The Electric Car Fraud: CLIMATE and ENERGY

9781475005202: The Electric Car Fraud: CLIMATE and ENERGY
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SYNOPSIS-V6 The world is not ready for electric cars. Yet billions of taxpayer dollars have been squandered by our government on ‘green’ projects. Some feel that conversion to electric would be an advancement. It would not. Billions of dollars have been spent developing two types of extremely expensive electric cars; electric only and hybrids. The latter have a small gasoline engine to charge the battery. In both types, their $2,500 batteries have to be replaced every two years. Their four hour charging time is much too long for refilling at service stations. A massive infrastructure of grids and power stations would have to be built. The major problems with these cars and infrastructure are explained in this book. Hybrid cars are designed to run on both electricity and gasoline. Electric ‘only’ cars have no backup electric generators. The majority of the problems encountered lie in the support equipment and climate. The problems with the car themselves are listed in the book. The term ‘global warming” was hastily changed to “climate change” when it was discovered that the earth was not really getting warmer. Proponents of global warming claim that CO2 (carbon di-oxide) forms a layer in the stratosphere which reflects heat rays from the earth downwards thereby creating a greenhouse and raising the temperature of the earth. There is absolutely no practical reason for believing that this actually happens. But this is the reason given by environmentalists for eliminating CO2 But this theory collapses like a house of cards when it is put to the test of reality. Air and CO2 are miscible gases (which means they dissolve into one another) forming one homogeneous gas. Thus there can be no layer of carbon di-oxide in the stratosphere (neither man made nor naturally occurring) which is the mainstay of that warming theory. Reflection cannot occur within a homogenous. No layer – no reflection. No reflection – no greenhouse. No greenhouse – no global warming or climate change. There can be no argument. Yet billions of taxpayer dollars have been spent picking winners and losers (as of now, all losers). So there is no point in making equipment that does not exude CO2 because CO2 is not a problem in the first place. CO2 is an inert gas. Humans exhale it when breathing. To make the ‘culprit’ more tangible they refer to it as ‘carbon’. “Carbon emission” appears so much more threatening than “CO2 emission”. The chapter on “CLIMATE CHANGE” deals with this subject exhaustively. It takes the reader step by logical step in layman’s terms to the only possible conclusion; even if the climate is changing, it is not carbon dioxide that can possibly be the culprit. The power required to drive all the electric cars has to come from somewhere. ALTERNATE SOURCES OF ENERGY, other than NUCLEAR, have insurmountable limitations on continuity of supply and all are more expensive than gasoline. They cannot be used as primary generators. For instance, SOLAR units do not work in the dark or on cloudy days, WINDMILLS do not work in still weather and WATERFALLS freeze in winter in some geographical areas. Details of their advantage and shortcomings are included in this book.

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