Will 'The Rev.' and His Cronies Make It To Heaven? (Volume 1)

9781496082541: Will 'The Rev.' and His Cronies Make It To Heaven? (Volume 1)

Searching for happiness is difficult when pockets of society does not permit the same freedoms for others as they permit for themselves. From the battles African Americans have to endure to the unpopularity of being Jewish, society has a bad habit of telling other people who and what they need to be before a thorough acceptance into the inner circle of humanism. From political persuasion to religious dictates, society’s rules and regulations change for one group of people and remain carved in stone for another. Unfairness and hypocrisy seem to dominate, while freedom lacks. As for a gay person, the battles are hard and tedious. For those that hate gay people, an insanity seems to linger, clouding rationality and knowing right from wrong. In this book, the continued battles of “who’s right and who’s wrong” becomes the central theme. When placing facts on the table for discussion, one can soon see who is lying and who is telling the truth. Intelligence comes to the surface quickly when rationality, reality and “what is right/what is wrong” comes to the surface during any heated discussion. Religiously correct and politically correct people say what they are taught to mimic. Like drones or robots, often people do not think for themselves. Those people would rather have other people tell them how to think, what to eat, what to wear, what to read and with whom they can hang around. Within, join the ongoing battle between becoming a robot type person or becoming a free thinker and free soul.

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About the Author:

Ronald, preferring to be called Ron, was born in Wisconsin as an optimistic gay-boy. Many say he chose to be gay when he became old enough to choose such a lifestyle. Coming from a fine mixture of personalities, his siblings managed to accept Ron “as is”. Knowing perfectly well, there was no “choosing” involved. For Ron, being gay became a “born-with right” that other people need to accept as normal. Ron’s growing up involved ice and cold during winters and hot, humid and mosquitoes during summers. Disliking both, he decided to leave family, friends and state to join others that managed to escape what they disliked, finding a more tolerable place to begin over. Beginning over meant relocating to California as his permanent address. Here, he found many good friends, straight and gay. From owning a floral business to teaching floristry classes to the curious, Ron decided to venture out of the “safety box” to enjoy a period of writing. Influenced by an English teacher in high school, writing was now the thing to occupy many hours and many years. Ron’s expressions are enjoyable, including spontaneous humor and unusual ways to get a point across. Whenever writing, he thinks deeply into the plight of the down-trotted and lowly folk needing a spokesperson. This same attitude began when he was in his teens, battling the bullies at school and in the neighborhood. Occasionally, a brother or two would offend him, hence his quickness to find a way for those bullies to reconsider their intolerance. Ron grew up without visible outward physical scars, but had to mend many emotional and mental scrapes and bruises. For sure, one thing that helped Ron along his scary path, was a loving father and stepmother. They did not completely understand all of his “uniqueness”, but they loved him despite their ignorance towards the plight of a gay guy. Ron was in hopes to find solace through a belief in God, but found how unloving many Christians can be because of ignorance and hypocrisy. Despite all the bombardment of arrows and darts, Ron grew up as an enriched human being.

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