James Qualls A Gathering of Dreams

ISBN 13: 9781517157715

A Gathering of Dreams

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9781517157715: A Gathering of Dreams

Mount Taishan, China 1486 BCE

The first recorded comet, Lao-Tien-Yeh 老天葉 reaches Earth. Estimated today, from one of our humanity's earliest written documents, to have been four times as bright as a full moon.

An old monk climbs Mount Tai to greet the new star. A chance encounter along the way, with something from his past, will introduce the monk to the tenets of Universal Truth ... Principles that will later become the foundation of Buddhism. He will not have the chance to tell anyone, for an ancient force has also awakened with the nightless day.

It will be another thousand years before it is rediscovered.

Hanalei Bay, Hawaii Three Days Ago...

While providing care for a newly adopted kitten, an accident occurs that will blur the lines between imagination and reality. Everything that has ever visited Calvin in dreams ... has come to visit. Every Grumpmuffin, Goblin, Adamsville Fairy and Menehune, expects to have their say. It has been a long time since a human has been in a position to have a conversation ... they intend to make the most of it. Harsh questions will be asked. Secrets will be shared. Truths will be revealed.

A single thread weaves through time to connect the two instances. Like the old monk before him, he also will not have the chance to tell anyone, for an ancient force once again stirs.

Comet Lao-Tien-Yeh is now designated 12P/Pons-Brooks, and it is fast approaching.

Although Twain, Tesla, Barrie, Warhol, The Apollo 12/Intrepid Landing Module, Perun--the Slavic god of thunder, some Quantum Foam, and a lost faith ... all make appearances ... it may not be enough.

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From the Author:

This book is the completion of a promise I made to Cugh Meek ... My Grandfather. I gave him my word in the summer of 1966 after he bought me a journal to inspire my creativity. He wanted me to write for him ... a truly tall tale. Adamsville, Tennessee had other adventures planned for us though, and I never got to it. This is that promise fulfilled. This is that story... It is a modern fable, for the world has changed since then. It is a tale of remembrance; of choices and consequences; of the lost and newly found; of discovery and redemption; of hopefully ... finding our way out of the darkness that is growing.

From the Inside Flap:

Morals of the Story:
There are no accidents. You have either acted in an extremely foolhardy, or stupid manner, or the universe has sent you a lesson that you need to learn for the advancement of your soul. A wish is just a wish, until it is wished.
Surprises only happen to the unobservant. Live with intent and of the moment-pay attention. Put down the phone and concentrate on the task. Whether it be eating or love, savor the flavors.
Many walk through life focused upon the ugliness and drudgery of daily existence. Most are blind to the simple beauty and wonder that surrounds every single thing. Close your eyes... and really see.

Everything within a hundred miles will come to your assistance, if you have lived a life of joy and simplicity. Likewise, no one will come within a hundred miles of an ass, or someone who refuses to have proper hygiene.
A troll comes along, only when you have been selfish, mean, or loud. They are attracted to arrogance and aggression. Lack of kindness and compassion, are anathema to a troll. Pizza with anchovies-will override all of the above.
Magic is green. So is money. Money cannot buy magic, magic is made from within. Create something, improve something, help someone, grow something... this is magic, and it will bring money.
 Life has a system. Either go along to get along, or think grandly and change it. Rarely does anything merely improve on its own. See something differently and when possible, improve upon it. Somethings however, as in a genuine smile, cannot be improved upon. Don't waste time trying to improve someone. They are perfect-just not for you.

There will always be dragons.
Catharpin is pronounced Cat-harpin by the locals, not Ca-tharpin. The locals know how to pronounce it, for it is their home. A stone is just a stone, even if it is a diamond.
A liar will always lie. Just as a cheater will cheat. A fictional novelist is the only honest profession for a liar. A white lie helps no one. 

A world is lost due to inattention and greed. Nurture and care for all. See that others have all that they need to prosper, and walk gently and with grace, with all that cross your path.

There is no going back. Time is a one way street that you should travel with kindness and respect. A moment only ever has its moment.
One only ever makes a discovery by stepping into the void. Discover a new place, a new friend, a new culture... discover your true self. They all wait.
Love requires no explanation. It has no expectation or expiration. Loving someone, is the greatest gift you ever give yourself.

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