Radio for the Blind: Communication E (Volume 5)

9781523247097: Radio for the Blind: Communication E (Volume 5)

~ We are members of a species that is a global society of Human Beings, yet we separate ourselves according to often ancient cartographical designations. ~ ~ We seem to kill ourselves in droves because of these imaginary lines, despite our daily understandings eye-to-eye & face-to-face. ~ ~ We must remove ourselves from these & other imposed paradigms & become in practice the single species that We are. ~ ~ We do this by beginning such a shift internally, allowing for a certain positivity & optimism to permeate our beings until it then affects our daily Lives, our households, our villages, neighborhoods & towns, our cities, our states, our countries, & our continents. ~ ~ Only then will We be unified as one, & We will no longer concern ourselves with foes, as the only foe We see will be the one that has always been the dominating force of evil in this world: the foe that lives in all our hearts: one that teaches us of selfishness, of greed, of malice, jealousy, & deceit. Radio for the Blind is a serial written as a message in communication to the members of the Global South. ~ ~ The Global South is comprised of the impoverished People of the world. ~ ~ Our planet currently perpetuates a system that is designed to keep the impoverished subservient & downtrodden; this system is prolonged by the acceptance & participation of the People. ~ ~ Freedom from this system will be difficult, but not impossible. ~ ~ We must have Hope. ~ ~ We must have Love. <3 ~ ~ We must accept that only Peace will beget Peace. ~ ~ We have been told for centuries that it is through war wherein a greater peace is found – this is an absolute fabrication of the truth. ~ ~ It is an impossibility for violence to bring Peace, much as it is impossible for the darkness to bring light. ~ ~ We will not fight. ~ ~ We will not kill. ~ ~ If a single Life is lost in the process of securing our own freedom, it is a tragedy with ripples throughout Time that we will never understand. ~ ~ We will give up our own Lives for the sake of Freedom. ~ ~ If others wish to kill, then they will kill. ~ ~ If they choose to kill us, then it will be a slaughter of the innocent & the world will soon recognize where the gall of evil lies. ~ ~ Let Us lead the world through our example. ~ ~ Let Us consume only that which is necessary to achieve balance in our species, seeking simplicity in Life, rather than embellishment in excess. ~ ~ The wealthy Human Beings of the world, the impoverished Human Beings of the world, these are all one species, all products of an upbringing, an evolution, a birthright that most often excludes choice. ~ ~ Let Us choose together. ~ ~ Let Us choose Unity & Peace & Love. ~ ~ Let Us stand together & find an ultimate & lasting decision in Peace, regardless of our origins of birth, our varying situations, or our vast & many differences. ~ ~ Translate these communications into other languages & let the People of the world know that their sufferings are heard & that We are not alone. ~ ~ ~ ~ Traduire ces communications dans d'autres langues et de laisser les Gens du monde entier savent que leurs souffrances soient entendues et que Nous ne sommes pas seuls. ~ ~ ~ ~ Traducir estas comunicaciones a otros idiomas y dejar que la Gente del mundo saben que sus sufrimientos sean escuchadas y que no estamos solos. ~ ~ ~ ~ Isalin ang mga komunikasyon sa iba pang mga wika at hayaan ang mga tao ng mundo malaman na ang kanilang mga pagdurusa ay narinig at na tayo ay hindi nag-iisa. ~ ~

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About the Author:

Born & raised a 19th generation Virginia gentleman in Thomas Jefferson’s historic Charlottesville, Joshua David McLerran has become something of a renaissance man. ~ ~ He has starred in motion pictures, traveled to all but 4 of the united states, & sailed a 27-foot sloop alone off the coast of Maine for 6 days, navigating solely by chart & compass. ~ ~ Joshua lived on the islands of Negros & Panay in the Philippines for over 2 years & is fluent in 6 of the country’s native dialects. ~ ~ By American standards, Joshua was born & raised in something close to poverty, however, it was not until his time in the Philippines that he learned the world's far grosser definitions of the term. ~ ~ There, he saw men working in sugarcane fields for a dollar a day, eating a single plate of rice to sustain themselves, just once a day. ~ ~ From that time on, Joshua has been aware of the stark imbalances in this world & is determined to do everything he can to see it remedied. ~ ~ Joshua affiliates himself with no denomination or class beyond that of Human Being & encourages the People of the world to do the same.

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