More Commander's Lost Treasures You Can Find In West Virginia: Follow the Clues and Find Your Fortunes!

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9781490503677: More Commander's Lost Treasures You Can Find In West Virginia: Follow the Clues and Find Your Fortunes!
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CHOOSE YOUR STATE and start finding your fortune! Find Lost Treasures with Commander, one of the World's Top Lost History and Treasure Hunters. This is the TEXT BOOK that will teach you the formulas and secrets that real history and professional treasure hunters use to make amazing discoveries. The same techniques and methods Commander uses to train all his existing and new Team Members. This book contains select Treasure Legends but IS NOT a book of treasure legends. This is a How-To and Instructional book that shares SECRETS and TECHNIQUES that make it possible for people to find lost history and treasure. This powerful educational book series teaches you to learn Commander’s Proprietary (and before this secret) C.A.C.H.E. Research Formula that produces proven results. Commander also shares his 3x3x3 Proven Forensic Research Method. Research is the key to finding lost treasure, artifacts, relics and lost history, but do you know how much lost treasure in the United States, or the State of your choice? Well Commander does and he shares (for the first time ever published) a precise listing – State by State in the United State - how much lost wealth there is out there in Lost Treasures, Sunken Treasures and Lost Mines. Commander wrote this book to EDUCATE AND INFORM you on the ins-and outs of the treasure and history hunting hobby and business. Special chapters educate you on understanding why gold always goes up and its effect on, not only the economy, but how something worth a mere $20 in gold in 1880, is worth between $1500 and $1,000,000 dollars in today’s market. How can you decide what lost treasure to peruse if you don’t understand the economics of gold, supply and demand, the precious metals markets and why people invest in precious metals in the first place? You can’t – to be successful you need an education in treasures – specifically gold. Each treasure story included comes with a simple 10 Step Research Check List and notes page so YOU CAN CUSTOMISE this book and KEEP YOUR PERSONAL RESEARCH neatly documented with the treasure story you select to investigate. BUT THIS BOOK IS NOT about Treasure Stories, it is about HOW TO RESEARCH THEM, FIND THEM, RECOVER THEM and gain incredible rewards. Additional chapter sections include public domain photographs of the various types of professional treasure hunting equipment used (you need to know what equipment professionals use to find lost history and treasures) and a description of each, various treasure hunting locations experienced by the teams; and a compendium of Commander’s various Treasure Hunting Books published. This is an educational book, not a recreational book. This book is to learn, study and apply powerful educational information, not just read snippets of various treasure legends. So, if you want to learn how the professionals do it and document it, then this book is for you. Commander has written over 200 individual Lost Treasure History Books, and in these book Commander becomes your own personal How-To Treasure Hunt Coach and Treasure Historian. Whether it's lost Spanish Gold, Lost Gold Mine and even Lost Cities or Civilizations - Commander has done it and you can too. The accounts of Lost Treasures in this comprehensive series come directly from the personal case files of Commander and in each state by state book, he presents a handful of the “most logical” treasures to pursue, so you won’t waste your precious time on incorrect, false or misleading treasure legends. Educational and Instructional Book not a recreational reading book. Several and Expedition Team members are proud former military professionals who now use their expertise and training to locate lost history and treasures. For more information please visit

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From the Author:

