The Millennial Reincarnations

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9781513603766: The Millennial Reincarnations
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"New age, spirituality and philosophy readers alike will find in The Millennial Reincarnations a different kind of message, delivered with a different style: a novel that reads like a cinematic widescreen production designed to capture immediate attention and explore the reasons why individuals are on the planet. If all this sounds heady - it is. 
The Millennial Reincarnations is especially recommended for seekers who would absorb all this information in the form of a narrative that closely examines mind, heart, and soul in the height of millennial times (the late 1990s to the mid-2000s).
A series of experiences by people around the world serve as focal points in this sweeping (even epic) examination of universal connections, transition points, and connections that succeeds in embracing a wide, seemingly-disparate perspective.
One way that The Millennial Reincarnations achieves this goal while remaining accessible and lively is through sparkling, compelling dialogue that doesn't just explain or lecture, but reaches out and grabs readers: "This is what a power struggle looks like; and you are leaving one, which is why you see it and feel it now...Now take the pressure off the turbo and slide the cruise function along the bottom; the trick is to try and kind of glide within the space you see ahead - just let yourself stay there suspended for a moment and hang out the stabbing pain you feel for that's not something we want to take back with us at all ... ... that pain, by the way, is the pain of a consciousness determined to condemn its own species to death for its own personal gain. It's a pre-Millennial force dragging at your back wings ..."
Why are we here? What are the forces that dictate life choices? How can Millennials become the first generation to let loose the ties that bind to embrace an ideology and approach to life that lends to taking wing and making most of one's presence on the planet?
It's Daniel M. Harrison's high-octane, compelling language that creates the path to help this generation perceive and understand these new opportunities; his approach that captures the connections between individual lives and greater purpose through a series of fictional vignettes; and his compelling vision of a reincarnated generation raised on new technology with the possibilities for new responses and vision unprecedented in human history that makes this such a stand-out discussion.
The fact that all this is couched in a fictional format makes it compellingly accessible despite these complex overtones: "Most of us are not really here for the money anymore, the same way most suburbanites aren't in the picket-fence walls of a three square meter garden for the lifestyle; we're here either because we entered a block with a one-way revolving door and there's no way out ... or we're just in it for the ride."
Be forewarned: The Millennial Reincarnations isn't the kind of novel you'll want to tear through, no matter how gripping its language or approach. It's best digested in bits and pieces (there's so much to consider and learn) and it's a sparkling revolution of words that holds the potential to not just entertain Millennials, but help them transform the world.
All that's required of its readers is an interest in psychology, spirituality, and the processes of choice and change. 

There's nothing predictable or tired about The Millennial Reincarnations. It screams its message of faith, opportunity, and how individuals change worlds, and it's a gripping and unique account that turns the novel format upside down and imbibes it with an intense message aimed right at the Millennial generation." - Diane Donovan, Midwest Book Review

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From the Author:

You have a new book for which the second edition has just been released. It's called The Millennial Reincarnations. Why did you choose the word Reincarnations? 
The book is about a number of things. It's about the choices - or the lack of choices - we actually make for ourselves today as a result of having the opportunity to make an increasingly abundant variety of them open to us. It's also about the nature of spiritual belief and practice, and how these concepts are becoming exponentially more bound to the concepts we discover in science, such as genetics. It's about our obsession with scale and celebrity - the mass-media market if you like. Technology has driven all these events, fundamentally. By setting the story between 1990 and the present day, I was able in to mark the upward climb of the technology during the past 25 years in narrative form, too. The term reincarnation is applicable here, not just because the characters are in a sense reincarnations, but because society is in a sense undergoing a reincarnation. Disruption is a technological reincarnation, which is a millennial reincarnation in the contemporary sense of that term. What was your motivation for writing The Millennial Reincarnations? 
I am not sure there was a specific motivation other than those general desires to share ideas and points in a more abstract sense than I might, say, giving a talk. But here's one thing I will confess to: about just over halfway into writing the first draft, that was when I realised that the reincarnation theme was the real driver here over everything else, since I saw how these different characters were so completely interrelated. It was a fascinating and brilliant experience! What would compel someone to pick up a copy of The Millennial Reincarnations? 
A desire to see the dark side of the wee hours in the most beautiful afternoon light you can imagine it bathed in. Are you hoping to enlighten the millennials and make them aware of themselves? Would a millennial even be interested in knowing how their generation is perceived?Of course, enlightenment is an important factor for any generation or person, and enlightening someone is the role of writing really, so sure, I would like to thank there is a benefit - however ancillary - someone gets from reading the book other than just sheer self-gratification. But also I think we are a generation not just with a little self-interest, but more or less with a self-obsession about all things us. So I think it's inevitable that the book was going to be popular. It has gone to No.1 on Amazon already in Category Fiction, and it has only been out a couple days, which sort of backs up the point I guess. In The Millennial Reincarnations, do you dissect the millennial mind and explain why they act the way they do? 
A lot of people have told me, 'Oh, it's so interesting how you have a different take on millennials.' That gives me a sense of the feeling in society that while there's a lot spoken of about millennials as a culture, little opinion or insight is actually expressed in that dialog. Some typecast the millenial generation as "too self-reliant and flippant in attitude". Do you agree with that assessment? Why or why not? 
I definitely don't think it's a self-reliant generation. If anything it's the opposite. That is somewhat the message in the book. The generation has a pile of cash at its disposal, but to what extent is it really in control of its destiny? More so than that of the baby boomers? No way. Then again, it's not a dependent generation, emotionally-speaking. There's much less marriage and attachment among millennials than there was in previous generations, so its independent in an emotional way. A whole cluster of people who are all ultimately dependently wealthy and emotionally detached - that's the message in the book. Why that is is really because the boomers brought their kids up to be that way. Long hours at work and multiple marriages etc. brought about a type of emotional independence among the children of baby boomers, while the extra cash they had as disposable income became an emotional cruch in a way that no other generation alive today has used money. We use it as a kind of emotional form of support. That's new. Why is escapism such a huge problem with this generation? 
Well, it is not so much escapism as a lack of realism. This lack of realism is the result of all ideas - any idea and every idea - being encouraged by boomer parents who always felt that their own ideas were not fostered enough and were keen to emotionally compensate, I think. Many innovations are still in the nascent phase right now, anyway: as in, it's too early to tell if we're escaping something or building something. It's probably a bit of both.It remains to be seen, for example, how social media will affect society. We will know when it's just us - the Millennials - using it. Before that point, which is to say, with Baby Boomers still very active on social media, there are lots of positive and negative trends which will probably turn out to be more artificial. The positive side is the level of engagement. I doubt Millennials will use social media to engage as much as boomers do, which is sad, but it is what it is. The negatives though we'll find get lost with the drop in boomers are far greater. They include stuff such as PR, sales campaigns, marketing and so forth. So by that measure, the effect of social media is probably more negative on balance as an influence today but eventually, that will change. If it doesn't, it kill itself, simple as that. But it will, and ultimately it will become a more positive force. Then a neutral one. That's the point its permeated all social levels. Why is The Millennial Reincarnations set in China? 
Part of the book is set in China and other parts are set in New York. For one, the premise of the story is the return of the Mandate - the figurehead of the East who would return after 9 or 10 generations and restore order to China when the elite were getting out of hand. I find this a comparable example to how life is today everywhere. Think about it - in the United States alone, it's been, since the 1980s, Bush, Clinton, Bush, then Obama - who fought Clinton - and now it's Clinton fighting for the Presidency again. There is not a lot of difference between this sort of leadership cycle and the one in modern China, where the leaders are chosen by an elite circle and sold to the masses as the best possible bet. The Chinese don't get to elect their leaders, that's true, but with the kind of line up where two families are constantly in poll position in the largest democracy in the world for coming on 30 years, you have to ask yourself what sort of democratic model that is.My point is not to get into the political argument for or against any of the candidates however, but rather to illustrate that over time, China and America have grown much closer together in the way they are set up and work, like it or not. China has broadly loosened it's cabal, while the United States has broadly tightened up its cabal. These synergies make the two places fertile ground for commentary, and sure, storytelling. Especially when it's storytelling of a more spiritual nature, as these sorts of political issues, once you get to the bottom of them, are fundamentally spiritually motivated. Policy is and has always been shoved into action by the will and desire of the human spirit. That's what makes it work. That's what makes it so powerful.On a more basic level, I suppose too I wanted to set a big part of it in China as it's the obvious place today that you hear about all the time on the news - the boom-bust economy and so forth - but you don't really get a lot of exposure to much of the nitty gritty. It's a fascinating life to read about and to live. I grew up in Hong Kong and that definitely influenced my decision to base part of the book nearby in Shanghai, which has a very similar social dynamic.

From the Back Cover:

"The problem with [fictional] literature today [is that] you either  have your basic whodunnit murder story, or you have your seen- it-since-the-70s dystopian sci-fi narative ... or else it's your trashy boy-meets-girl-breaks-up-with-boy romance genre beyond that [but] Harrison gets right to the heart of ideas that get little play in popular media circles ... The ficitnoal narrative that runs  throughout the book is sort of Steven King-meets-Phillip Roth, with explicit and creepy narratives about a bunch of millennials  exploring a lifestyle of excessive drug-taking, questioning every value that they are taught by their parents, sometimes making piles of money and winning all the accolades of celebrity ... all while seemingly trying to figure what their intuitive rationale tells them to do with their lives ... I applaud the effort Harrison is making to try and make literature a place where ideas can be exchanged and discussed in a way that no one has done before. In that respect at least, this was easily the best book I have read this year." - Azeem Khan, Huffington Post
About The Millennial ReincarnationsWhen over the course of a decade a group of high society New York and Shanghai millennials are forced to question whether their shared experiences mean they are here on earth for a higher purpose, the answer becomes resoundingly affirmative. With spellbinding prose and a unique sensitivity for the insecurities, desires and needs of the Millennial generation, Daniel Mark Harrison has written a novel like no other. The Millennial Reincarnations goes to places that neither satire, romance or thriller would dare. That place is one that lurks inside the the heart of the deepest of a generational subconscious, to the forbidden zones of fiction that have long been abandoned by contrived plot sequences. Instead, here Harrison has captured a sensually and alarmingly attuned linguistic zeitgeist of what it means to be Millennial, of the innocence of spirit of a generation at once emotionally detached and dependently wealthy. Harrison explores in explicit fashion where our first ideas and personal fantasies have taken shape in the virtual era, showing us in turn how these experiences have come to define our principles of love and hate, of pleasure and pain, and of loyalty and betrayal. With reviewers labelling the book "a unique five star read read" where the "female characters ... are Katniss-style strong" and the ideas within are "ambitious" and "innovative", The Millennial Reincarnations will turn out to be nothing less than a cult classic in its earliest days.

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