MTPractice Transcription Training Modules - Productivity and AutoCorrect Word Expanders Module with 9,400 +/- Expansion Code Macros on USB Flash Drive

9780996224123: MTPractice Transcription Training Modules - Productivity and AutoCorrect Word Expanders Module with 9,400 +/- Expansion Code Macros on USB Flash Drive
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The MTP Productivity Module:  An integral transcription component:  Word expander abbreviations, AutoCorrect in MSWord, are abbreviations to help you increase your productivity/work output and thereby your earnings.  An abbreviation is typed and expands upon activation of the spacebar or an assigned hotkey.  This abbreviation can expand into a word, a phrase or a 'normal' standard dictation - whatever you program it to be!  The keystrokes saved by the Transcriptionist are a key component to your productivity and thus, your earnings.  When first installed MSWord contains only a very basic, minimal AutoCorrect list provided by Microsoft.  We will instruct you on what AutoCorrect is, how to create entries, when you should create them, and what they can do for you.  This module will provide you with approximately 9,400+/- entries (318 printed pages) of MTP AutoCorrect codes for your use during studies and in your career work afterward.  

This module gives a very detailed explanation of AutoCorrect.  Instructions provided on how to create, install, and utilize these codes to increase your productivity, and also a detailed AutoCorrect printout on flash drive of all AutoCorrect codes and the file with upload instructions.  We want you to completely understand how this utility works and become proficient in using the codes we have created, and also those codes which you will create from your specific documents.  You will exponentially increase your earnings and save your hands from typing unnecessary keystrokes, and you will ensure greater accuracy for your documents.  

Some examples of when you will use AutoCorrect:
Replace (the AutoCorrect code) (will turn into) With (expanded as it will play out).  
Replace:          With:
yo                    -year-old (all ages must be written as such, properly hyphenated)

Use for often misspelled words or medications (mispronounced or common words):
Replace:          With:
cimvastatin       simvastatin (proper spelling)
any one            anyone
hermother        her mother (typing too fast, missed inserting the space)
teh                   the (typing too fast typographical error)
ty3                   Tylenol No. 3 with Codeine
pt                     patient

Anatomical terms or incorrectly dictated terms:
Replace:           With:
ACL                  anterior cruciate ligament
PCL                  posterior cruciate ligament
anterior lateral  anterolateral (proper spelling)

More examples of when you will use AutoCorrect:
Replace (the AutoCorrect code) (will turn into) With (expanded as it will play out). 

Use within paragraphs:
Replace:         With:
phe                   physical examination (used in a sentence)
phee                 PHYSICAL EXAMINATION:  (Bold/Capped as in a heading)

Laboratory studies or abbreviations which must be properly capitalized:
Replace:        With:
a1c                  A-1-C
pco2                pCO2
vegf                VEGF
eos                  eosinophils

Use for:  Your dictating Physician's signature block including signing line and credentials or for a Physician's or patient's name (rather than typing these over and over):
Replace:        With:

Tjwc               ____________________________ 
                       Thomas J. Williams-Conte, DO, CIME
                       Certified Orthopedist,
                       NJ License #: 124-673-5071
                       PA License #:  PA-567-4923
drhh               Dr. Ho  (Also useful in Q&A Session Transcripts)
jj                    Ms. Morganstern (use jj for every report, insert the new patient's name in
tpt                  the patient states (can capitalize T in word "the" if desired or make nj always
                      play out as NJ)

We are sure you too will see there are many, many instances for Transcriptionists to utilize this exceptional utility!  You more than likely have or will have some ideas of words or phrases you will want to enter after you have used this for a while.

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From the Author:

For many years we thoroughly researched all of the training courses (including those currently available) and found that they were not (and still are not) providing the student with what they want nor need.  Most if not all of the other courses still teach by the outdated method of learning by medical specialty area, i.e., first learning Cardiology, then learning Orthopedics, etcetera, etcetera.  The distinct difference in our training is that we teach the student by work type rather than specialty and teach the student using clearly worded dictations so the student can both learn (and retain) at a faster pace!  We will stress this phrase (work types) repeatedly throughout your training because you really need to start thinking in "work types" rather than by medical "specialty" and MTPractice has perfected our own unique training method utilizing work type training.
The MTPractice Transcription Training Modules were conceived as an answer to this lack and to address what transcription employers are looking for: Transcriptionists who can transcribe their work - quickly and accurately, utilizing up-to-date (digital) technology.  Practice and refine your transcription skills using our clearly-spoken, realistic, interesting dictations.  Using the supplied template(s) (.dot file) and filling in the preset field variables you learn proper report formatting.  Your completed documents may be saved as .Doc or .Docx files to open in any MSWord program.
When you have completed your module(s) you will have received instruction on 'what goes where', how to transcribe that work type, and will have received hands-on experience formatting and performing the transcription of actual dictations. 
We offer seven work type training modules, a module covering the fundamentals of Medical Transcription including Spellcheck, and another on productivity with emphasis on AutoCorrect word expansions and volume transcripts, or all of the modules as a set.
The MTPractice Transcription Fundamentals will specifically provide you with instructions in the following:

