A Book of Women Poets from Antiquity to Now

9781439505441: A Book of Women Poets from Antiquity to Now
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A monument to the literary genius of women throughout the ages, A Book of Women Poets from Antiquity to Now is an invaluable collection. Here in one volume are the works of three hundred poets from six different continents and four millennia. This revised edition includes a newly expanded section of American poets from the colonial era to the present.

"[A] splendid collection of verse by women" (TIME) throughout the ages and around the world; now revised and expanded, with 38 American poets.

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About the Author:

ALIKI and WILLIS BARNSTONE are the daughter and father editors of the anthology A Book of Women Poets from Antiquity Until Now. Both poets in their own right, Willis Barnstone was also a translator, comparatist, and New Testament and Gnostic scholar. His deep friendship with Pablo Neruda was one of the most important of his life. Aliki Barnstone, his daugther, is a prominent scholar and translator as well, but it is her poetry that had her nominated for two Pulitzer Prizes.


On The Death Of Emperor Tenji by A Court Lady [pseud.]
I, Who Cut Off My Sorrows by Akazome Emon
Autobiography by Sonja Akesson
At Night by Bella Akhmadulina
Autumn by Bella Akhmadulina
The Bride by Bella Akhmadulina
A Dream by Bella Akhmadulina
Goodbye by Bella Akhmadulina
In The Emptied Rest Home by Bella Akhmadulina
The Names Of Georgian Women by Bella Akhmadulina
Silence by Bella Akhmadulina
Sleepwalkers by Bella Akhmadulina
Small Aircraft by Bella Akhmadulina
The Sound Of Rain by Bella Akhmadulina
Winter by Bella Akhmadulina
Words Spoken By Pasternak During The Bombing by Bella Akhmadulina
Elegy For Her Brother Sakhr by Tumadir Bint Ibn Al-sharid Al-khansa
In Death's Field by Tumadir Bint Ibn Al-sharid Al-khansa
The Night by Tumadir Bint Ibn Al-sharid Al-khansa
On Her Brothe Sakhr by Tumadir Bint Ibn Al-sharid Al-khansa
On Her Brother by Tumadir Bint Ibn Al-sharid Al-khansa
Rain To The Tribe by Tumadir Bint Ibn Al-sharid Al-khansa
Sleepless by Tumadir Bint Ibn Al-sharid Al-khansa
Lament After Her Husband Bishr's Murder by Al-khirniq
He Accepts The Circle, Speech And So by Anne-marie Albiach
Death Sonnet I by Lucila Godoy Alcayaga
Drops Of Gall by Lucila Godoy Alcayaga
Dusk by Lucila Godoy Alcayaga
Midnight by Lucila Godoy Alcayaga
Sister by Lucila Godoy Alcayaga
Cry by Sandra Alcosser
Loineliness And July Ninth by Claribel Alegria
Search by Claribel Alegria
Small Country by Claribel Alegria
Iron Heaven by Betti Alver
The Painter In The Lion Cage by Betti Alver
A Tailor Called Sorrow by Betti Alver
The Titans by Betti Alver
Cuckoo, Noisy Among The Shenbaka Flowers by Andal
O People Who Live In The World by Andal
To Krishna Haunting The Hills by Andal
Before The Sun Goes Down by Astrid Hjertenaes Andersen
Camoes And The Debt by Sophia De Mello Breyner Andresen
Abortion by Florence Anthony
Child Beater by Florence Anthony
Twenty-year Marriage by Florence Anthony
Alive, This Man Was Manes, A Common Slave by Anyte
I Am Hermes. I Stand In The Crossroads By A Windy by Anyte
Lounge In The Shade Of The Luxuriant Laurel's by Anyte
Daguerreotype Taken In Old Age by Margaret Atwood
Death Of A Young Son By Drowning by Margaret Atwood
Dream 2: Brian The Still-hunter by Margaret Atwood
