The Spirit of God as Fire; The Globe Within the Sun Our Heaven: Reasons for such Hypothesis Founded upon God's Own Revelations and Recent Developments through the Lights of Astronomy

9781519164124: The Spirit of God as Fire; The Globe Within the Sun Our Heaven: Reasons for such Hypothesis Founded upon God's Own Revelations and Recent Developments through the Lights of Astronomy

“Let us learn where we are to go, as well as what we are to do. This great secret has at last been disclosed to one Dr. Mortimore. No apostle of the Latter-Day Saints can be more deeply persuaded of the importance of his ‘revelation’ than the humble student of science and the scripture, to whom this sublime testimony has been given....The capital point in Dr. Mortimore’s revelation is what he cites as an astronomical discovery, and now a fixed fact of science, – that the Sun is in three parts: first, the photosphere, an immense outside lawyer of light and heat forever burning and never exhausted; next, inside of this, another broad layer of ‘non-luminous void,’ and finally, an inner globe of vast room, self-luminous and wholly separated from all outer life. The inner globe is heaven, while hell is in the outer photosphere. Dr. Mortimore has calculated carefully the cubical dimensions of this inner heaven. He generously allows each redeemed soul to have for its own use and behoof, twenty cubic feet of heavenly space; and with that allowance, finds room enough for all that have been, or are to be saved, from the time when the race of men were born until the time when the race shall cease to be; room enough for all these, with the saved also from the other planets, – for he thinks that the other bodies of the solar system will furnish their full quota of ransomed souls. That the outside photosphere, or hell, will have room enough for the damned is self-evident, for this can expand indefinitely into space. The intermediate non-luminous void is the great gulf across which Dives looked and called, when he saw Lazarus in Abraham’s bosom. It is very broad, but is an excellent conductor of light and sound, and the saints and sinners will always be able to see and hear across it.

“To get to Dr. Mortimore’s heaven, the saints have evidently to go through hell, as in the Divine comedy of Dante and in the classic song of Virgil. But the scientific doctor is n ot disposed to let them linger by the way. They go through so quickly, in such a flash, that they do not feel the heat of the myriad leagues of flame. Dr. Mortimore has proved that the whole time of the journey from earth to the celestial seat, through the air, – through the ether, – through the 95,000,000 miles of space, – through the broad belt of hell, -through the non-luminous void, to the central throne of God in the celestial globe, will be easily performed within five minutes! Souls are carried thither by ‘angels,’ and angels fly by electricity. Hell being hearer, the damned get to their places a minute or two in advance of the saved. That rapid flight through hell is, nevertheless, not a comforting thought. What if the saints should happen to hit some of the damned as they are being shot through! Would not the motion be transmitted as in the collisions of the billiard-table, and the damned and the saved so change place?

“Dr. Mortimore’s purpose is so serious, and his confidence so assured, that he has no wish to answer all the scientific cavils which may be urged against his theory. He appeals to Christian ministers and to the guides of public opinion to make known to their followers his great discovery.

“The scientific reasoning of this remarkable volume does not exclude such homiletical matter, and many affectionate warnings. Dr. Mortimore may wish Catholics to be saved; but he does not like the Pope, and allows that man of sin no lace near the great white throne. The biblical and hortatory digressions happily relieve the burdened thought of the reader, as the orbs ad spaces are shuffled in the play of this grand heavenly exposition. The book should at once be adopted as a text-book by the teachers of the second advent, whose heaven is so near at hand.” -Edward Everett Hale, Old and New, Volume 1, 1870

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