Multiverser: The First Book of Worlds

ISBN 13: 9780970036810

Multiverser: The First Book of Worlds

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9780970036810: Multiverser: The First Book of Worlds

The nine role play settings included in this book cover a wide range of genres, adventure concepts, and storytelling techniques. Designed specifically for the universe-hopping Multiverser game, it is a sourcebook which accomplishes what other games dare not attempt, a must-have collection of ideas for all gamers.

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About the Author:

E. R. Jones first began playing Dungeons & Dragons in 1980, while in high school. Borrowing the books from a friend, he quickly familiarized himself with the rules and established himself locally as one of the more creative Dungeon Masters around.From the beginning, he made a point of mixing material from every role playing game he found into his campaign, and experimented both with integrating and with isolating the different milieus within the same game world.Over the years he refereed dozens of games, and ransacked scores for material for his games.He began creating his own game system, looking for ways to bring players into his game world as themselves, and integrating elements of fantasy into a sci-fi scenario through wormholes and alternate realities.That was not Multiverser; but it was an introduction to the concepts which would lead to the grander idea.

That grander idea began to develop, and he took it on the road, leaving college to enlist in the army.In military bases all around the world, he ran Dungeons & Dragons and many other games, including the first experimental versions of his own concept.On many bases he was known as "The Dungeon Master", and to some only by the name of his character "Raven", even to those who had not been to his games.He taught the basic ideas of Multiverser to friends, who played with him until transferred to other bases or discharged from the army.

Meeting M. Joseph Young in 1991, he presented the ideas for a universal game system to him, and the two of them worked on the details for several years, creating the Multiverser game out of their years of experience and innovation.Having seen almost every role playing game released since 1980, Mr. Jones brought to the project both his keen sense of what had not worked before and his innovative concepts for how to make it work now.

Mr. Jones has chosen to leave the business of promoting a role playing game to others; he has turned his mind to discovering the next innovation for gamers, which we hope he will share with us once he finds it.

M. Joseph Young discovered Dungeons & Dragons in 1980, a few years after finishing college.He immediately became the dungeon master for a close circle of friends, which grew into a large gaming group.He also began to play other role playing games discovered and run by those friends, and to apply his peculiar analytical abilities to understanding how they work.When the members of that first gaming group parted after many years of playing,another group of younger players imposed on Mr. Young to referee for them, in a game which grew bigger and lasted longer than the other.In 1991, this caught the attention of E. R. Jones,who joined the game, and invited Mr. Young to play at his own table.

By this time, Mr. Young was a law school graduate and a member of Mensa, and had created his highly praised alignment quiz and ADR's and Surv's, demonstrating his ability to analyze the mechanics of role playing games to a degree not considered by most gamers.As soon as he began to play Multiverser, he began to analyze it, find its weaknesses, and fill in its gaps.His years of experience in broadcasting and as undergraduate professor of biblical studies suggested that he had the communicative skills to put these ideas to paper. The two struck up a partnership to develop the game from a collection of ideas in Mr. Jones' head to a game which could be run and played by others.Over the next several years, it finally came into the form which Mr. Jones called, "the best translation that could be made".

Mr. Young is still interested in Dungeons & Dragons, and his web sites related to it have been highly praised by RAWS and by Gary Gygax, among others.His application of the principles of time travel he developed in creating Multiverser


"...something unique. While, obviously, containing familiar elements, it takes those elements and does something fresh and original with them." -- Justin Bacon, reviewer, RPG.Net

"The book overall shines, a true masterpiece in gaming." -- Breton Stron, Reviewer, Valkyrie Magazine,

"While I did say the rulebook was excellent, I liked the Book of Worlds much better." -- Grover Penn, Reviewer,

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