Elegy For The Giant Tortoises by Margaret Atwood
Habitation by Margaret Atwood
I Am Yours, %you Are Mine by Ava
Curriculum Vitae by Ingeborg Bachmann
Days In White by Ingeborg Bachmann
Every Day by Ingeborg Bachmann
The Firstborn Land by Ingeborg Bachmann
Out Of The Corpse-warm Vestibule Of Heaven Steps The Sun by Ingeborg Bachmann
You Want The Summer Lightning, Throuw The Knives by Ingeborg Bachmann
Eighteen by Maria Banus
Gift Hour by Maria Banus
Jack's Defeat Creek by Aliki Barnstone
Sky Burial by Aliki Barnstone
Conversation Between The Chevalier De Chamilly ... by Maria Isabel Barreno
Saddle And Cell by Maria Isabel Barreno
Love's Witness by Aphra Behn
Not To Sigh And To Be Tender by Aphra Behn
When You Love, Or Speak Of It by Aphra Behn
Infidelity by Olga Berggolts
To My Sister by Olga Berggolts
To Song by Olga Berggolts
Hannah's Thanksgiving (samuel 2:1-10) by Bible
The Magnificat (luke 1:45-56) by Bible
Psalm 58: Si Vere Utique by Bible
The Song Of Deborah (judges 5:1-31) by Bible
Song Of Solomon: The Song Of Songs (the Shulamite): 1 by Bible
Song Of Solomon: The Song Of Songs (the Shulamite): 2 by Bible
Song Of Solomon: The Song Of Songs (the Shulamite): 3 by Bible
Song Of Solomon: The Song Of Songs (the Shulamite): 4 by Bible
Song Of Solomon: The Song Of Songs (the Shulamite): 5 by Bible
Song Of Solomon: The Song Of Songs (the Shulamite): 6 by Bible
Song Of Solomon: The Song Of Songs (the Shulamite): 7 by Bible
The Stillness, The Dancing by Linda Louise Bierds
At The Fishhouses by Elizabeth Bishop
Crusoe In England by Elizabeth Bishop
The Fish by Elizabeth Bishop
The Imaginary Iceberg by Elizabeth Bishop
In The Waiting Room by Elizabeth Bishop
Insomnia by Elizabeth Bishop
Invitation To Miss Marianne Moore by Elizabeth Bishop
The Moose by Elizabeth Bishop
Sestina by Elizabeth Bishop
I Need Only Fall Asleep by Ana Blandiana
Calendar by Cecil Bodker
Self-portrait by Cecil Bodker
Medusa by Louise Bogan
Women by Louise Bogan
After Supper In Madison, Wisconsin by Marianne Boruch
The Author To Her Book by Anne Bradstreet
Before The Birth Of One Of Her Children by Anne Bradstreet
Here Follows Some Verses Upon The Burning Of Our House ... by Anne Bradstreet
In Memory Of My Dear Grandchild Ann Bradstreet, Who Deceased by Anne Bradstreet
In Reference To Her Children, 23 June, 1659 by Anne Bradstreet
The Tenth Muse: The Prologue by Anne Bradstreet
To My Dear And Loving Husband by Anne Bradstreet
Remembrance by Emily Jane Bronte
Upon Her Soothing Breast by Emily Jane Bronte
Boy Breaking Glass by Gwendolyn Brooks
Gay Chaps At The Bar: My Dreams, My Works, Must Wait Till After Hell by Gwendolyn Brooks
Jessie Mitchell's Mother by Gwendolyn Brooks
A Sunset Of The City by Gwendolyn Brooks
We Real Cool; The Pool Players. Seven At The Golden Shovel by Gwendolyn Brooks
Landscape With Leaves And Figure by Olga Broumas
Landscape With Next Of Kin by Olga Broumas
Memory At These Speeds by Olga Broumas
Tilt by Olga Broumas
Sonnets From The Portuguese: 22 by Elizabeth Barrett Browning
Birth by Edith Bruck
You Hide In The Ostrich Egg by Edith Bruck
Nothing by Julia De Burgos
Poem To My Death by Julia De Burgos
To Julia De Burgos by Julia De Burgos
The Fruits You Give Me Are More Savory Than Others by Marguerite Burnat-provins
Sylvius, Your Hands Near My Mouth Are Heady Flowers by Marguerite Burnat-provins
You Told Me: 'i Am Not Worthy Of You.' And You Hid by Marguerite Burnat-provins
