Dawkins the Deceiver: Richard Dawkins' Decade of Deceit

9781518894862: Dawkins the Deceiver: Richard Dawkins' Decade of Deceit

For ten years evolutionary biologist, science popularizer, atheist, and master sophist Richard Dawkins, Ph.D. has been proselytizing around the globe. His, however, is not the typical evangelism. He is out to convince the world the he has it all figured out. He among a handful of elites has firmly grasped reality—a reality which eludes the rest of a benighted population, particularly in the United States. Dawkins has made use of every available medium and has been a tireless advocate of his brand of confident atheism. But perhaps his most effective strategy has been to export his credibility from one scientific specialty and to elevate himself to an authority on the most important questions of the day. Much like a licensed plumber who presents himself as a tax expert or a marriage counselor, Dawkins is convinced that there are no limits to the usefulness of his skill set. In professions which demand licensure, it is a crime to practice without a license. Fortunately for Dawkins, however, no license is required to present oneself as an expert in philosophy or to issue proclamations on the God Question. It appears that he is perfectly convinced that his training in the life sciences equips him like nothing else could. Unlike most responsible authorities in narrow specialties, Dawkins assumes his particular expertise is fully portable and universally applicable. Dr. Dawkins sees the world, the universe really, through the lens of evolution by means of natural selection. He sees it in action wherever he looks; from the structure of the cell, to abstract art, to the formation of our universe, and everything in-between. While some may be accused of perceiving the Judeo-Christian God everywhere and in everything, Dawkins sees natural selection at the source of everything and around every corner. Much like the quip that great economists predicted 4 of the last 3 recessions, Dawkins arguably sees natural selection at work in all 4 of any 3 systems. Abraham Maslow once said, “I suppose it is tempting, if the only tool you have is a hammer, to treat everything as if it were a nail.” This was Maslow’s diplomatic way of identifying a “one-trick pony” or a "Johnny one-note.” These labels are especially descriptive of Dawkins—at least his way of looking at the world. He is absolutely enamored with what he calls the “consciousness-raising power of natural selection.” In fact, he uses the expression dozens of times in The God Delusion and in virtually every public appearance. Then there is his disdain for the vast majority of people, including other scientists, who do not use natural selection as the answer to every question and dare to question its sufficiency as a universal scientific explanation. He claims that these “less enlightened” masses suffer from a form of “blindness.” He writes: “Maybe the psychological reason for this amazing blindness has something to do with the fact that some people have not had their consciousness raised, as biologists [like Dawkins] have...” But even more troubling than Dawkins’ contempt is his use of his credentials and notoriety to mislead the uninitiated. The layperson who has read his books or heard his lectures can be excused for mistakenly concluding that: science has disproved God, bio-chemists are close to creating new life from inorganic materials (in 2006 he claimed it would occur within a few years), the multiverse theory is perfectly rational while the God theory is irrational, acclaimed philosophers & micro-biologists who disagree with him are merely “theologians.” DAWKINS THE GREAT DECEIVER lays bare Dr. Dawkins’ misappropriation of scientific credibility and exposes what amounts to Dawkins’ deceit, speculation...and wild speculation, packaged as scientific findings. It makes the case that under the guise of a popularizer of science, Dawkins’ primary focus has been to exploit that credibility and the language of science to advance his patently non-scientific conclusions and ideology.

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