Mr R john Mills Time Rift (Space Zero)

ISBN 13: 9781490908083

Time Rift (Space Zero)

9781490908083: Time Rift (Space Zero)
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Commander Chadeler discovered a temporal wormhole that traversed not only two hundred parsecs of space, but fifteen days of TIME! As the captain of the first galactic battlecruiser equipped with full stealth cloaking he realizes if he ventures into the earlier timeline, if he ventures into his own past, his presence there will be completely undetectable. He begins to daydream about every young man’s fantasy: to go back in time and place that winning bet at the local race track with the absolute knowledge of what the result will be. Of course that is impossible. How could he profit from his winnings when his superior officers would soon realize he was abusing the Time Rift. But what if they didn’t know! What if he keeps his discovery a secret? Yielding to temptation and greed he re-enters the past to steal valuable military equipment that can be sold for a fortune on the black market. But he must take action to prevent the “Butterfly Effect” from distorting his own history. Otherwise the timeline he returns to will be different to timeline he left only hours before and he will be stranded and out of sync. with his own past. But a trivial flaw in his well laid plans triggers catastrophic repercussions. The hoist works perfectly, but the butterfly effect rebounds to haunt him. A simple error, a single miscalculation, destroys his ability to return to his own timeline and he becomes the hunted. With the fury of the Galactic military pursuing him he uses the temporal wormhole to escape into the past. But this time the wormhole itself, the Rift in Time, plays an even crueler trick. Handicapped, like noone before him, he struggles simply to stay one step ahead. But to survive he must risk invoking the dreaded Time Paradox. Can the military forces effect “disaster recovery” upon the corruption caused by the conflicting timelines or will the forces return to their native timeline and find it changed beyond all recognition?

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About the Author:

R john was born as the computer revolution began and took to it like a duck to water. After a short stint in the military the IT industry became his lifelong career. He has worked throughout the UK, in the larger cities of Australia, and in many states across the vast USA. Travel exposed him to cultures as diverse as the Nepalese Ghurkhas, and the unique characters who reside in Los Angeles. But, home is where you hang your hat! And Rjohn’s hats have been at home in many places. His interest if science fiction began when his father introduced him to the late Isaac Asimov’s famous Foundation Trilogy and after ‘eating’ his way through almost all of the author’s novels he was totally addicted. Following the death of his favourite author, and missing those enjoyable stories, he tried his hand at writing one of his own. His first attempt: “The Meld” took several years and needed urgent updates as original ideas became part of our modern culture. His Direct-Mind-Interface had to be replaced by VIRTUAL REALITY, Mental-Scripting effectively became Mind Generated TEXTING, and even the MORPHING ability of the “Library” became common place a decade later when the constable in Deep Space Nine a member of the Founders exhibited the same abilities. The second novel: Time Rift, stretched his imagination to the full with four versions of the timeline interacting together. But the exercise proved worthwhile once all the temporal wrinkles were ironed out and he began to feel at home with the problems time travel can present. Rjohn enjoys the challenge of the unusual and unexpected and he views the world and the people inhabiting it in a slightly different way to most folks. That leads him to invest the Human and alien cultures in his books with mind-sets and personalities that reach far beyond commonly accepted norms. If you enjoy his books, if they make you think in new and different ways, and especially if they make you challenge and criticise the ideas he puts forward, then Rjohn will be happy that his writing has been a successful episode in his life.

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