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Sheri Spaine Long (Ph.D. UCLA) is Editor of Hispania - A journal devoted to the teaching of Spanish and Portuguese, the scholarly journal of the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese (AATSP). Formerly a faculty member, department chair, and study abroad program director, Dr. Long rose to the rank of Professor of Spanish at the University of Alabama at Birmingham and was appointed Distinguished Visiting Professor at the United States Air Force Academy. Most recently, Dr. Long served as Professor and Chair of the Department of Languages and Culture Studies at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. She is a specialist in language teaching and learning. A regular presenter and invited speaker at national and international conferences, Dr. Long delivered over 100 talks from Havana to Beijing and across the United States. She actively engages the field and continues to publish on the integration of leadership development and language learning, the language profession, and Madrid in literature. Dr. Long published more than 50 articles, chapters, and reviews and her recent co-authored textbooks published with Cengage include Nexos. Introductory Spanish, 4th ed., and Alianzas. Intermediate Spanish., 2nd ed., Cuadros. Introductory and Intermediate Spanish., among others. She received the prestigious Steiner Award for Leadership in Foreign Language Education from the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) in 2009.

Maria Carreira is Associate Professor of Spanish at California State University, Long Beach. She holds a Ph.D. in linguistics from the University of Illinois, Champaign. Carreira has written linguistic notes, profiles of well-known Hispanics, and heritage learner annotations. She is active in issues relating to heritage learners.

Sylvia Madrigal, a Yale graduate, has been in the foreign language publishing field for about 20 years. She has worked at Houghton Mifflin and at D.C. Heath, where she helped develop and write activities for the award-winning Dimelo CD-ROM series. She has authored a variety of educational materials, including video scripts for HM's TravelTour video and Caminos del jaguar.

Kris Swanson has an M.A. in Hispanic Studies from Brown University. She has been in the foreign language publishing field for about 15 years. She currently works as a consultant and freelance writer, editor, and project manager.


Capitulo preliminar: !Bienvenidos a la clase de espanol! the alphabet. people. the textbook. numbers 0-100. objects in the classroom. the textbook. classroom commands. Capitulo 1: 'Como te llamas? Temas -. La identidad personal. Introduccion a los paises de habla espanola. Comunicacion -. introduce yourself and others, greet, and say goodbye. make a phone call. tell your and others' ages. address friends informally and acquaintances politely. write a personal letter. Vocabulario util -. 1. Greetings. 2. Exchanging personal information (phone numbers and addresses). 3. Introductions and saying good-bye. - Gramatica util -. 1. Identifying people and objects: Nouns and articles. 2. Identifying and describing: Subject pronouns and the present indicative of the verb ser. 3. Expressing quantity: Hay + nouns. 4. Expressing possession, obligation, and age: Tener, tener que, tener + anos. - Cultura -. Opener Spanish around the world. !Fijate! Cell phones. Voces de la comunidad: Hispanics from the U.S., Canada, and around the world. !Explora y expresate! --a brief history of the Spanish language. --some statistics about Spanish speakers. --a few comparisons between Spanish and English. --Spanish in the professional world. -Skills -. A ver. Estrategia Viewing a segment several times. A leer. Estrategia Identifying cognates. Lectura !Tu direccion electronica revela tu personalidad! A escribir. Estrategia Prewriting--Identifying your target audience. Composicion An e-mail message. Repaso y preparacion. Capitulo 2: 'Que te gusta hacer? - Temas -. 1. Gustos y preferencias. 2. Hispanos en Estados Unidos. - Comunicacion -. express likes and dislikes. compare yourself to other people and describe personality traits. ask and answer questions. talk about leisure-time activities. indicate nationality. - Vocabulario util -. 1. Activities. 2. Physical traits. 3. Personality traits. - Gramatica util -. 1. Describing what you do or are doing: The present indicative of -ar verbs. 2. Saying what you and others like to do: Gustar + infinitive. 