The Bidet: Everything There Is to Know from the First and Only Book on the Bidet, an Elegant Solution for Comfort, Health, Happiness, Ecology, and ... about, the Device That Can Save Your Health

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9780974879901: The Bidet: Everything There Is to Know from the First and Only Book on the Bidet, an Elegant Solution for Comfort, Health, Happiness, Ecology, and ... about, the Device That Can Save Your Health
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This is the very first book on the bidet in the English language. It is possible this is the first book ever published on this topic, anywhere. There are no books on bidets in the U.S. Library of Congress. There is no book available at Amazon, not on eBay, no book Google or Yahoo. Except this one. And this book has the most information on the bidet, anywhere. For book collectors this will be a historic, valuable first edition.

This book tells everything there is to know about bidets. It demystifies and introduces the reader to every type, every use, and every aspect of the various forms of the bidet. The Bidet paints a good picture - that most everyone who actually tries a bidet, will love it, and then they will wonder why they hadn’t tried this before. There is a reason why you find bidets in the Presidential Suites of top hotels - but you can easily own a better bidet than that. The Bidet tells you what they are and where to get them.

Everything known about the bidet is covered. A comprehensive consumer’s guide of bidet manufacturers lists bidets from each manufacturer and which features each bidet unit supports. The book also has full contact information for all bidet manufacturers, as well as major web re-sellers. This alone is worth the price of the book. This book will enable you to choose the best bidet for your pocketbook and your personal needs.

· Classic bidets, French bidets, bidet a syringe
· Shower toilets, TSBs (toilet seat bidets)
· Handheld units easily attached to the toilet
· Amazingly compact, but very useful portable bidets

All these bidets use surprisingly small amounts of water to wash your derriere clean. Bidets are an amazingly, luxuriously, sybaritically pleasant way to keep yourself very, very clean. This book presents and documents the medical literature that largely supports the many health benefits that bidet users claim.

Finally, the way we currently process our waste involves huge ecological costs that can mostly avoided by using bidets. Startling statistics are presented on the wastefulness of toilet paper, that using bidets you actually end up using less water. The real bottom line is that bidets are cheaper to operate, paying themselves off in a few years.

All the various forms of the bidet are described and their operation fully explained: how each different type of bidet works, its advantages and disadvantages, including how they are installed, and how they are used. There are a number of amusing (but very illustrative) anecdotes about bidets scattered throughout the book. It is an operating manual for using a bidet neatly and effectively.

"The Bidet" brings clarity to a confusing bidet marketplace. This book received significant support from the bidet industry while it was being written, but is an independent work that surveys the industry as a whole. "The Bidet" takes an even-handed look at bidets, while making a pretty objective consumer report on what is in the marketplace.

The Many Benefits of The Bidet

This book describes the many benefits of the bidet for sheer comfort, personal cleanliness, perianal health, good ecology, and superior economy.

Bidets are an easy way to improve your body’s health. First of all, your derriere is much cleaner, and thus more comfortable. Those of us who suffer from conditions in our (perianal) nether quarters especially benefit from bidets’ treatment.. There are many medical benefits listed in this book that support the therapeutic use of bidets.

Finally, bidets are much cheaper to use than toilets, and using a bidet benefits our environment in a number of ways. Prices vary, and usually reflect the quality of the bidet, but a very functional bidet can be quite inexpensive. This book helps you to find the right bidet for you, and then tells where you can buy it.

Who has a bidet? Much of the civilized world has already embraced one form of the bidet or another. Many Europeans have grown up with them for generations. Most Japanese now have one. Many countries around the world have some form of a bidet. Not many Americans have one - yet. Travelers return from abroad raving about the bidet’s seductive graces. Once you experience a bidet, you will become a convert.

One bidet manufacturer surveyed Americans and found 88% of those who tried their bidet were favorably impressed, and 76% said they wanted to buy one.

Addressing Taboo Subjects: This book sensitively addresses subjects that are often shunned and taboo in our culture. These are subjects that many do not like to talk about, yet are essential for top health and well-being. Wry and humorous anecdotes about bidets, their relation to our derrieres, and their use (and misuse) help defuse this difficult subject area, and keep the text light and compelling. Numerous testimonials support the bidets’ claims of pleasant efficacy, and give solid reasons to purchase a bidet.

This book is a tremendous bargain. It will repay its purchase price many times over by enabling you to find and purchase the best bidet for your needs. Once you have a bidet, you will be putting money back into your pocket every time you use it. Users feel a lot better and healthier once they start using a bidet, and this book tells you how.

