God's Greatest Challenge: Man and His Ungodly Ways

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9781451280661: God's Greatest Challenge: Man and His Ungodly Ways
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Gregory Leachman is a Bishop of God that has experienced hardship like very few have. He tells the story in God's Greatest Challenge: Man and His Ungodly Ways as he helps use his experiences to teach others about God's goodness. God's Greatest Challenge: Man and His Ungodly Ways is a true life story: It all started when he was a child. Thrown in the Nile River, rejected, thrown away by a mother who did not understand who or what she had. From Egypt to Egypt to live with the King of Kings. As a teenager; he was in Church but for the wrong reasons. Then came years of bondage, life in the streets until he was under the streets. Then Jesus came as He did before. How many times? Then the church hurt to hurting churches. Then the road to bring the chosen one's chosen. The Pastor always and every day a people's Pastor. Then to the next level in Christ his Bishop. The Lord placed his bishopric on him May 4, 2007 to the glory of His Name. We hope you enjoy this impactful book.

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About the Author:

This book is being written to let you know that apart from Jesus you can do nothing. This true story of my life He let me see firsthand. As a child, control of my life was out of my hands but not out of Jesus’ hand. For He so loved the whole world He gave His only begotten son for us all. Also as a child I was beaten or used as a punching bag by my own cousin, whose mother kept me for a few years. Even before that, in a place I thought was safe from predators, I was raped in my sleep for taking candy from someone who was controlled by someone else. As a young teen, and once was enough, I went and told the house parent and they moved me. Some time later I got in trouble with a girl. So starts the roller-coaster...

Excerpt. Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved.:

I was about 5 or 6 years old when this happened to
me. Bleeding badly from the head, some blood dried up
so hard it took days to wash off of my skin.
So it started: a cycle of Children Services, Annie
Malone Children’s Home, Boys town, Juvenile Services,
home after home, abuses after abuse. Beaten, raped,
even kidnapped and brought back unharmed. Now that
was GOD!
Even before I was thrown away while still at home we
all stayed in one place and most of us slept in one bed.
There was a man who always came around and drank
8 Bishop Gregory Leachman
with my grandmother. He used to act funny. I as a small
child even knew something was not right with him. He
liked boys or men and my granny knew it, she always
said to him, “Don’t touch none of my boys.” But one day
she wasn’t looking and he picked me up and licked my
face and I felt that hard beard. I will NEVER forget it. I
must have made a sound or something.
The next thing I know my granny grabbed him by his
collar and said, “I will KILL you! Leave them alone.” And
that put a stop to that.
I will never forget my granny, or how she pulled me
out of that dark closet, that made me afraid of the dark
for years.
My Granny was my favorite person even when I was
older, she knew the Bible from front to back, and taught
her girls and made them go to church. But her girls grew
up and one of them was my mother. I stayed with three
of my aunts, one as a child, the other two as a young
man and as a grown man.
Back in the earlier days, there was a lot of drinking
going on in the girls’ lives, bar hopping and men, lots
of men. Well I never knew my father’s name or who he
was, no one seemed to know.
The family guessed a lot, but no one knew who
my father was, not even my mother. But there was
always someone there unseen, yet seen. I really didn’t
understand but I always knew it. Even with all the dirty
God’s Greatest Challenge: Man and His Ungodly Ways 9
ugly things I had to go through, it was no fault of mine
as a child, or teenager; you see I had no home training,
just a mixture of a mixed up version of good and bad all
the time.
Most of the time all I knew was hurt so I gave hurt.
It came from being rejected by my mother, who I really
needed a relationship with of love she didn’t know how
to give or show except in bed with men. So I gave hurt
to women all my life. I physically abused some, used
some and tricked a lot of them I thought and got tricked.
I couldn’t give what I didn’t have the right to give. I only
used them for sex, money, drugs or for whatever I could
get, even their mothers or sisters.
But one day God sent this lady named Pearl Turner,
a foster parent, to show and give me love earlier when
I was at Annie Malone Children’s Home. She was so
kind; she saw my pain and tried to help. This pain lasted
about 30 years or more.
Then JESUS, but before Jesus, Drugs, Drugs, Drugs
and more Drugs.
But first Drinking, Sex, Women, and women and more
women, Lying, Cheating, Stealing and Stealing Lives
and my own. Leading others the wrong way for my own
personal gain. Doing all kinds of ungodly things to get to
get high on whatever was convenient at the time.
10 Bishop Gregory Leachman
Seeing mothers sell their daughters for a piece of
crack. Giving up their cars, home and each other. I even
gave up somebody else’s car for some crack.
Even some men would give up themselves for a piece
of crack. I remember walking down Lindell street. A car
would pull over and a middle-aged man would stop me
and ask me if he could put his mouth on my private part.
So we sat there, me on one side and him on the other, he
committed the act on me, gave me fi ve dollars and drove
off. Never knowing when I would see him again. After
the third time of doing that I didn’t see him anymore.
There are stories after stories upon stories. But book
1 fi rst, before 2 & 3. I could tell you of give and take, but
not now.
Let’s go back to the child who was thrown away. His
hurt helps those who hurt now. For those who don’t know
how to deal with it (the pain) at the age of 30 something
years old, I want you to know that I understand.
I went in and out of the Salvation Army Rehab Center
three times. Father, Son and Holy Ghost I didn’t know at
the time, because after Jesus asked me if I was tired—
the third time in and out of Rehab—I said, “YES Lord.”
The Lord brought me to the end of me and my way of
doing and seeing.
This is the introduction for my life story with my LORD
and SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST, to the Glory of my Father
God’s Greatest Challenge: Man and His Ungodly Ways 11
in Heaven. No one else could have turned things around
for me but JESUS—not money, not sex, not things, not
power. Jesus sent his right help.
This is one of the greatest stories you will ever read.
Why? Because it’s true. Round by round, blow by blow
and happening by happening, it’s all true.
Lived in the fl esh, taught how to live it, in the Spirit
realm, by Jesus and His holy word. For God is a Spirit
and they that worship him must worship him in Spirit and
in Truth.
Gen. 1:26 says, let us make man in our image or
likeness and let them have dominion over the earth.
Gen. 2:15-18 The Lord GOD took the man and put
him in the Garden of Eden to tend and keep it and God
commanded the man saying, of every tree of the garden
you may freely eat. But the tree of knowledge of good
and evil, you shall not eat for in that day that you eat
thereof it, you shall surely die. So he (Adam) did and
they (Adam and Eve) did.
Order is through the Head.
They went immediately into Egypt.
They knew they were naked. They knew they had
done something wrong. God asked, who told you that
you were naked?
12 Bishop Gregory Leachman
They knew. Exodus was coming.
From sinning to sinning. God covered their sin and
ours so enter sin into being real to us and me. I knew I
needed more than just a man or a woman or things or
money to free me from the Lust of the fl esh, the lust of
the eye and the pride of this Life and bondage. I need
a priest from the most high priest Head One that came
down through 42 generations to save and deliver me
and you, if you let Him.
Then Jesus numbered me with him and his remnant
and sat me in the 28th chapter of Deuteronomy to show
me of what I would get if I stayed Obedient and what
would happen if I didn’t.
This is just the beginning!
God Bless You, Amen.

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