How to Design, Build and Use A Subtle-energy Phased-array Pyramid Intensive Garden

9780963841063: How to Design, Build and Use A Subtle-energy Phased-array Pyramid Intensive Garden

The book presents a design of a Subtle-Energy Phased-Array Pyramid Intensive Garden for pick your own or small truck farm enterprises. This book tells how to design, and build a Pyramid Intensive Phased-array Garden out of local new and used parts and how to use subtle-energy techniques to cost effectively increase germination, sprout, root, leaf and fruit development to yield more vegetables per square foot of garden space. It explains some of the the advantages of using prayer, sound, music, color, light, crystals, pyramids, cosmic antennas, and magnets on plants.

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by the author of Holistic Gardening, A Scientific Approach For Gardening With Love, Spiritual Gardening At Its Best, and Quest For The Light.

Gardening Is Like The Art Of Making Love.

Gardening should be considered as a relationship with plants, like courting a woman whose personal needs and desires must continuously be taken into account. One should appeal to their senses and supply their needs -- all of them -- if the relationship is to continue as desired. As with women, the process should start well and be carefully nurtured as it progresses to the blossoming stage; then, if one is lucky, the outcome may be quite productive.
When dating a women, one must consider all of her preferences: Will a restaurant be to her liking? Does it have an interesting decor? Will the ambiance appeal to all of her senses, not only those features which are seen, felt, smelled and tasted, but also those which are subtly experienced.
Does the waiter's dress, appearance and demeanor give the impression that serving her is a pleasure? Does background music set the stage for the mood you wish?
Will she have a choice of wines which may appeal to her sense of sight, smell and taste? Are there red, pink and white wines available to enhance her choice of venue? Do the wine glasses have sufficient nose space to sample the bouquet before she sips to experience the body of the wine? Is there sufficient time given for the wine to stimulate gastric juices before the salad is served?
Will the appetizers appeal to her palate?
Does the waiter allow adequate time to savor each course as it is consumed?
Does the coffee truly stimulate the taste buds?
Are there a sufficient variety of main courses? Is the food seasoned to stimulate, yet not overpower, the taste buds?
Is there a choice of wholesome nuts, fresh fruits and berries, as well as confectioneries for dessert?

Gardening should be approached in a similar manner. It begins before germination, and, if early considerations are given to the plants' needs and preferences, they may be sufficiently encouraged to continue the arrangement. But alas, plants, like women, decide if, how and when they will respond. One can but increase the probabilities for success.

Excerpt. Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved.:

Design Criteria For A Four-Sided Subtle-energy Pyramid.

This section presents some symbiotic and synergistic features which are desirable for incorporation into the design of a four-sided, subtle-energy pyramid. (and in parenthesis following, quantified evidence as to why):
Pyramid sides should be made of 9-foot, non-corrosive materials, either galvanized electrical conduit (from Source 1) or two-inch thick wooden weather-treated poles. (The structure must withstand the heavy weight of the vines and fruit it supports).

Subtle-energy devices should be shaped to generate, accumulate and focus beneficial subtle energies onto the plants .(Pyramid energies increased corn sprout growth up to 2.67 times in length in three days. Also, pole bean vines grow up to 1.67 times longer in a pyramid than they do on a vertical trellis.)

The sides of the pyramid structure should cross at approximately five-foot 8-inches to form two pyramids; one above and one below the cross-over point. (This gives two apexes which stimulate plant growth instead of just one. Both apexes are closer to the base of the plants, which assures that maximum pyramid energies will stimulate vine growth early in their development cycles. Also, more of the vines are exposed to increased energy levels throughout the entire pyramid structure as they mature (see chapter 6 for pyramid energy data.). If one pyramid apex is beneficial, two apexes should be better!)

A double-terminated quartz crystal, programmed by prayer to function as God's catalyst for helping plants to grow, should be placed vertically at the junction of the upper and lower pyramids. (1 -- Sprouts grown in a pyramid with a programmed crystal located at its apex grew 8.99 times longer than sprouts grown outside of the pyramid. 2 -- Plants grow twice as long in a pyramid containing such a crystal as plants grown on a plain vertical trellis during the early growth period. 3 -- Plant performance improves significantly if grown in close proximity to the ends of double terminated crystals. 4 -- Placing a crystal in the apex of a pyramid significantly increases energy levels throughout the entire pyramid (see Chapter 6 data). This is beneficial for all plants within the base portions of the pyramids and increases performance levels of vining plants continuously throughout their life cycle.)

Strong nylon netting with 7" (or greater) openings should be affixed from the base to the top of the structure (i. e., of each of the two pyramid sections) so that vines can be trained to grow spirally up the entire pyramid trellis. (Spiral shapes have an energy of their own that in itself is beneficial to plants, but the main benefit lies in the longer length that a vine can grow while being energized and supported on the pyramid structure. Vines will grow significantly longer and faster when grown by the synergistic methods outlined in this book, so why settle for a 9' long vertical vine when you can grow and support 20- to 30-foot spiraling vines during the same time period and pick fruit located at heights convenient for harvesting?)

Therefore, the following attributes should be incorporated into the design of a subtle-energy pyramid:

-A structure, that is compatible with the phased-array antenna field of the previous chapter should be provided for vining plants. Four 9-foot long supports joined at the 5-foot 8-inch level to form two pyramids, one above the other, should be provided as a trellis for supporting and energizing indeterminate vining plants . -A 1" by 1.5" or larger programmed double-terminated quartz crystal should be placed vertically at the apex(es) of the pyramids. -A nylon net should be provided for indeterminate plants to climb.

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