Sams Teach Yourself Microsoft Windows Vista All in One

9781435276420: Sams Teach Yourself Microsoft Windows Vista All in One

Vista is the brave new world of Microsoft Windows computing, and with it, what once was old, is new again. In just a short time, Sams Teach Yourself Windows Vista All in One will have you up and running with this new, must-have Windows operating system.


Using a straightforward, step-by-step approach, each lesson builds upon a real-world foundation forged in both technology and everyday user scenarios, allowing you to learn the essentials of Windows Vista from the ground up. If you’re a pro or a newcomer to Windows, you have in your hands the book you need to make the most of Vista with the least effort possible.


Step-by-step instructions carefully walk you through the most common questions, issues, and tasks, and you’ll learn the extra under-the-hood features that enable you to leverage Windows even more.


Learn how to...


·        Do more with Windows Vista in less time

·        Quickly start using Vista’s new user interface like a pro

·        Leverage the power of Vista’s new Aero graphics

·        Keep often-used tools and utilities handy by adding Gadgets to your new Windows Sidebar

·        Manage your digital picture library with Windows Photo Gallery

·        Utilize Vista’s Explorer windows to quickly get to data you need

·        Master Vista’s new Instant Search feature, so your files no longer get lost in the shuffle

·        Use the new Windows Media Player 11 to manage both your music and video collections

·        Automate routine Windows tasks so your computer works while you sleep

·        Improve security with Vista’s state-of-the-art Windows Defender

·        Easily optimize your disk’s files and folders and configure your home network

·        Protect your valuable data with Vista’s Backup and Restore Center

·        Surf the ’Net with tabbed browsing, manage RSS feeds, and more, using the new Internet Explorer 7


Greg Perry has been a leader in computer education for 20 years, having taught at the college level and written enough books and articles to be called “the most proficient computer author on earth.” In addition to writing about computers, he speaks, consults, and writes about other topics including real estate and the government. He and his wife Jayne offer unique training and insights for new and advanced eBay users as well as run an eBay consignment and training business,, out of their rural, countryside home.


Part I: Introducing Windows Vista

Chapter 1             Welcome to Windows Vista7

Chapter 2   Exploring the Welcome Center 27

Part II: Getting Started with Windows Vista

Chapter 3       Clicking Your Start Button 45

Chapter 4   Starting and Stopping Windows 61

Chapter 5   Managing Your Programs 75

Chapter 6   Taking the Taskbar to Task 85

Chapter 7   Changing Windows Vista’s Look 101

Chapter 8   Mastering Vista’s Explorer Windows 123

Part III: Working with Windows Vista

Chapter 9         Working with the Sidebar and Gadgets 155

Chapter 10  Exploring the Windows Vista Accessories 167

Chapter 11  Taking Time Out with Windows Vista Games 187

Chapter 12  Calling for Help 207

Chapter 13  Finding Information All Over Windows 223

Part IV: Making Things Happen with Windows Vista

Chapter 14     Going Multimedia with Vista 237

Chapter 15  Managing Your Entertainment Experience with Media Player 263

Chapter 16  Going Digital with Your Camera or Scanner 287

Chapter 17  Modifying and Sharing Photos 297

Chapter 18  Recording Simple Audio 319

Chapter 19  Making Movies with Windows Movie Maker 329

Chapter 20  Dating with Windows Calendar 353

Part V: Automating Vista

Chapter 21     Scheduling Tasks to Run Later 375

Chapter 22  Making Windows More Accessible 391

Chapter 23  Speaking to Your Computer 407

Chapter 24  Controlling Windows Vista 417

Chapter 25  Setting Up Windows Program Defaults 439

Chapter 26  Separating Users Gives Each the Access They Need 453

Chapter 27  Managing Your Windows Security 467

Chapter 28  Adding and Removing Programs 491

Part VI: Interfacing Windows and Hardware

Chapter 29     Printing with Windows Vista 505

Chapter 30  Faxing and Scanning 519

Chapter 31  Restoring Your Windows System to a Previous State 531

Chapter 32  Improving Disk Performance and Storage 541

Chapter 33  Configuring Windows Vista 551

Chapter 34  Saving Power with Windows Vista 575

Chapter 35  Protecting Your Data and Programs 587

Part VII: Running Windows Vista in a Connected World

Chapter 36     Combining Vista, Networks, and the Internet 611

Chapter 37  Exploring the Internet with Vista and Internet Explorer 627

Chapter 38  Staying in Touch with RSS and Instant Messaging 655

Chapter 39  Synchronizing Your Computer with Other Devices 675

Chapter 40  Mailing with Windows Mail 691

Chapter 41  Accessing a World of Information in Newsgroups 713

Part VIII: Making Vista Work Better for You

Chapter 42     Vista’s Ten Best Tips that Save You Time and Grief 727

Chapter 43  Ten Terrific Online Tips to Help and Traps to Avoid 739

Chapter 44  Your Windows Vista Future 749

Part IX: Appendix

Appendix A      Common Vista Keyboard Shortcuts 755

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About the Author:

