Glory: Pursuing God’s Presence: Revealing Secrets

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9781304457639: Glory: Pursuing God’s Presence: Revealing Secrets

If what has happened to him is as great as he tells his story then you know it will be visitations from above like no other. This book Glory: Pursuing God’s Presence is one of three book series that are all about finding God and His presence.
One day in 2008 Bill pressed into God with the attitude like I am going to get something from God. In so many ways he was much like a wining child trying to get a toy from his parent.
The feeling Bill felt that day was like being rescued in the desert after days with no drink.
What began to happen to Bill has changed his life forever. Bill got to a place he couldn’t wait to press in. It was like a romance between him and God. He was now in love with God. Bill would run up the stairs like I couldn’t wait any longer to be with Him.

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About the Author:

Bill Vincent is an Apostle and Author with Revival Waves of Glory Ministries in Litchfield, IL. Bill and his wife Tabitha work closely in every day ministry duties. Bill and Tabitha lead a team providing Apostolic over sight in all aspects of ministry, including service, personal ministry and Godly character.
Bill is a believer in Jesus Christ in the fullness of power with signs and wonders. Bill has an accurate prophetic gift, a powerful revelatory preaching anointing with miracles signs and wonders following.
Bill Vincent is no stranger to understanding the power of God, having spent over twenty years as a Minister with a strong prophetic anointing, which taught him the importance of deliverance by the power of God. Bill has more than thirty prophetic books available all over the world. Prior to starting his ministry, Revival Waves of Glory he spent the last few years as a Pastor of a Church and a traveling prophetic ministry.
Bill Vincent helps the Body of Christ to get closer to God while overcoming the enemy. Bill offers a wide range of writings and teachings from deliverance, to the presence of God and Apostolic cutting edge Church structure. Drawing on the power of the Holy Spirit through years of experience in Revival, Spiritual Sensitivity and deliverance ministry, Bill now focuses mainly on pursuing the Presence of God and breaking the power of the devil off of people’s lives.
His book Defeating the Demonic Realm was published in 2011 and has since helped many people to overcome the spirits and curses of satan. Since then Bill’s books have flooded the market with his writings released just like he prophesies the Word of the Lord.
Bill Vincent is a unique man of God whom has discovered; powerful ways to pursue God’s presence, releasing revelations of the demonic realm and prophetic anointing through everything he does. Bill is always moving forward at a rapid pace and there is sure to be much more released by him in upcoming years.

Excerpt. Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved.:

Wow I can’t believe I am sitting down and typing this right now. These last many months have led to the visions God has given me. As I look to the Lord and feel his presence all over me as I type.

I am an ordinary man with an extraordinary God. If what has happened to me is as great as it feels then you know it will be visitations from above like no other.

I have been a preacher of God’s Word since 1991. I have preached and ministered for many years. People got encouraged through personal prophetic ministry. There were some healings and even a couple miracles. This may sound like what ministers want in ministry but there was deadness inside of me. I felt nothing when I preached or worshiped the Lord. I got to the point that I had to have something new and fresh from God.

One day in 2008 I pressed into God with the attitude like I am going to get something from Him. In so many ways I was much like a wining child trying to get a toy from his parent.

I wasn’t really sure on what could happen. I really wanted something fresh and new. There was something in me that was desperate for more of God. The shedding of tears and the screaming to God, I’m through with the ministry if He didn’t give me something fresh and new. I told God that there were only a few sermons left and then if I didn’t have something new and fresh from Heaven, I was done. This went on for days. I would play music and yell for a while, cry for a while and just lie on my bed and wait for I don’t know how long. There was still nothing and the longer it went with the deadness I got more intense toward God and felt like if He didn’t show up, then I was abandoned.

I felt so alone and started to think He wasn’t going to show up. I screamed out God I need you more than anything else. God I’m tired of this and then began to tell God that I loved Him and needed Him. I was in my bedroom and was crying out and all of a sudden a wind blew in my room and I knew it was the King Jesus I was contending for. There was no door open; no window open, the A/C was off. I knew that God let me feel his presence.

The feeling I felt that day was like being rescued in the desert after days with no drink.

I want you to know that as I’m writing this, I feel God’s presence upon me. There are many tears coming as the Lord takes me back to remember. I pray that presence overflows as you read this too.

We have covered how I found God’s glory but there is so much more. I might even repeat myself throughout this book as God leads.

After I felt God’s presence come in my room and knew God had visited me. I didn’t want to stop there. Every day I would go into my bedroom around 8:00 A.M. and begin to press in. I would start to play worship music turn on the computer in case God gave me something to write. I would pray in tongues and really worship the Lord and an hour or two would go by and then I would feel that same awesome Glory I felt before. I would continue to do this every day for hours. Sometimes I would lay on my bed quiet for hours after I felt that presence of God.

What began to happen to me has changed my life forever. I got to a place I couldn’t wait to press in. It was like a romance between me and God. I was now in love with God. I would run up the stairs like I couldn’t wait any longer to be with Him.

I would rush in turn on the computer and begin to play worship music again and again. Every day God would show up.

One thing I began to realize is that the more I did it, the less pressing in I needed to do, to feel the Glory. You need to really receive this. I would press in hours before feeling the presence. After time went by I would press in for about an hour and the presence of God came. Then a half hour to fifteen minutes and the Glory of God would come. One day I opened my bedroom door to press in and God’s presence was there already. It was like God was expecting me. I didn’t have to press in to get Him to come. He was there already. There were weeks like this. God of the Universe was waiting for an average man like me. He wanted to be with me as much as I wanted to be with Him. WOW! I would just go in and still press in even though He was there already. I wanted to please Him more than any thing.

This book has been prophesied by many. God has been speaking this for a long time. I want you to know that this book is for anyone who loves God and wants more of Him. I know that the things I’m writing in this book works. After finding God the way I had in early 2008, allot has come. I was the main speaker of a Revival at a Church for over two years. This was not just any Church; it was where I was a Pastor. Being a Pastor and leading Revival. For the first months of the Revival the presence was all we had and it was awesome. We kept pressing in and after about six months of revival meetings signs and wonders began to show up. This was so unusual to me. We had thousands of gemstones, gold dust and multi colored dust. This is all signs from Heaven. There were many healed and people received tangible miracles. Testimonies of Cancers healed, tumors removed and very unusual miracles. A boy had received a Word of Knowledge concerning a toe that looked like another toe. This boy got a miracle. You could barely even tell that there was anything there. This is one of many more that God did.

There were ministries who made it their focus to pray against what God was doing. They just believed that the signs and wonders were not from God. They believed they were demonic. I will give some scripture in this book to back up signs and wonders from heaven. I am no longer the Pastor at the Church that had the Revival. I now have a new ministry and I am freer than I have ever been. The main reason I know that all the things I’m writing in this book will work for you is they have worked for me again and again. At every cross road God has been faithful. I’m telling you that as you press into God like I did, things will happen. I will have to say this, that if you find God’s Glory and his manifestations happen, there will be many to say it isn’t right. You will find who your real friends are. I want you to think about this, even with extreme controversy it is worth it for one week in God’s Glory.

God bless you as you read the rest of Uncovering God’s Glory.

"About this title" may belong to another edition of this title.

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