Tales Of Madness: Horror Thriller Anthology

9781519117236: Tales Of Madness: Horror Thriller Anthology

Can You Face What Awaits Beyond? Tales of Madness: The Anthology is comprised of several thrilling, dark stories which aim to satisfy your thirst for horror & mystery--tales of unseen dimensions; the dark fantasies of madmen; stories which are sure to bring your perception of reality into question--this collection has it all. Tales of Madness is horror returned to its core. 
The stories contained are that of the Lovecraftian-inspired, occult-horror The Nightmare Upon the Shore; The sci-fi, psychological horror of The Unique Alex Ellington; the thrilling, identity crisis of The Unwanted Guest and the psychologically gripping thriller Serenity in Murder. Finish your experience with the horrific, bodysnatchers-inspired horror of Aiden and the frightening mystery of Helmsley Manor.


  • The Nightmare Upon the Shore: Dennis Hendricks attends an estate sale where he comes into possession of a strange, wooden chest containing a diary and an intriguing, yet disturbing portrait. The diary was that of the late Henry Jameson--a figure considered nothing more than an incoherent madman in his final days--in which he documents a terrifying incident experienced in 1901 as he was stationed as a shore-man at a lone lighthouse along the coast. Hendricks--a man of science and skepticism--finds the tales intriguing enough to prompt further investigation in an attempt to either confirm the tales, or debunk them entirely. 
  • The Unique Alex Ellington;Strange images of fantastical sand dunes and bizarre, mechanical landscapes plague Alex Ellington's mind as he awakes every morning with a sense of detachment. Within his office, Alex takes note of a strange and odd-looking man with whom he is not familiar. Driven by his suspicion of the man--accompanied by his suspicion of his coworkers--Alex digs deeper to find answers only to discover a terrifying truth about his existence. 
  • The Unwanted Guest: Allen has been suffering from a severe bout of depression due to his failed entrepreneurship attempts when he begins to realize the man living with him, Thomas, has only been psychologically abusing him, thus fueling Allen's depression. Fed up, Allen decides to murder Thomas. However, it won't be as easy as he believes when Thomas' true nature is revealed.
  • Serenity in Murder: Richard Martin, a successful salesman, has been living a life of frustration and anger, finding relief by way of heavy sedative use and homicidal fantasies involving those antagonizing him. Finally, Richard reaches a breaking point and his insanity ensues, leaving Richard to question what indeed defines sanity entirely. Crawl inside the mind of a madman as Richard speaks of his fantasies and crimes. His conclusion will surely leave you questioning not only his reality, but yours as well.
  • Aiden: Exploring the forgotten landscapes of Serpent Valley, Aiden and his dear friend, Lawrence Mayhew, discover a truly breathtaking assortment of crystals, deep within the cave. Seeking study, the pair remove the crystals. Aiden documents the horrific events which happen soon after, as well as his theory of the crystals' origin. 
  • Helmsley Manor: Deep in the dungeon of the Helmsley Manor, a man awakens within a prison cell and is plagued by a state of amnesia. Presented with more questions than answers to not only his identity, but that chaotic and horrifying events unfolding within the manor, he explores the manor's corridors to piece together answers. He soon discovers there is far more to the manor than he could ever imagine as he comes into contact with members of an angry mob searching for the baron Helmsley and an ancient relic he possesses, as well as several haunting events which only further perplex his already troubled state. The revelations which ensue are sure to be terrifying.

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