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From the Publisher:

There is a bidet in your future, and the sooner you discover its seductive graces, the sooner you can benefit from them. While bidets are still largely unknown in the United States, they have become an absolute essential in a lot of the civilized world. Our own plumbing industry estimates that there is an annual potential demand for nine million units of bidets in the United States. After you read The Bidet you will understand why that is a conservative figure.

Japan, for example, has been a leader in developing modern bidets, and like automobiles, is poised to dominate the world marketplace. The percentage of Japanese household bathrooms equipped with bidet toilet seats has topped 50%. Bidets are now in use by 34.3 percent of corporate offices and 44.5 percent of hotels. Parliamentarians in the Diet Building use them. Even a few metropolitan universities put them in the student lavatories, where they were promptly stolen. Some children have grown up with bidet seats since they were born and cannot do without them. Aware of this, some elementary schools have installed them.

The Japanese Economic Planning Agency reports that ownership of high-tech toilets exceeds such consumer durables as satellite TV receivers (38.9 percent), personal computers (38.6 percent), and facsimile machines (32.9 percent).

In 2000, TOTO Washlet sales surpassed two million units per year. Toto, the leading manufacturer of bidet toilet seats, with its trademark "Washlet," plans to launch massive promotional campaigns in the United States this fall, and work with about 2,000 agents to gather customers.

Many doctors and medical professionals love bidets, and recommend them to their patients. Here are a few quotes from this book:

"As we started on a three week trek through India, my friends roared with laughter when they heard about my Travel Washlet. But by the end of the trip, they were jealous and asked to borrow it. I used it forty to fifty times; it performed flawlessly and still has its original battery. Congratulations on a terrific product!" Dr. A. Cohen, Washington DC

"For people who suffer with hemorrhoids, as I have for years, this is a must. Using toilet paper and even pre-moistened wipes are abrasive and can aggravate an already painful situation. Your bidet provides an easy, efficient and painless way to better hygiene. I highly recommend this product to everyone. If you suffer from discomfort, this will dramatically improve your comfort level. If you don't, it will help you improve your personal hygiene, make you feel fresher, and help you avoid possible future problems." - Dr. Greg Lousignont

"Based upon my personal experience, the use of a bidet is an excellent measure for anal hygiene." – E. Weissman, MD, FACP

"We are an obstetrics and gynecology office and it works very well for our patients' needs." Dr. Laura Goldstein East Side Women's Ob/Gyn. Assoc.

"We are a prenatal clinic and birthing center. Our clients seem to like the washlets a lot!" Elizabeth Seton Childbearing Center, New York City

"My husband and I are both medical professionals and we are happy to endorse the TOTO Washlet. We have a Washlet S300 (Jasmin) in our home and a Travel Washlet for travel. We feel that your products have brought personal hygiene into the twenty-first century, and that no home should be without them." Donna M. Guttman, R.N.& Donald I. Guttman, M.D.

Aged, Physically Challenged, Physically Infirm

Anyone who has a hard time at the toilet can be liberated from humiliation and grief by a bidet. These are the people who have been the "early adopters" for every new version of the bidet, because their quality of life depends on them. Pregnant women, at-risk males and females, children, especially during potty training, all benefit hugely from bidets. This book tells the whole story.

From the Author:

Bidets were not part of my upbringing in average American suburbia. It was only a few years ago that I discovered bidets, but it has dramatically changed my life for the better. You can benefit from my years of experimentation and months of intensive research. I am confident that this book fully qualifies as state-of-the-art, and even extends it in a few directions.

In my small rural town, most people still do not know what a bidet is! Doctors have them. The rich have them. This book lists, describes, and tells you where to buy pretty impressive bidet units that look like just another toilet seat. You simply bolt it on like a replacement seat, you unscrew one fitting on the toilet, and it can be as easy as that. Money is not a barrier - mini- bidets are pretty cheap, and quickly pay themselves off in savings from not having to buy toilet paper.

There are some bidets that are marvels of modern electronics and still only cost you a few hundred dollars. They wash you efficiently and precisely, then deoderize the whole process, and finally gently but quickly dry you off - the epitome of hands-off operation.

"According to Ide Akira, senior coordinator of the Corporate Marketing Division at Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., "These toilet seats incorporate more advanced technologies than you might think at first glance. Numerous electronic control devices are used just for the basic functions of washing and deodorizing." In the near future, Matsushita engineers intend to develop a seat that can be used as a health management device, equipping it with a function to measure the amount of body fat simply by having the user sit down, and another function to measure the blood sugar level in excreta."

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