Sisco Molinas Quiet Dog Bites Hard

ISBN 13: 9781493511785

Quiet Dog Bites Hard

9781493511785: Quiet Dog Bites Hard

It's important to know a little about the dog before you rattle his cage. Maynard Cole was content to live the rest of his life as one of the barely noticed dregs of society when those of an evil nature, ignorant of his existence, chose to threaten that which he held most precious and inadvertently became hunted by a predator without mercy. From the swamps of Central Florida to the bright lights of South Beach; there is no escaping the relentless fury of a man with nothing to lose. Maynard Cole lives off the land in the swamps of Central Florida. He is an Army veteran that has deemed himself unfit for his childhood love and even regular society due to experimental chemicals and procedures he was subjected to during his time in the military. He disconnects from his love and society for their own safety as he sees himself as a dangerous man to be around. He self medicates with cheap wine, mundane tasks, and the self imposed duty of watching over what might have been. When the daughter of his high school sweetheart, and her new husband, is abducted he takes it upon himself to retrieve her and may God have mercy on those that took her because Maynard Cole will not.

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From the Author:

Hello and thanks for reading. My original publisher shut its doors and so I republished this book on my own. I get to keep more of the money that way and it's a learning experience for me.It is basically the same story as "The Wino - Rogue Super Soldier" which is the title it was originally published under by Pandora Project Publishers. I did juice this one up a little. It is not exactly the same by any means but I didn't change the basic plot, the characters, or the ending. If you already bought "The Wino" and then bought "Quiet Dog Bites Hard" and are disappointed that it is the same story please get a refund and accept my apologies. It was never my intention to deceive. Sometimes I look back on stuff I have done and wish I did it better. Does that ever happen to you? In this case I had a chance to make it better and I think I did.Like my one and only reviewer (so far) stated in different words -- this is not a children's book. It is violent, vulgar, down, and dirty. There is no explicit sex but it is strongly implied. There is rape, and torture, mass murder, child abuse, violence toward women, and it is descriptive. I have read harsher stuff but not often. There are some sweet spots too ...This is not my first book but it is the first one a publisher has shown an interest in. I don't submit to print agents and publishers anymore because they have made themselves so hard to deal with. I would love to see my books in print and I would love to benefit from the guidance of experts in the marketing of my art but apparently not bad enough to go through all they expect me to go through to get their attention. If I ever get an agent or publisher again it will be because somebody in the industry read it here and contacted me. I don't see that happening because I don't think those guys have time to read independently published e-books. Here's hoping I am wrong.Just so you know my main character is based on a Tampa FL homeless guy I befriended in the nineties. Titus claimed he was the first Navy SEAL through the door to rescue the hostages in Granada. I never researched it to find out, and I doubt I could if I wanted to. I didn't want to anyway because even if he was lying, he told a good tale. I choose to believe him. I did learn that two SEAL teams were there (4 & 6) so at least that part checks out. Dick Marcinko (Founder of SEAL Team 6 and author of the Rogue Warrior series.) frequented a gun store nearby but I have no idea if that had anything to do with Titus; probably not.Titus literally drank beer every hour of the day that he was awake but rarely got sloppy or even all that drunk. He was definitely self-medicating and I can only imagine what he saw or did that caused him so much pain but I am pretty sure I owe him my gratitude for it. I was struggling financially so I couldn't do as much for him as I would have liked, but I tried to keep food in him whenever I saw him and he did talk me into buying him a few quarts over the year or so I knew him. I genuinely liked Titus and he seemed to like me and liar or not I am proud to have counted him a friend.He didn't look anything like my hero in the book. Titus couldn't have been more than 5'8" or 5'9", he rocked a full beard, and sported a small rounded gut. He was not in any way intimidating but one day I witnessed him get into a verbal altercation with a neighborhood thug. We didn't live in the nicest area of Tampa (22nd and Fletcher if you are local) and there were plenty of thugs. This kid (16-20 years old, pants off his ass, white beater, expensive sneakers, hat on sideways, and a fat roll of small denomination bills in his pocket) started in on Titus and Titus tried to be a gentleman about it for a lot longer than I would have. They were both in a long line at a convenience store and Titus held a quart of beer in each hand. Titus was just growling in response to the kids taunts and this seemed to egg the kid on. Finally Titus set his beers gently on the counter and launched himself at the thug. I didn't catch exactly what Titus did but the next thing I knew Titus slammed this kid down on the ice cream cooler, through the glass top, and onto all the ice cream. The kid was screaming bloody murder and me, and the rest of the store's patrons, were laughing our asses off. Titus made the kid stay in the cooler with the ice cream until he was done paying for his beer and left. Later, when I asked what took him so long to snap, he told me he was waiting for the line to move forward to he could set his beer down on the counter. Neither Titus nor the kid were seriously injured and the store owner (Another friend of ours) made Titus come in every night for about three months and sweep and mop the store to pay for the ice cream cooler top.One day Titus disappeared on me. After a couple weeks I asked one of the local cops if he knew what was up and he told me Titus was arrested for attempted murder and then told me the story. Apparently at a party down the street at one of the low (super low) rent apartments Titus got up from his seat at the table to get another beer out of the fridge. When he came back one of the homeless women who was also at the party took his seat. When he asked for it back she refused so Titus pulled out his knife and stabbed her in the arm, just a little bit. The cop says Titus told him the whole story even after he warned Titus he had the right to shut the hell up and probably should, several times. Titus insisted on explaining himself though and the cop wrote it all down in his report. When the cop asked why he would stab a woman and referenced chivalry and such he said Titus grinned and said in his growl (Something to the effect of ...), "That's why I only stabbed her in the arm a little. You know who I am. If I wanted to kill her she'd be dead."I can't count the times Titus started to tell me a story then stopped and wanted to talk about something else. I can only imagine what the stories would have been about but I respected his need to stop telling them. One such story told of a family down the street that he watched over. He knew the wife from his past but not her husband (He came later) and he liked watching her kids play from a distance. When I asked how he "used to know her" is about the time he clammed up. Titus was a self-appointed silent sentinel to this family and it gave me the idea for this book. His life was a tragedy to me and I remember wishing the VA or somebody would do more to help these guys. He wasn't the only homeless vet in the area. Titus said he saw my life as a tragedy and relentlessly gave me grief when I was stressing out about my rent, or the light bill, or repair costs for my bike.I got a job offer in another town and I took it. I never saw Titus again but I miss him. Wherever he is I hope it all turned out well for him and if this book had a dedication it would be to him.God bless you Titus and thanks for everything wherever you are.

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