Bigfoot and Human Ancestors: UFOs, Species and Dawn of Civilization

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9780983705130: Bigfoot and Human Ancestors: UFOs, Species and Dawn of Civilization

Genetic creation and natural selection meet in nature’s melting pot and social engineering in this true adventure. It brings the multitude of human species to the doorstep of shared origins and self-realization with the rubric of sciences and Ancestors lost in time. Now is the time to know who you really are. "This book is masterfully done, and the concepts and facts incredible. The research is thorough and most appropriate. The book and the content are riveting. Each section is like an overview of a complete subject and there is so much more to be learned within each of these sections and subjects. I am amazed and in awe about our actual history, and I am disappointed in the garbage taught in the “Institutions of Higher Learning.” Thankfully my “higher education” was in science, physics and math so I can wrap my mind around most of these concepts since they make so much sense. The laws and rules are basically the same. The applications are just amazing. ~ Thomas Lypka" "A wonderful book. I could barely put it down. ~ Jonathan Burke" The frontier of species, mind and soul exploded with novelty in 2013, when a five-year study of Bigfoot DNA corroborated key points of Ida Kannenberg’s UFO contact notes about human origins. Seventy years after a UFO encounter in 1940, Ida Kannenberg’s discussions with UFO contactors engaged a spectrum bridging Bigfoot’s human nature, potentials and ancestors as well as time travel, Elders of Arcturus and more. Ancient alien researcher Krsanna Duran examines the chaotic backstory Bigfoot’s DNA mutation. She offers new evidence of a mother language anciently shared by peoples of Europe and Asia; presents the facts behind the myths of catastrophic flooding at the end of the ice age and the facts of a catastrophic cosmic impact scattered molten debris across four continents. She compares these with the catastrophes recorded in ancient Mayan codices, as well as in Hindu, Greek and Sumerian records. Bigfoot’s DNA mutations ceased by the time the world’s first temple was built at Gobekli Tepe, Turkey 12,000 years ago, as the sunset of a golden age approached. Enigmas of the modern world unravel with the truth of human genesis and confounding incident at Babel. A pioneer researcher of UFO contact phenomena, Ida M. Kannenberg was the recipient of the Dr. Leo Sprinkle Award at the 22nd Rocky Mountain UFO Conference in 2001. Ms. Kannenberg was instrumental in founding with Dr. Sprinkle the first UFO experiencer-focused conference at the University of Wyoming in 1980.

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About the Author:

Krsanna Duran A futurist and developer of the TimeStar model of planetary time-space cycles, Krsanna Duran is a life-long UFO experiencer and student of Trans-Himalayan adepts. She has a uniquely inspired method of forecasting planetary, solar, and galactic interactions as a cohesive whole system with synthesis of ancient and modern models of time, space, and reality. She has researched crop circles in the USA and abroad since 1993, to find correlations with energetic events. She identified in 1998 the location where the Indo-Australian tectonic plate fractured in 2012 and the changing solar cycle, using ancient calendric models and geometries of modern crop circles. Krsanna and Ida Kannenberg shared mutual experiences with time travelers from Atlantis in contemporary UFO contacts. Krsanna Duran was born and reared in Oklahoma and presently lives in Montana. A Southern Cherokee descendant of Stand Watie’s Cherokee Cavaliers, she is an advocate of Indian education and indigenous peoples and cultures. Ida M. Kannenberg Ida M. Kannenberg A pioneer researcher of the UFO enigma, Ida Kannenberg sponsored with Dr. Leo Sprinkle the First Rocky Mountain UFO Conference in 1980 at the University of Wyoming. She introduced the time travelers that contacted her in 1940 at the historic conference. “Like most UFO abductees or contactees, she [Kannenberg] sees herself as an unobtrusive, unimportant, ‘everyday person,’” wrote Dr. Leo Sprinkle. Kannenberg wrote about UFO encounters as she experienced them, information conveyed by the time travelers, and observations about them. She puzzled over composite human nature, humanity as a species, how the species came to its present evolution, and the individual as an existential filament of physical and spiritual worlds. Yet, Kannenberg puzzled in down-to-earth terms and called herself a little old lady in tennis shoes. She extended a steady hand in support of fellow contactees and abductees, and her first book was a manual for UFO experiencers. A tireless researcher, she wrote seven books about UFO contact, psychic development, extraterrestrials, ultraterrestrials and time travelers. Her books include UFOS and the Psychic Factor; Project Earth from the ET Perspective; Time Travelers from Atlantis; Reconciliation; My Brother Is a Hairy Man, A Son of Old Atlantis; and The Alien Book of Truth. Ida Kannenberg was born October 27, 1914 in Iowa. She passed from this life on May 17, 2010.

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