Earth-Mother-Gaia: Pleiadian Lessons in Living

9781483950051: Earth-Mother-Gaia: Pleiadian Lessons in Living
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Introduction by the Pleiadians Greetings, dear friends. It is our distinct pleasure to partake of your reality once again, and to journey with you for a while on the road to adventure and self-discovery. “What journey?” you may rightly ask, for it may seem that you are traveling in circles, and the idea of a great adventure in your life is a far cry and distant dream from the daily dogma and relentless burdens of living you face. Nonetheless, allow us to accompany you for a while, as companions offering to entertain you and enliven your step as we point out the sites and symbols along the way. We are storytellers extraordinaire, or so we’ve been told, and we too have traveled in seemingly endless circles, so we have much in common. Our destination is the same as yours, for we are you in another version and form of reality, as deeply entrenched and entrapped as you believe yourselves to be. What sort of paradox is this? And who indeed are we, claiming kin to you and yours? And why do we desire to journey with you? Well, these things you must decide for yourselves. We relate great tales and relish a resplendently irreverent good humor, all intended to figure things out, in all due respect, as best we can. We strive to make sense of existence, gathering multidimensional pieces of a puzzle into a form and shape that encompass untold and unrecognized societies. “How can pieces of a puzzle be multidimensional and what is multidimensional anyway?” We can hear your questions now, and we guarantee that you will have many more before the journey is complete. So we ask, may we join you and enter your reality by invitation? For it is through your beckoning and with your permission that we spring forth as a part of your life. Feel into the depths of your being before you respond. Seek inside for an answer, for to invite us into your reality as friends and companions will with certainty confound and change your lives, and perhaps some of you are quite content with where you are. Perhaps you are not really interested in multi-dimensional realities and perceive these ideas as vague notions and tidbits of unfounded fiction, fracturing and fragmenting a logic you paid so dearly to achieve. If that is the case, then you may do well to stop short now, and put our tale aside. Perhaps in another time and place, we will meet again. If, however, we have piqued your curiosity and you feel compelled to continue, so be it. It is best to start with the truth. As a matter of fact—if there is such a thing—it is best to end with the truth as well. “And how about the middle and all along the way?” you may ask. Well, the truth is essential throughout the journey; however, the ongoing paradox invariably involves your point of view. Remember that. Now we are travelers through time, which is the best way to describe us. We call ourselves Pleiadians, though we answer to many names and characters. We are as real as you believe yourselves to be. When we encounter you, we meet ourselves located on a slice of time, poised, as you believe, in a solid physical 3-D world. You fascinate us, and perhaps by the end of our travels and tales, you will be fascinated with yourselves as well. For now the task of telling is at hand, and so the tale begins.

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