The "Lost Treasures YOU CAN FIND" and "MORE Lost Treasures YOU CAN FIND" series are designed to be "pass around books" and a "start - to - finish" HOW TO of Treasure Hunting Book.  Designed like an average High School text book, these books use copy, examples, history, photo essays, grids, graphs and snap-shots to "teach and tell" a story from beginning to end.
If your taste as a reader is to just read and digest various treasure legends told on end, either as a universal collective or a state-by-state collection - THIS IS NOT THE SERIES FOR YOU.  The Treasure Legends shared for the sake of storytelling and not teaching research and investigation methods are shared in my "10 Treasure Legends" series.
These two series are about teaching research and investigation and as such read and feel more like a text book, rather than a story book.
Not designed to be a "reader" or "story collective" these two series are designed to help the individual interested in beginning to "research and/or hunt for Lost Treasures" to gain a concise plan of action and introductory course.  Mechanisms in the book include the proven learning technique of "photo essays". A photo-essay (or photographic essay) is a set or series of photographs that are intended to tell a story. A photo essay will often show pictures in deep emotional stages.   Being self-contained from top to bottom, you can feel confident to give this book to a friend just starting out metal detecting and/or treasure hunting and be assured they are getting a great "overview" of the hobby or professional vocation.
These two series have a specific formatted formula.  Each book is designed as follows:
1.  First 40 pages reviews the vocation, and how to become effect at it through effective research, investigation, documentation and persistence. These formulas, which have been proven by our professional exploration team, are shared and explained so that you may begin to mimic our treasure research and hunting success. You are learning by following a proven formula and technique.
2.  The next 30 pages are 5 suggested Treasure Legends for you to begin developing YOUR OWN personal Treasure Case Files. There are 100's of Legends and no one book can share them all, this book give you a FOCUSED FIVE to begin studying.  If you follow the formulas shared in the first 40 pages and apply them to the next 30 pages of these books, you will begin to develop your research and investigation skills and learn how to ferret out the truth behind treasure legends.  NOTE:  The ONLY different between "Lost Treasures" and "MORE Lost Treasures" series IS THIS SECTION OF THE BOOK.  The "MORE" series only presents FRESH and NEW legends the rest of the information is identical.  This way, which ever book you select - BY STATE- is still a self-contained "training program" and if you give out, share or pass around your book, you are sharing a complete program, not just stories.  DO NOT CONFUSE THESE TWO BOOK SERIES with collections of treasure legends - IT IS NOT.  These books are a top to bottom treasure hunting training program.  If you want just collections of Treasure Legends you want my "10 Treasure Legends" series for your State of interest.  That series is just collected stories to digest.
3.  The next 29 pages is your education in gold - its past value and its current value.  What was $40,000 in the 1800's can be $4,000,000 in today's market.  If you don't understand the value of the treasure when it became lost, compared to its value to you today - how can you determine what treasure legends to pursue?  YOU MUST understand the fluctuating value of precious metals. These pages present a NEVER BEFORE SEEN State-by-State value breakdown of the known and documented Lost Treasures. The numbers are staggering.  If your particular state is sparse in treasures to rediscover (and there are none) why would you focus your efforts there IF the State next door to you has BILLIONS?  This is why you need this education.  So you can focus your efforts and know the ever increasing values of lost treasures.
4.  The next 47 pages is a Photographic Essay of an actual lost treasure expedition in process.  Just as magazines use photographs to tell stories that words just cannot explain, these books do the same.  If a picture is worth a 10,000 words then this section of the book shares 1.5 million words that would not fit into a book of this size.  By studying the sequential photographs of an actual, highly successful, treasure expedition you are able to "remotely participate" in an actual expedition and view and comprehend all the planning, personnel, technology, logistics and techniques that come to play when executing on "any treasure hunting expedition" no matter how small or large.  By studying the photographic essay you will be able to embed the techniques and tactics it takes to be successful at treasure hunting.
5.  The next 24 pages is a photographic essay with commentary on what types of equipment are needed when hunting lost treasures and under what circumstances you would select the various pieces of equipment and technology. This section is designed only as an introduction and primer and is NOT a technical study, analyzation and how-to for specific types of equipment.  There are other more technical books for such. Study the photos and commentary and then get an idea of the technology you might want to use in your own expedition.
6.  Treasure is NOT just laying out in the open.  The number one reason it's is lost in the first place is because where it is located is remote.  The next 20 pages is a photographic essay and commentary on some of the various terrains the treasure hunter might be exposed to.  Study the photos and they will either excite you to the adventure or help you decide this type of adventure is not for you.
7.  The following 73 page section is designed to help you compare the previous chapter's State-by-State Treasure Values with the various books published by us.  Have a specific state in mind, check this publication visual index and see if we have a book title relevant to where you can't to focus your efforts.
8.  The closing chapter of these two series is an overview of what "Cacheology" is and the type of learning and experience one needs to have under their belt to make the transition from recreational or hobbyist metal detector or treasure hunter to the world of professional treasure hunting.
Remember, these two series "Lost Treasures YOU CAN FIND" and "MORE Lost Treasure YOU CAN FIND" are considered an introduction text book and course study work NOT a page by page gripping reader of various treasure legends.  IF you want just the Treasure Legends WITHOUT the technology, photo essays and the research and investigation instruction, then my "10 Treasure Legends" series is the series you are looking for.
Have fun, get educated, because with education and instruction comes success.  There is treasure everywhere - TRILLIONS OF IT - but you cannot just read a story and go find your fortune, you MUST know the Who, What, When, Where, How and WHY and that is what these two books show you how to discover.  Happy Hunting.

About the Author:

Go Treasure Hunting with COMMANDER of TreasureForce. TreasureForce is the World's Foremost Terrestrial Treasure Recovery Team and COMMANDER plans and manages missions all around the globe. TreasureForce combines historical re-enactments and forensic research with the most advanced tools and instruments in the world to locate and recover famous Lost Treasures and to either prove or disprove various Treasure Legends. As an Inventor, Commander Pulitzer is globally one of the foremost Inventors in modern times, recognized as one of the "Top 50 Inventors in the World", and as an Author, he has published over 200 individual titles.
Cacheology Society of America and the Cacheology Society and Institute of the United Kingdom are the governing and certification boards of Certified Cacheologists. Cacheology: The profession, whereby highly trained and certified individuals, using archaeological methods combined with forensic historical re-search and modern technology, set out to either prove or disprove, dispel or recover, set the historical record straight or professionally document, the various types of caches, common treasures or otherwise, that have been lost to history and mankind. The mission of the Cacheologists is to recover lost caches, using profit driven methods, for the expansion of mankind's study, education, instruction, collecting, showcasing, and the preservation of caches that time and the environment rapidly and thoroughly destroy, thus erasing vital and irreplaceable historical records and artifacts of the entire world.

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