3. Describing yourself and others: Adjective agreement. - Cultura -. Opener Statistics on Hispanics in the U.S. !Fijate! "Spanglish": la mezcla de dos idiomas. Voces de la comunidad Isabel Valdes, author and consultant. !Explora y expresate! --world nationalities. --bilingual culture in the U.S. and Canada. --some statistics about Hispanics in the U.S. --Hispanic groups in the U.S.: brief overview of their history and culture. - Skills -. A ver. Estrategia: Using questions as an advance organizer. A leer. Estrategia: Using a bilingual dictionary. Lectura 'Como soy yo? A escribir. Estrategia Prewriting: Using a bilingual dictionary. Composicion: An art review. Repaso y preparacion. Capitulo 3: 'Que clases vas a tomar? - Temas -. 1. Investigaciones. 2. Puerto Rico, Cuba y la Republica Dominicana. - Comunicacion -. talk about courses and schedules and tell time. talk about present activities and future plans. talk about possessions. ask and answer questions. - Vocabulario util -. 1. Fields of study and days of the week. 2. Telling time and times of day. 3. Talking about dates. - Gramatica util -. 1. Asking questions: Interrogative words. 2. Talking about daily activities: -er and -ir verbs in the present indicative. 3. Talking about possessions: Simple possessive adjectives. 4. Indicating destination and future plans: The verb ir. - Cultura -. Opener. Comparative facts about Caribbean countries. !Fijate! The twenty-four hour clock. Voces de la comunidad. Erick Carreira, scientist. !Explora y expresate! --Facts about Puerto Rico, Cuba, and the Dominican Republic. Cuba: the campaign for literacy. Puerto Rico: the bilingual education of the boricuas. Republica Dominicana: the oldest university in the New World. Skills -. A ver. Estrategia: Using body language. A leer. Estrategia Using visuals. Lectura Tres escuelas interesantes del Caribe. A escribir. Estrategia Prewriting--Brainstorming ideas. Composicion A descriptive diary entry. Repaso y preparacion. Capitulo 4: 'Te interesa la tecnologia? - Temas -. 1. Conexiones. 2. Espana. - Comunicacion -. talk about computers and technology. identify colors. talk about likes and dislikes. describe people, emotions, and conditions. talk about current activities. say how something is done. Vocabulario util -. 1. Technology, computers, and colors. 2. Emotions, electronics. 3. On the Internet. - Gramatica util -. 1. Expressing likes and dislikes: Gustar with nouns and other verbs like gustar. 2. Describing yourself and others and expressing conditions and locations: The verb estar and the uses of ser and estar. 3. Talking about everyday events: Stem-changing verbs in the present indicative. 4. Describing how something is done: Adverbs. - Cultura -. 1. Opener Comparative facts about Spain. 2. !Fijate! 3. Internet language. 4. Voces de la comunidad. 5. Thaddeus Arroyo, CIO. 6. !Explora y expresate! the Spanish empire. the great artists and writers of Spain. the Arabic influence on Spanish architecture. Buika, a Spanish singer who blends many musical styles. - Skills -. A ver. Estrategia Listening without sound. A leer. Estrategia Using format clues to aid comprehension. Lectura 'Que es Tuenti? A escribir. Estrategia Prewriting--Narrowing your topic. Composicion An online message. Repaso y preparacion. Capitulo 5: 'Que tal la familia? - Temas -. 1. Relaciones familiares. 2. Honduras y El Salvador. - Comunicacion -. talk about and describe your family. talk about professions. describe daily routines. indicate ongoing actions. - Vocabulario util -. 1. The family. 2. Professions and careers. 3. Personal care items. - Gramatica util -. 1. Describing daily activities: Irregular yo verbs in the present indicative. 2. Describing daily activities: Reflexive verbs. 3. Describing actions in progress: The present progressive tense. - Cultura -. 1. Opener Comparative facts about Honduras and El Salvador. 2. !Fijate! 3. Professions with a global impact. 4. Voces de la comunidad. 5. Gloria G. Rodriguez, author and founder of Avance. 6. !Explora y expresate! facts about Honduras and El Salvador. ethnic diversity in Honduras and El Salvador. a unique course of study in Honduras. a financial cooperative in El Salvador. - Skills -. A ver. Estrategia Listening for the main idea. A leer. Estrategia Skimming for the main idea. Lectura La cultura garifuna. A escribir. Estrategia Writing--Creating a topic sentence. Composicion A description of a profession. Repaso y preparacion. Capitulo 6: 'Adonde vas? - Temas -. 1. La comunidad local. 2. Mexico. - Comunicacion -. talk about means of transportation. say where things are located. talk about where you are and where you are going. give directions. agree and disagree. indicate and talk about what you plan buy. make polite requests and commands. refer to object locations. - Vocabulario util -. 