BIOLOGICAL LIFE Not Creation - Not Evolution - Yet Almost Both: God, or no God? Earth unveils its past and future with the purpose of life by giving IRREFUTABLE PROOF

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9781500618100: BIOLOGICAL LIFE Not Creation - Not Evolution - Yet Almost Both: God, or no God? Earth unveils its past and future with the purpose of life by giving IRREFUTABLE PROOF
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The book of the millennium! (47 color pictures) Chapter 2: After having formed a friendly environment to sustain a great biological diversity, our planet can suddenly turn these beautiful landscapes into deathly infernos through geological catastrophes. If there is any chance to understand life and the universe, it can only be done by discovering the true story of our blue planet. Direct observation of wildlife, basic biology, and basic physics show that the long story of our planet is not the story of a creation neither an evolution, but the RECOVERY of a planet anterior and identical to ours that has been destroyed by a supernova. The paleontological record, the present-day wildlife and even the ancient Scriptures, all confirm this theory. Chapter 6: A chaos evolving into an ordered system is nothing other than an anterior ordered system that has been demolished, and in the effort to re-arrange itself. The story of our solar system is of the same process: seeming to have started from chaotic fragments of space dust, fragments which did agglomerate together in the course of time, a planet of an incredible complexity and inhabited by a diversity of life even more complex, took shape: the earth. Science consents that shock waves of a supernova from more than 4.5 billions of years ago, helped trigger the formation of our sun. We live today on a ‘resurrected planet’. The ‘out-of-place’ artifacts found on earth, old artifacts that could possibly be present in the surroundings planets too, are likely embedded man made objects coming indirectly from debris of a previous earth-like planet. Transported and conserved in icy comets, these artifacts would be practically ageless. Chapter 8: Healing and gestation originate from the primary process of biological life named Evolution. Being in some way its small ‘ramifications’, these two processes are certainly also its exact replicas. Since we cannot observe directly the past and future of our planet, we can have knowledge of its very beginning and its outcome, simply by watching the whole process of one of its replicas. Chapter 11: Scriptures tell Earth is old. Chapter 12: Basic trigger of natural disasters. Chapter 13: The threat that no one has seen coming. There is a scientific proposal suggesting that an asteroid was the cause that wiped out the dinosaurs, but paleontology and logic indicate that these creatures were already heading to their ‘retirement’ long before the asteroid struck. Their demise was premeditated and there is evidence of it. The asteroid that came from space occurred for a completely different reason: to cause a natural phenomenon that will take care of an impending peril way greater than the dinosaurs themselves: a steadily growing widespread pollution. Chapter 15: ‘Evolutionary leaps’ and the origin of species. Spectacular and ‘miraculous’ biological leaps could very well be real and the proof of their possible existence occurs in front of our eyes today. Chapter 16: God, or no God? In order that the human could develop a mind capable of making sense to calculations, the human must have himself received the necessary and adequate information to be able to develop such a reasoning mind. So, whatever 'source' that created the information to make sense to calculations, must have itself the same capability to calculate. Do laws of physics have the capability to calculate? Chapter 17: If there are in the universe intelligent beings with the technological means to travel very far in space, our planet's immune system shows that only benevolent aliens could reach us. Chapter 19: The cause of health depression. Depression comes from the lack of hope; but the hope of what? The remedy to depression has a relation with the goal of the purpose of life and the possibility to dedicate ourselves to that goal.

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