I'm Not Here Never Was by Constanta Buzea
Child Of Silence And Shadow by Yvonne Caroutch
I Come To You With The Vertigoes Of The Source by Yvonne Caroutch
The Limb Of Forests Rises Up by Yvonne Caroutch
Night Opens Like An Almond by Yvonne Caroutch
When We Are Two Drunk Suns by Yvonne Caroutch
Hills Picking Up The Moonlight by Nina Cassian
Knowledge by Nina Cassian
Like Gulliver by Nina Cassian
The Great Fish's Eyes Never Shut. by Rosario Castellanos
O Cloud That Wants To Be The Sky's Arrow by Rosario Castellanos
What Is Weaker Than A God? It Groans Hungry by Rosario Castellanos
Now All That Sound Of Laughter, Sound Of Singing by Rosalia De Castro
They Say That Plants Don't Talk, Nor Do by Rosalia De Castro
Voice Of A Dissipated Woman Inside A Tomb ... by Violante Do Ceu
Ch'in Chia's Wife's Reply by Mrs. Ch'in Chia
Farewell by Chao Li-hua
Slender Fingers by Chao Luan-luan
What Are We Playing At? by Andree Chedid
To The Tune The River Is Red by Chin Ch'iu
After A Long Winter, Giving by Chiyo Ni
Don't Dress For It by Chiyo Ni
Hardly Spring, With Ice by Chiyo Ni
Once My Parents Were Older by Chiyo Ni
Song Of Snow-white Heads by Cho Wen-chun
Men's Voices In The Darkness by Inger Christensen
Alone by Chu Shu-chen
Lost by Chu Shu-chen
Morning by Chu Shu-chen
The Old Anguish by Chu Shu-chen
Sorrow by Chu Shu-chen
Stormy Night In Autumn by Chu Shu-chen
Archaic Figure by Amy Clampitt
A Baroque Sunburst %struck Through Such A Dome by Amy Clampitt
Margaret Fuller, 1847 by Amy Clampitt
Anna Speaks Of The Childhood Of Mary Her Daughter by Lucille Clifton
Cutting Greens by Lucille Clifton
Holy Night by Lucille Clifton
Homage To My Hips by Lucille Clifton
How Is He Coming Then by Lucille Clifton
I Once Knew A Man Who Had Wild Horses Killed by Lucille Clifton
If I Stand In My Window by Lucille Clifton
Island Mary by Lucille Clifton
The Lost Baby Poem by Lucille Clifton
Miss Rosie by Lucille Clifton
She Understands Me by Lucille Clifton
There Is A Girl Inside by Lucille Clifton
The Other Side Of A Mirror by Mary Elizabeth Coleridge
As When Some Hungry Fledgling Hears And Sees by Vittoria Colonna
I Live On This Depraved And Lonely Cliff by Vittoria Colonna
In The House Of The Dying by Jane Cooper
Although I Was Her Pupil by Corinna (5th Century B.c.-)
I Korinna Am Here To Sing The Courage by Corinna (5th Century B.c.-)
Kithairon Sang Of Cunning Kronos by Corinna (5th Century B.c.-)
When He Sailed Into The Harbor by Corinna (5th Century B.c.-)
Will You Sleep Forever by Corinna (5th Century B.c.-)
I Am New York City by Jayne Cortez
So Long by Jayne Cortez
Song Of The Fucked Duck by Jayne Cortez
First Dream by Juana Ines De La Cruz
In Which She Satisfies A Fear With The Rhetoric Of Tears by Juana Ines De La Cruz
She Attempts To Refute The Praises Of That Truth ... by Juana Ines De La Cruz
She Proves The Inconsistency Of The Desires & Criticism ... by Juana Ines De La Cruz
The Roses Of Sa'adi by Marceline Desbordes-valmore
After Great Pain A Formal Feeling Comes by Emily Dickinson
The Chariot by Emily Dickinson
Colloquy by Emily Dickinson
Come Slowly, Eden! by Emily Dickinson
Dare You See A Soul At The White Heat? by Emily Dickinson
Dying by Emily Dickinson
Exclusion by Emily Dickinson
Ghosts by Emily Dickinson
I Dwell In Possibility by Emily Dickinson
I Felt A Funeral In My Brain by Emily Dickinson
I Reckon - When I Count At All by Emily Dickinson
