The Perversion of Protestantism: It is a Bad Thing Gone Wrong (Volume 1)

9781453857854: The Perversion of Protestantism: It is a Bad Thing Gone Wrong (Volume 1)

THE purpose of this book is to analyze, and to destroy. It is not properly a book about "religion," any more than a book on pathology is about "health." This is because what this book deals with is not religion, but something which pretends to be religion. The analysis will establish the truth of this last statement; the destruction will follow, because error, when exposed, can not survive in the presence of truth . . . not among honest people. The "something" which pretends to be religion is contemporary American Protestantism, in those sects which existed at the time of this writing. Only God knows how many sects and cults are rightly included under the general rubric of Protestantism. However, as the pseudo-justifications of all of them are similar, the analysis of many will validly suffice for the analysis of all. By "Protestantism" I mean all those varied sects, cults, and congregations which do claim to be Christian, and are not included within the Catholic or Orthodox communions. It is a negative definition; however, nothing else will serve. Protestantism's claim to be something distinct can be justified only by what it is not. What it claims to be--something directly related to Christ's Church--will be shown to be fraudulent. But what does "Christian" mean? It is a person, or an organization, which affirms the divinity of Jesus, and acknowledges an obligation to recognize His authority in at least some areas. It does not mean "Christ-like," nor does it mean those who call themselves Christian, but regard Jesus as a "special man," or a "hero," but not divine. Christianity has a special status--indeed Christianity exists--if, and only if, Jesus is God. If He is, then everything follows. If He is not, then nothing follows, at least nothing with respect to Christianity.

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About the Author:

Vincent P. Lewis is founder and president of All Roads Ministry, a lay Catholic evangelist/ apologist organization. He is America's Toughest, smartest, and best Catholic Apologist. Do YOU know what it means to rely on God? Have you ever heard a Catholic apologist offer to convert to protestantism publicly and immediately if he cannot instantly defeat every attack and prove immediately every Catholic doctrine? If not, then you haven't heard Vin Lewis in action...and you should. In fact, after over 650 contests Vin is still Catholic; he has never failed. I plead guilty to enjoying being the type of person who is always right. I enjoy deflating fools and defeating frauds. I like winning arguments, crushing enemies, and exposing liars. And as far as I know, the only way I can do this totally morally is to do it while defending God's revelation. Now understand this: every single Protestant with which I deal, without exception, claims to be a committed believer with an above average relationship with God. And yet every one of them, without exception, advances lies as truth and attributes these lies to divine inspiration. Every one of these people has studied God's word and then lies about it.

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