Greg Perry has been a leader in computer education for 20 years, having taught at the college level and written enough books and articles to be called “the most proficient computer author on earth.” In addition to writing about computers, he speaks, consults, and writes about other topics including real estate and the government. He and his wife Jayne offer unique training and insights for new and advanced eBay users as well as run an eBay consignment and training business,, out of their rural, countryside home.

Excerpt. Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved.:



You probably are anxious to get started with your Windows Vista training. Windows Vista is an exciting operating system by Microsoft, a completely revamped operating system from the Windows XP operating systems that were used previously. Vista is all new—developed from the ground up—and is not the result of putting together legacy Widows code and adding some extra features.

Windows Vista is cool.

Windows Vista is the first operating system environment that truly puts you in control of all your media, from video to music to pictures, and enables you to synchronize that digital multimedia data with mobile devices, cameras, scanners, projectors, and televisions. Windows Vista, using the famed Aero graphical interface, is a visually stunning operating system honed to a detail before unimagined. Even the window icons you see on the screen are often live depictions of what those icons represent.

Windows Vista is far more than a multimedia-centric operating system, though. Vista is the safest Windows operating system developed. Security measures flow throughout the system to guard you and your computing experience from outside attacks and from bugs inside your programs. Vista offers a robust work environment for the home, small office, or corporate enterprise. Even though Vista integrates an online experience into almost everything it offers, you can rest far easier knowing that Vista contains safety features that protect you while you work.

This book's goal is to get you up to speed as quickly as possible. Take just a few preliminary moments to acquaint yourself with the design of this book described in the next few sections.

What This Book Will Do for You

Although this is not a reference book, you'll learn almost every aspect of Windows Vista from the everyday user's point of view. This book does not take up your time with those many advanced technical details that most of you will never need. I know that you want to get up to speed with Windows Vista, and it's this book's goal to do just that. From the first chapter, you'll learn hands-on, practical ways to make Vista work better for you and to help you get your work done while using Vista.

I present only enough background and theory that a new Windows Vista user needs. In addition to the background discussions, this book is practical and provides a vast array of useful step-by-step tasks that you can work through to gain hands-on experience. You'll glide through that tasks and learn every common Windows Vista action you'll need to make Windows Vista work for you, instead of you working to use Windows Vista.

As with Vista, this book is graphical, using far more figures and callouts than normal to teach you what's going on every step of the way. Enough pages are here, however, to give you the textual background and instructions necessary to learn quickly and thoroughly without wading through a boatload of theory and history.

Who Should Read This Book?

This book is for both beginning and advanced Windows users. Readers rarely believe that lofty claim, for good reason, but the design of this book and the nature of Windows Vista make it possible for this book to address an audience that wide.

Windows Vista is extremely similar to previous versions of Windows in many ways. The Start menu is there. The taskbar is there. Windows Explorer is there. Vista, however, begins where those kinds of features left off. Vista takes each feature to the next-higher notch and offers an added graphical experience to go along with the usual Windows feature.

The bottom-line result is that a beginning user of Vista needs to know far less about Vista to use it than beginning users of previous Windows needed. In addition, there is enough under Vista's hood to make the most tech-hungry computer pro love working inside the operating system.

Conventions Used in This Book

In addition to text, pictures, and step-by-step guides, you'll also find the following special elements are included to set off different types of information to make them easily recognizable:

Note - Special By the Way notes augment the material you are reading in each hour. They clarify concepts and procedures.

Tip - You'll find numerous Did You Know tips that offer shortcuts and solutions to common problems.

Caution - The Watch Out! sections warn you about pitfalls. Reading them will save you time and trouble.

What to Do Now

With the introduction out of the way, it's time that you began learning what Windows Vista has in store for you. Turn the page to start learning about Microsoft's exciting redesigned operating system that makes your computer come alive.

© Copyright Pearson Education. All rights reserved.

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