The Unseen Man (Meridian Universe) (Volume 1)

9781517267124: The Unseen Man (Meridian Universe) (Volume 1)

From Chapter Ten: Heart of Darkness. 'I have killed and I have robbed and I have broken most of the civilized laws of man at one time or another, but I leave no witnesses to that fact ... none who have seen my original face. At the point I was empowered and about to take revenge on ******, this was also the cusp of the ultimate phase of my philosophy ... it was the tipping point from Niles Novack, cautious but ambitious career criminal to The Unseen Man, Master Criminal. But first I had people to kill.' Who is The Unseen Man? Hero? Villain? Or something in between? He has been among the worst of humanity - he has tried to conquer the Earth and enact terrible revenge for wrongs, real or perceived but in the here and now he is about to give his life to save you ... to save every one of you. He is the Unseen Man and this is his story. If you love superhero comic books written for adults, you'll love this book. If you love superhero comic book movies, you will love this book. If you're into sci-fi, fantasy and pop culture that takes from the best of all your favourite genres of film, TV, comic book and literature to make an epic world building adventure, the likes of which you've never seen before in prose fiction ... then you, my friend will LOVE this book! For your added reading pleasure, the 3 main parts of the novel are followed by a 'DVD Extra,' section which annotates and explains the majority of the sometimes obscure sci-fi, comicbook, literary pop culture references or easter eggs to be found within. Please support THE UNSEEN MAN - in the future i hope to bring the epic world built within to a line of books set within the MERIDIAN UNIVERSE and for the UNSEEN MAN itself to go on to a live action movie or TV series. I invite any satisfied or curious reader to join me any time on my writer page where i will happily discuss the book, characters and in as much as i can ... plans for the future of the franchise. Jason :)

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About the Author:

WARNING: Jason Greenfield is a madman (not certified because i always fail exams!) and his work is quite out there and freaky, except when its not. Then its quite ordinary and possibly dull. He ... I ...The writer also tends to speak in the third person but forget all that. If you like pina colada and walks in the rai ... uh i mean If you like sci-fi/fantasy/comedy/sometimes serious/sometimes whacky stuff to read then you might ... MIGHT ... like his uh my work. Then again you might think its worthless garbage fit only to line your dogs basket with! But you won't know until you try :) Lots and lots of writing. Finished books include: FOREVER TORN - factual fiction about my Grandfather's fascinating life. Think Cain and Abel or Blood Brothers except astonishingly true. Serious stuff THE UNSEEN MAN - I wanted to write the definitive superhero/powers novel and this has it all. Powers, time travel, organized crime and much more. See the rise of The Unseen Man from low level minion to World Conqueror and find out why this diabolical supervillain sacrificed everything to SAVE the world! MAD DOG AND THE ENGLISHMAN - The book all the critics are calling 'offensive to everyone' and 'the product of a deranged mind.' What are The Ethereals and what threat can be so great that The British government is willing to bring back THE ENGLISHMAN after Tony Blair was forced to cut the throat of a six year old in 2003 for blood magic to supernaturally banish him in the first place! THE DASHING BLADE - Can straight action historical swashbuckling adventure mix with Blackadder-like comedy set in a world of masked adventurers during the time of the French revolution? Hell, yeah! First of a series. VAMPIRE NATION - Silence Parmeter is a dhampire - halfblood daughter of a vampire father and a human mother. She's human plus with enhanced reflexes, strength and speed and ages slowly and she hunts renegade vampires in a world where good vampires live alongside humanity since the Accord of 1920 (in progress) and many more.

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