1. Places in the university and around town. 2. Means of transportation. 3. Shopping. - Gramatica util -. 1.Indicating location: Prepositions of location. 2. Telling others what to do: Commands with usted and ustedes. 3. Affirming and negating: Affirmative and negative expressions. 4. Indicating relative position of objects: Demonstrative adjectives and pronouns. - Cultura -. 1. Opener Comparative facts about Mexico. 2. !Fijate! Regional variations of Spanish around the world. 3. Voces de la comunidad. 4. Sonia Sotomayor, U.S. Supreme Court judge. 5. !Explora y expresate! ancient civilizations and indigenous populations of Mexico. the Spanish conquest and the Mexican Revolution. el tianguis, a special kind of open-air market. - Skills -. A ver. Estrategia Watching facial expressions. A leer. Estrategia Working with unknown grammatical structures. Lectura Los jovenes se divierten. A escribir. Estrategia Writing--Adding supporting detail. Composicion A description of a place of personal significance. Repaso y preparacion. Capitulo 7: 'Que pasatiempos prefieres? - Temas-. 1. Los ratos libres. 2. Panama y Costa Rica. - Comunicacion -. talk about sports and leisure activities. talk about seasons and the weather. say how you feel using tener expressions. describe your recent leisure activities. suggest activities and plans to friends. - Vocabulario util -. 1. Sports and leisure activities, seasons. 2. Tener expressions. 3. Weather. - Gramatica util -. 1. Talking about what you did: The preterite tense of regular verbs. 2. Talking about what you did: The preterite tense of some common irregular verbs. 3. Referring to something already mentioned: Direct object pronouns. 4. Telling friends what to do: Tu command forms. - Cultura -. 1. Opener Comparative facts about Costa Rica and Panama. 2. !Fijate! Weather on both sides of the Equator. 3. Voces de la comunidad new subject TBD. 4. !Explora y expresate!. ethnic diversity in Costa Rica and Panama. general information about Costa Rica and Panama. a special boat race from the Atlantic to the Pacific. Ecotourism in Costa Rica. - Skills -. A ver. Estrategia Listening for details. A leer. Estrategia Scanning for detail. Lectura Costa Rica: Aventuras en los rapidos. A escribir. Estrategia Writing--Freewriting. Composicion. An article for the school newspaper. Repaso y preparacion. Capitulo 8: 'Como defines tu estilo? - Temas -. 1. Estilo personal. 2. Peru y Ecuador. - Comunicacion -. talk about clothing and fashion. shop for various articles of clothing. discuss prices. describe recent purchases and shopping trips. talk about buying items and doing favors for friends. make comparisons. - Vocabulario util -. 1. Articles of clothing, fabrics, accessories. 2. Clothes shopping. 3. Means of payment, numbers over 100. - Gramatica util -. 1. Talking about what you did: The preterite tense of more irregular verbs. 2. Talking about what you did: The preterite tense of -ir stem-changing verbs. 3. Saying who is affected or involved: Indirect object pronouns. 4. Making comparisons: Comparatives and superlatives. - Cultura -. 1. Opener Comparative facts about Peru and Ecuador. 2. !Fijate! The ancestral tradition of weaving in the Andes. 3. Voces de la comunidad. 4. New subject, fashion designer. 5. !Explora y expresate! ancient civilizations in Peru and Ecuador and their present-day descendants. general information about Peru and Ecuador. organic cotton from Peru. a colorful fair that sells traditional clothing in Ecuador. - Skills -. A ver. Estrategia: Using background knowledge to anticipate content. A leer. Estrategia: Using background knowledge to anticipate content. Lectura: El jean impone su encanto. A escribir: Estrategia Revising--Editing your freewriting. Composicion: A description of your closet. Repaso y preparacion. Capitulo 9: 'Que te apetece? - Temas -. 1. Sabores. 2. Bolivia y Paraguay. - Comunicacion -. talk about food and cooking. shop for food. order in a restaurant. talk about what you used to eat and cook. say what you do for others. - Vocabulario util -. 1. Restaurants and menus. 2. Recipes and food preparation. 3. Setting the table. - Gramatica util -. 1. Talking about what you used to do: The imperfect tense. 2. Talking about the past: Choosing between the preterite and the imperfect tenses. 3. Avoiding repetition: Double object pronouns. 4. Indicating for whom actions are done and what is done routinely: The uses of se. - Cultura -. 1. Opener Comparative facts about Bolivia and Paraguay. 2. !Fijate! The metric system. 