The Biology, Physiology and Sociology of Reproduction: Also Sexual Hygiene with Special Reference to the Male

9781517464998: The Biology, Physiology and Sociology of Reproduction: Also Sexual Hygiene with Special Reference to the Male

“Dr. Winfield S. Hall of the Northwestern University Medical School recently gave a talk to our high school boys along physiological lines, setting forth very scientifically but plainly many delicate and important truths which every boy should know. Dr. Hall is a master of his subject and his manner is so dignified and yet sympathetic that he commands respect and holds the closest attention. I feel sure that such a talk given to boys and young men does a great amount of good.” –H. S. Magill, Jr., Principal, .International Committee, Young Men's Christian Association, Chicago, Ill., October 4, 1908 “You have touched a vital subject in a most original way that impresses every boy that hears you. You lead up to your ‘Secret of Manhood’ in a manner that holds the attention, impresses the truth you want to teach, so that it is sure to be of lasting good. This lecture I regard as the very best of its kind, which I have ever heard.” -W.H. Olin, Vice Dean, State Agricultural College of Colorado “In your lecture on ‘The Young Man's Problem’ and in your book on ‘Sexual Hygiene’ you are doing a great service for the rising generation. I am convinced that one great source of vice is ignorance about the matters touched upon in your lecture and book. Priests are constantly giving instruction on these same points, but it is a distinct advantage to have their teaching reinforced by a distinguished physician, expressing himself with the plainness of the laity and speaking always in a most reverential spirit. For students seventeen years of age or more your presentation of this difficult subject will be a God-send, for it abates curiosity, dissipates ignorance, warns of perils and arouses a manly desire for a clean life.” -John Cavanaugh, C. S. C., President, Central Department, Young Men's Christian Association, Chicago, October 21, 1908. CONTENTS. Chapter I. REPRODUCTION FROM THE STANDPOINT OF BIOLOGY. 1. General Activities of Living Organisms A. The Egoistic Activities B. The Phyletic Activities a. Reproduction b. Support and Protection of Offspring c. Support and Protection of Weaker Members of Society 2. Some General Principles of Biology A. Sacrifice and Compensation in Egoistic Activities B. Sacrifice and Compensation in the Phyletic Activities a. Lower Organisms b. Higher Organisms C. Summary of Principles a. The propagation of offspring and the protection and support of the young and defenseless, always involve sacrifice on the part of the parents and the stronger members of the race b. Sacrifice made consciously for the race is, in the natural order of things, compensated Chapter II. ADOLESCENCE IN THE MALE. 1. Physical Changes A. General Changes in the Body a. Pilosity b. The Voice c. Bone, Muscle and Gland B. The Genital System a. Structural Changes b. Functional Changes 2. Psychical Changes A. Play and Work a. Sports b. Productive Employment B. Society C. Religion Chapter III. ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY OF THE MALE GENITAL ORGANS. 1. Anatomy a. The Penis b. The Testes c. The Spermatozoon d. The Epididymis e. The Seminal Vesicles f. The Prostate Gland 2. Physiology a. Urethra b. Cowper's Glands c. The Prostate Gland d. The Seminal Vesicles e. Testes 3. Virility Chapter IV. SEXUAL HYGIENE OF THE ADOLESCENT MALE. 1. Illicit Intercourse with Women a. Chancroid or Soft Chancre b. Gonorrhea c. Syphilis 2. Masturbation 3. Continence Chapter V. HYGIENE. 1. Diet a. Choice of Food b. Stimulants and Narcotics c. The Dietetic Control of the Bowels d. The Dietetic Control of Sleep e. The Dietetic Control of the Kidneys and Skin f. The Dietetic Method of Curing a Cold 2. Baths . The Bath for Cleanliness b. The Tonic Bath 3. Exercise 4. The Hygienic Requirements of Sleep 5. The Control of the Thoughts Chapter VI. DEVELOPMENT. 1. The Child 2. Maternity 3. Paternity APPENDIX. Answers to questions

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