  • Template loading instructions.
  • How to open, save and install templates.
  • How to create a new document using your module's templates.
  • How to install the MTPractice Custom Spellcheck Dictionary.
  • How to play voice files.
  • Foot pedal installation and configuration.
  • Downloading MTPractice dictation training voice files.
  • Modifications to MSWord.
  • Customizing the keyboard for optimum transcription.
  • How to start actual practice transcripts.
  • General transcription instructions.
  • Includes the suggested study schedule.
  • Contains instructions for keyboard modifications for those with lower extremity disability to eliminate foot pedal activation.  
  • That module includes the MTP Spellcheck Custom Dictionary (10,000 +/- words) on USB flash with instructions for installation as well as future modifications/maintenance instructions. 
 Open The Productivity and AutoCorrect Module and Find:
  • Total AutoCorrect Instruction Pages: 25+/-.
  • Over 9,400 AutoCorrect expansion code macros provided on USB flash (318 printed pages of AutoCorrect codes).
  • Detailed explanation as to what an AutoCorrect macro is, how to create one from present or future work, how to utilize the macros provided in this module, and how to edit existing macros to suit your purpose.
  • Accompanying USB flash drive containing all AutoCorrect macros (amounts to 318 +/- pages printed).
  • USB flash drive contains an file for upload of AutoCorrect into the Word program.  Instructions for use provided within this module.
  • Cover is frosted acetate for front cover, black heavyweight back cover, both chosen for greater durability.
  • Quality plasti-coil * binding allowing the manuals to be opened and lie flat for greater ease of use.  (*Plastic coiled binding, not comb binding.)
  • Instructions and hard copies of dictated reports are printed on 60 lb offset paper.  This is a very good quality, long-lasting paper chosen for easy readability.

From the Inside Flap:

Dedicated with love and gratitude to J, K, and C.  
Your encouragement has made this possible.  You are truly priceless.  XO, M.
MTPractice Modules Available:
MTPractice Transcription Fundamentals:  This is the starting point for your training and provides very detailed Transcription information such as HIPAA compliance, digital dictations, working independently, motivators to successful completion, tips for setting up the home office, contains the MTP Custom Medical Dictionary (10,000 +/- words) with installation instructions, gives a detailed breakdown of each MTP Module, details modifier/diagnosis codes, offers resume suggestions, and offers other too numerous to mention tips and tricks for the new Transcriptionist.  Also includes customizing the keyboard for optimum productivity, optimal use of MSWord, instructions for installing and using the transcriber, modifying/remapping the MSWord function keys for optimal productivity, includes your suggested study schedule, and contains instructions for keyboard modifications for those with lower extremity disability to eliminate foot pedal activation.  This text must be completed prior to advancing onto any work type modules. (120 pages).  ISBN: 978-0-9962241-1-6

The MTP Productivity Module:  An integral transcription component:
A very detailed explanation of AutoCorrect word expansion codes.  Instructions provided on how to create, install, and utilize these codes to increase your productivity. Also provided is a detailed AutoCorrect printout on flash drive of all suggested AutoCorrect codes and the file with upload instructions. 
ISBN: 978-0-9962241-2-3
The MTP Transcription Training Modules:
Each work type module below contains specific to that module comprehensive instructions and tips as well as templates for that specific module and practice dictations in digital format: 

History and Physical Examination Reports  ISBN: 978-0-9962241-3-0

Consultations Module   ISBN: 978-0-9962241-4-7

Operative Reports and Short Procedure Notes   ISBN: 978-0-9962241-5-4

Discharge Summaries (with Psychiatric Practice)   ISBN: 978-0-9962241-6-1

Tests, Biopsies, and Studies Module   ISBN: 978-0-9962241-7-8

Basic Medical Records - Emergency Room, Clinic/Follow Up, Progress Notes ISBN: 978-0-9962241-8-5

Independent Medical Examination and Workers' Compensation Report Module ISBN: 978-0-9962241-9-2 

MTPractice Transcription Training Modules, Complete Set of Nine Modules:  All instruction manuals, all 20 work type templates, and 433 practice dictations (1099 transcribed pages) dictated in digital format (32 hours of dictation practice):  Benchmark end of session tests included.  ISBN: 978-0-9962241-0-9

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