3. Voces de la comunidad. 4. Aaron Sanchez, chef, cookbook author, and restaurateur. 5. !Explora y expresate! Bolivia and Paraguay: overview and history. La quinua, a special food from Bolivia. El terere, a social tea tradition from Paraguay. some ancient and modern sites in Bolivia and Paraguay. - Skills -. A ver. Estrategia Using visuals to aid comprehension. A leer. Estrategia Setting a time. limit. Lectura Los bocadillos en las oficinas. A escribir. Estrategia Writing--Writing a paragraph. Composicion A personal anecdote. Repaso y preparacion. Capitulo 10: 'Donde vives? - Temas -.1. Ambientes. 2. Guatemala Nicaragua. - Comunicacion -. talk about your childhood. describe houses and apartments and their furnishings. talk about household tasks. indicate numerical order. talk about the duration of past and present events. say what people want others to do. emphasize ownership. - Vocabulario util -. 1. Parts of the city, the house, ordinal numbers. 2. Household tasks, furniture, and decorations. 3. Household appliances. - Gramatica util -. 1. Expressing hopes and wishes: The subjunctive mood. 2. Emphasizing ownership: Stressed possessives. 3. Expressing ongoing events and duration of time: Hace / Hacia with time expressions. 4. Choosing between por and para. - Cultura -. 1. Opener Housing in Guatemala, Nicaragua, the U.S., and Canada. 2. !Fijate! Refranes del mundo hispano. 3. Voces de la comunidad. 4. New subject, Junot Diaz (tentative). 5. !Explora y expresate! Guatemala and Nicaragua: overview and history. Ethnic diversity in Guatemala and Nicaragua. Some ancient and modern sites in Guatemala and Nicaragua. A unique recycling program in Guatemala. Alter Eco: "green" furniture and decorations for your home. - Skills -. A ver. Estrategia Listening to tone of voice. A leer. Estrategia Understanding poetry. Lectura Poems by Nicaraguan poets Ruben Dario and Jose Coronel Urtecho. A escribir Estrategia Writing--Adding transitions between paragraphs. Composicion Transitional sentences. Repaso y preparacion. Capitulo 11: 'Que significa la cultura para ti? - Temas -. 1. Culturas. 2. Venezuela Colombia. - Comunicacion -. talk about popular and high culture. express preferences and make suggestions about entertainment. express emotion and wishes. express doubt and uncertainty. express unrealized desires and unknown situations.- Vocabulario util -.1. Movie genres; talking about movies. 2. Television shows; talking about television. 3. Music, art, and culture. - Gramatica util -. 1. Expressing emotion and wishes: The subjunctive with impersonal expressions and verbs of emotion. 2. Expressing doubt and uncertainty: The subjunctive with expressions of doubt and disbelief. 3. Expressing unrealized desires and unknown situations: The subjunctive with nonexistent and indefinite situations. - Cultura -. 1. Opener Comparative facts about Venezuela and Colombia. 2. !Fijate! New television, video, music, and Internet radio terms. 3. Voces de la comunidad. 4. Suzanna Guzman, opera singer. 5. !Explora y expresate! important facts about Colombia and Venezuela. the long history of Venezuelan cinema. MAMBO, a Colombian modern art museum.- Skills -. A ver. Estrategia: Listening for sequencing words. A leer. Estrategia: Using prefixes and suffixes to aid in comprehension. Lectura Elniuton.com: Innovacion y experimentacion a nivel internacional. A escribir. Estrategia: Prewriting--Creating an outline. Composicion: A review. Repaso y preparacion. Capitulo 12: 'Que sintomas tienes? - Temas -. 1. El bienestar. 2. Argentina y Uruguay. - Comunicacion -. talk about health and illness. describe aches and parts of the body. express probable outcomes. express yourself precisely with the subjunctive and the indicative. talk about future activities. - Vocabulario util -. 1. Symptoms and illnesses, parts of the body. 2. In the doctor's office. 3. Medications and treatments. - Gramatica util -. 1. Expressing possible outcomes: The subjunctive and indicative with conjunctions. 2. Expressing yourself precisely: Choosing between the subjunctive and indicative moods. 3. Talking about future activities: The future tense. - Cultura -. 1. Opener Comparative facts about Argentina and Uruguay. 2. !Fijate! Medical language. 3. Voces de la comunidad. 4. Dr. Elmer Huerta, oncologist, radio and television host. 5. !Explora y expresate! important facts about Argentina and Uruguay. the health benefits of tango, the Argentinian national dance. the long life expectancy of Uruguayans. the popularity of psychoanalysis in Argentina. - Sk...

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