture changes to accommodate, noticing weak and aching joints. The spine and lower back may also be influenced.Imagine if you have had other lives where a disorder or disease has also been prevalent? Not only in the present and an additional life, but several lives, compounding the condition, weakness prevailing over many life scripts. Going into our future to cause health disorders and imbalance on all levels.It is like putting on the same coat with buttons missing and holes in the sleeves, each life the coat becomes worse, threadbare, eventually parts falling off, sleeves missing, the coat does not give you warmth and protection like it did when it was new. Over time the coat deteriorates and is not worth putting on, the cold whistles through the coat with little protection, eventually you stand in rags depleted and cold.Compare this to the weakness in the energetics supporting the physical, with wounds, breakages, missing limbs from battles and accidents (or voids), even cut in two.I can see individuals in this way, where they look as though they have just come off the battlefield.Bandaged, knives, axes, bullet and war wounds and limbs hanging off the body. Battle scarred and broken. Like a car that has been stripped, all the good parts taken away and the rest smashed - the shell survives, although little function or going nowhere! This is primarily what we look like with the weakness of the body from past life influences. Health disorders and disease will also leave weakness, again diluting the areas of the disorder or disease, e.g. abdomen or back. If it is the amputation of the arm in a previous life there can be a void or missing area where the limb once was, no energy will flow in this area. This can present in the current life script as carpal tunnel syndrome or low temperature such as cold hands and feet.The breakage or separation (void) is weak and will not support the body. Very often the individual will complain of pain or lack of support from that side of the body. The knee will feel weak and give way, such as he ankle twisting and unsupporting, not able to stand the full weight, continuing the demise of the weak area.Through my DARE exploration I have found an abundance of reasons that explain why we have ill health. The historical wounds, imprints of objects and emotions combined cause barriers and capping to good health, which affect us psychologically with default patterns and triggers, continuing the status quo of life.I have found individuals with shrouds or overlays of emotions such as grief, sadness and fear, which clings and dampens the individual, keeping them entrenched in the same feelings and emotional programme. Overlaid with deep emotional states that are no longer required and certainly does not make sense today. Anger and anxiety can ensue, which overrides all other emotions, coming from nowhere and controlling the individual without rhyme or reason.Health and emotional issues do plague individuals through lives. Some seem to experience tragic lives and events that follow on through their future often generating consequences not on...

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About the Author:

Joy Wisdom (1950) is a relatively new author, with her first book published in 2010. A professional clinical intuitive therapist, a channeller, author and leading light for the millennium. A mother of two and grandmother, she lives in the hills of North Wales.From 1997, Joy practiced as a professional integrated Body/Mind clinical practitioner in various modalities with her practice in North Wales. Founder of Allonus, unique programmes and One Generation project. Her work attracts people from all over the UK and Europe. A passionate teacher for over a decade with revolutionary skills, seeing health from a different perspective, educates with her own radical approach to therapy and healing programmes. Teaching about historical influences, generational absorption and health, training, seminars and talks.Joy perceives energy intuitively, an expert in energetics, spiritual enlightment, and takes groups around the world, leading and guiding in planetary healing and supporting Gaia.A talented facilitator and humanitarian involved in varied teachings, a visionary with new approaches for health in the Aquarian age.

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