Spark Ignited, The Difficult Journey to Orthodox Judaism, The Process & The Perils

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9780989152051: Spark Ignited, The Difficult Journey to Orthodox Judaism, The Process & The Perils

What is it like to go from being a Christian to being an Orthodox Jew? The process? The perils? The cost? True life stories. Be inspired, be amazed, be informed. Spark Ignited was written for both Jews and non-Jews. It details arduous journeys, both physical and spiritual, of individuals who made the passage from Christian births and upbringings to becoming Orthodox Jews. Their quests to serve their Creator led them on winding, and at times perilous, paths that culminated in Torah-true Orthodox Judaism. Their individual journeys not only describe the conversion process, but they reveal pitfalls and problems that lay by the wayside waiting to trip up or trap the unwary, to test even the most sincere, and to expose the insincere who would brazenly try to enter the Covenant of Avraham with idolatrous beliefs or fraudulent motives. Michaela Lawson has over 15 years experience working with conversion candidates, sincere and fraudulent. Ashirah Yosefah created a non-profit organization to teach the Seven Laws of Noah to righteous gentiles and has mentored conversion candidates over a decade. Their personal stories, and others shared in Spark Ignited, portray the difficult journeys that ultimately brought them home to their people and the God of Israel.

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About the Author:

Michaela Lawson was born in the State of Michigan to non-Jewish parents. She was the youngest of three siblings by eight years. Her father was in US Army Intelligence, and later worked for the CIA, which made for an exciting, if somewhat peculiar childhood living in a wide variety of locations, including Europe, the Orient, and many states throughout the USA. An inner urging to connect to God seemed innate, even from childhood, and Lawson first sought that connection with the Divine in Fundamentalist Christianity, then Messianic circles, and later the Christian Zionist world, but none of these provided her with a genuine sense of relationship, truth, and connection to the Creator. In her early 40 s, Michaela converted to Orthodox Judaism. She settled in Israel after her conversion and married a short time later, putting down roots amongst the people and in the Land, building a Beit Na aman (a pleasant home) with children and grandchildren in both Israel and the US. For ten years, she lived on a Moshav south of the ancient city of Hebron and has fond memories of riding horseback in the high desert. Now Michaela and her husband live in Jerusalem where she daily soaks in the spiritual treasures of living at the center of God s universe.

Ashirah Yosefah is Canadian by birth. The Jewish spark in her soul 'ignited' in 1994. Three years later, she had left the church on a quest for truth about G-d, a quest that led her to Torah. At first, the only Torah commentaries she could easily obtain were from messianic Jewish sources and her search for truth took a detour. In 2001, Ashirah was ordained as a spiritual leader in a messianic religious organization, but as she traveled throughout North America teaching, her study of authentically Orthodox Jewish sources brought her face-to-face with the idolatry of the messianic movement. The content of her teaching quickly changed, and her supervisors in the organization grew suspicious. Meanwhile, a magnet-like force in her soul was pulling her to Jerusalem to seek an Orthodox conversion to Judaism. When Ashirah's decision to convert became public, she was immediately branded a dangerous apostate. The internet (and her email Inbox) reverberated for months with messages of condemnation and dire warnings to Ashirah and to anyone who might associate with her. This complicated her personal life and her conversion process in Jerusalem. Despite the challenges, Ashirah took her place among the Jewish people in August 2005, 50 years to the day from the Hebrew date on which she was born. Today she is happily settled in Jerusalem, an Orthodox Jewish woman, ever thankful to HaShem for the privilege of being Jewish and living in Eretz Yisrael.


Every page of Spark Ignited throbs with the power of the pure search for Truth. I have known Michaela Lawson for many years, but I had no idea of how steep and rugged her path up the mountain was until I read this book. I assumed she had climbed Mt. McKinley when really she had scaled Everest. As an Orthodox Jew, I am alerted by her warnings of Christian infiltrations into the Jewish world. I recommend Spark Ignited to every Jew. It is an eye-opener. --Sara Yocheved Rigler, Author & International Lecturer, Jerusalem

Franz Kafka once said one should only read books which bite and sting one. A book must be an axe which smashes the frozen sea within us. This Spark Ignited does and does well: the job of melting a frozen sea . Astonishingly frank, deep, and beautiful, Spark Ignited lives up to its name and the graphic design of its cover. It is, I dare say, an authentic, indispensible, and even startling book for our times. Just as the Hebrew nation was created and grew in unusual and unprecedented circumstances, so did the people chosen for this book. These stories of their lives are unique, but also representative of the odyssey of Hebrew souls flying back home on a wing and a prayer. The ups and downs of these righteous folks and their courage to advance remind me of what Henry David Thoreau (1862) said: If we will be quiet and ready enough, we shall find compensation in every disappointment. Their stories are like a microcosm of the nation, and the waxing and waning of the moon to which we are collectively compared by Chazal (our Sages). Covenants ago, in a land by rivers bounded, we took the less traveled road and that has made all the difference. Spark Ignited demonstrates that G-d was, is, and will always be there for those who sincerely try and do not give up in the face of adversity! Spark Ignited articulates a vision of the ingathering a coming home that is about to increase from a trickle into a tsunami. Spark Ignited talks about a love between a people and their Creator. An intense relationship lives and exists between Hashem and his specific people, and does so with plenty of room in His love for everyone else; thus Spark Ignited inspired me and others to whom I gave it to read. Spark Ignited took us to a higher love and understanding. Several stories are told with candor, dramatically narrated, and illustrate the odyssey of returning Hebrew souls. The stories are told in a provocative, passionate, memorable, and interesting way. Simply a literary pleasure. --Rabbi Avraham Feld, Maccabee Institute, Jerusalem

This book, by Mrs. Michaela Lawson and Ms. Ashirah Yosefah, is groundbreaking. It is a must read, for it exposes and corrects so many of the wrong ideas people (Gentiles and Jews) have about the Orthodox conversion process. I laud the authors for their courage and bless them to continue providing right information and sound moral support to countless others who are still fumbling and drowning in the morass of false ideologies that are so rampant in our generation, the generation that precedes Mashiach. May Hashem bless you to have this message go out to the world. This itself is part of Isaiah s promise, Torah will go forth from Zion, and the word of Hashem from Jerusalem (Isaiah 2:3). --Avraham Sutton, Orthodox Torah Mentor, Teacher & Author Telshe Stone, Israel

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