I Would Not Paint - A Picture by Emily Dickinson
I Would Not Paint - A Picture by Emily Dickinson
I'm Nobody! Who Are You by Emily Dickinson
I've Seen A Dying Eye by Emily Dickinson
The Last Night That She Lived by Emily Dickinson
A Light Exists In Spring by Emily Dickinson
Me From Myself -- To Banish by Emily Dickinson
Mine By The Right Of The White Election by Emily Dickinson
Much Madness Is Divinest Sense by Emily Dickinson
My Life Had Stood - A Loaded Gun by Emily Dickinson
Of Course - I Prayed by Emily Dickinson
Parting by Emily Dickinson
Perception Of An Object Costs by Emily Dickinson
Publication Is The Auction by Emily Dickinson
The Railway Train by Emily Dickinson
The Snake by Emily Dickinson
Sweet Mountains - Ye Tell Me No Lie by Emily Dickinson
There Is A Languor Of The Life by Emily Dickinson
There Is A Morn By Men Unseen by Emily Dickinson
There Is A Pain - So Utter by Emily Dickinson
There's A Certain Slant Of Light by Emily Dickinson
They Shut Me Up In Prose by Emily Dickinson
This Is My Letter To The World by Emily Dickinson
'tis Not That Dying Hurts Us So by Emily Dickinson
Title Divine - Is Mine! by Emily Dickinson
To Make A Prairie by Emily Dickinson
We Dream - It Is Good We Are Dreaming by Emily Dickinson
The Wife by Emily Dickinson
Wild Nights! Wild Nights! by Emily Dickinson
A Word Made Flesh Is Seldom by Emily Dickinson
Lately I've Felt A Grave Concern by Beatritz De Die
The Three Fates by Rosemary Dobson
Birthdays: 1 by Hilde Domin
Birthdays: 2 by Hilde Domin
Birthdays: 3 by Hilde Domin
A Sparrow In The Dust by Ruth Domino
Evadne by Hilda Doolittle
The Flowering Of The Rod: 14 by Hilda Doolittle
Helen by Hilda Doolittle
Heliodora by Hilda Doolittle
Pear Tree by Hilda Doolittle
Sigil: 11 by Hilda Doolittle
Tribute To The Angels: 14 by Hilda Doolittle
Tribute To The Angels: 20 by Hilda Doolittle
The Walls Do Not Fall: 34 by Hilda Doolittle
The Abduction by Rita Dove
David Walker (1785-1830) by Rita Dove
The House Slave by Rita Dove
Someone's Blood by Rita Dove
The Last Day Of The Year (new Year's Eve) by Annette Freiin Von Droste-hulshoff
Antiphonal Hymn In Praise Of Inanna by Enheduanna
Appeal To The Moongod Nanna-suen To Throw Out Lugalanne ... by Enheduanna
Banishment From Ur by Enheduanna
Condemning The Moongod Nanna by Enheduanna
Crimes Of Lugalanne by Enheduanna
A Curse On Uruk by Enheduanna
Final Prayer by Enheduanna
Inanna And An by Enheduanna
Inanna And Ebih by Enheduanna
Inanna And Enlil by Enheduanna
Inanna And Ishkur by Enheduanna
Inanna And The Anunna by Enheduanna
Inanna And The City Of Uruk by Enheduanna
Inanna And The Divine Essences by Enheduanna
The Restoration Of Enheduanna To Her Former Station by Enheduanna
Birth by Louise Erdrich
Fooling God by Louise Erdrich
Ninth Month by Louise Erdrich
Sunflowers by Louise Erdrich
A Letter To Her Mother by Eristi-aya
I'm Sad %i'm Sad by Foroogh Farrokhzaad
In The Land Of Dwarfs by Foroogh Farrokhzaad
On Earth by Foroogh Farrokhzaad
Once More by Foroogh Farrokhzaad
I Hear You've Let Go by Rosario Ferre
Two Tile Beaks by Maria Amalia Fonte Boa
Vitality by Maria Amalia Fonte Boa
The Memory Of Elena by Carolyn Forche
San Onofre, California by Carolyn Forche
Selective Service by Carolyn Forche
Lines by Sarah Louisa Forten
Dream Of The Forgotten Lover by Lucia Fox
If Night Takes The Form Of A Whale And by Isabel Fraire...

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