Effective Communication Skills: The Key to Upgrading Your Life and Relationships

9781575690056: Effective Communication Skills: The Key to Upgrading Your Life and Relationships
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Go from Mediocre to Magical!

Gain the Tools to fill Your Relationships with Deep Affection, Closeness and Spirit of Play!"

Imagine having all your connections with others be a joyful, and successful experience. Picture yourself moving past fears of loneliness, destroyed relationships, bleak tomorrow's and into a future that has passion, love, effective personal expression, and opportunities.

"What IS life's and love's most vital ingredient?"

"Effective Communication Skills - The Key to Upgrading Your Life and Relationships" assists you in creating personal relationships saturated with closeness and deep love. Exchange the pain of a broken heart, growing distance, or the fear of never meeting someone with empowering, confidence-inspiring abilities to successfully match the vision of your want and intention. Experience action levels taking a dramatic turn for the better as your capabilities to perceive correctness of thought and ideas increase.

This book contains information that will help you realize self-expression in a way that is readily and clearly understood. Appreciate and cultivate the relationships in your life more fully utilizing information such as:

Life's & Love's Most Vital Ingredient,
The Four Basic Communication Conditions,
If You Can't Define It - You Can't Have It,
Precepts- How We Develop Our Rules And Principles For Living, and
How To Achieve Effective Personal Communication!

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About the Author:

Alan and Advance Power Leadership International have coached and advised Olympic Gold Medallists, Wimbledon Champions, Billionaires, and Multi-National Corporate Leaders - many long before they reached their pinnacles of success.

Since 1958 he and his team have coached and trained over 250,000 people, individually and in groups, many from Fortune 500 companies. He is recognized in the book "21st Century Leadership" as one of the top 100 leaders in the world.

Excerpt. Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved.:



The discovery and handling of the spiritual universes has uncovered the most vital ingredient, the basic-basic, of life and love. This vital essence of life and love, which must always be there, is PRESENCE.

You must be PRESENT.

PRESENCE is best defined as You, the spiritual being, being fully, awarely, and at the optimum mood level, here. Hereness is best defined as, at this place, at this time, which can span past, present, and future. The more able the being, the longer the time span. At all times, hereness includes nowness. Optimally, hereness includes spanning a little past, all of now, and the extended future.

Without Presence means without life-force. The basic operating action of hate is BEGONENESS, whether by destruction, abandonment, aloneness, sabotage, huge chaos, confusion, substitution, or just plain absence; all are forms of BEGONENESS.

In order to empower an individual or team, it is necessary to have all fully present. When all are fully present, you have maximum life-force particles present. The team or relationship is alive; the reciprocation is optimum, thus there is love. Love and liveliness and life-force are one and the same. They are the high Green Zone manifestation of presence.

BEGONENESS, or ABSENCE, is the ultimate hidden betrayer of love and life. Being around someone who chronically wishes you were gone, or who is chronically absent, causes massive unsolvable problems, the most chronic of which is tied in with reciprocation.

The absence of presence is the lowest form of betrayal; nothing is more degrading, destructive, or treacherous. It is a silent destroyer of life and love; nothing kills love faster than absence.

Absence is the ultimate form of hate, for it unmocks and disestablishes all creations and makes nothing of all standards, principles, and existences. The whole decline of the gods can be traced back to absenting.

The basic problem with absenting is that it is not absence of the form, or absence of the identity. It is the absence of spirit that causes the end of life and love.

Low mood levels mean low presence of spirit. The lower the mood, the less there is of life and love, thus less spirit.

When a being goes suddenly absent, it causes huge upsets to the being or beings who are present; they feel betrayed. They are forced to expend more of their life-force particles to maintain the relationship, team, or creation.

The more presence you have, the more life you have, and the more space, time, energy, and particles are yours to command. Absence reverses all of this, thus all failed relationships, games and lives, all poverty, divorce, bankruptcy, and loneliness can be traced back to absence.

Absence of spirit and spiritual values can destroy intelligence, knowledge, power, and abilities.

Being connected to someone who is a chronic absenter can put you on a huge roller coaster ride. When they are there, you feel great and your dreams and visions are possible. When they disappear, so do your dreams and visions.

Being connected to someone who chronically goes absent, who chronically goes elsewhere, can cause violent explosions and implosions to your present-time universe, which can have massive adverse effect on your physical well-being.

Often, you'll feel continuously hungry as the absenter will have destroyed your spaceation field and thus destroyed your beingness, doingness, and havingness. All of your dreams, visions, creations, and abilities will have been imploded to rubble. With too much of this, you'll begin to feel lifeless or continuously enraged.

Perhaps the worst phenomenon that occurs when you're connected to an absenter is that it causes you to compulsively re-create that which has been imploded, which causes you to be compulsively connected to the absenter. You'll devote trillions of life-force particles and a lot of time and effort to a very bad investment. This shows up in your life account. You will be unhappy; you will be poor; you will not achieve your dreams. You will hate the world.

Presence is the basic ingredient to love, to life, to the Heavens.

Presence is the basic-basic reciprocation of life. No presence equals no reciprocation equals death.

Presence is demonstrated by handling time, delivering what is promised, high mood levels, effectiveness, doing by orders of importance (most important done first), competence, literacy, and strict integrity toward standards and principles.

Absence is the basic ingredient of hate, lifelessness, and hell.

Absence is the ultimate make nothing of life and you, the greatest outness of integrity, and violation of all standards and principles.

Absence can be observed in degradation of others' time by being late or not arriving at all; degradation of others' space; not being there or not delivering what was promised; degradation of others' products; being ineffective, late, not studying, making the important unimportant and the unimportant important.

It can be observed in degradation of positions and mastery; incompetence; failure to maintain levels of literacy, standards, and principles, and in degradation of life and love by pretense of being there.

Absence can be observed by the disintegration of life and love by failure to acknowledge and appreciate.

Life and love are created by two or more live beings reaching out, passionately forwarding each other or the team, and being there creating exciting, vibrant futures and spaces of safety so that all can be all they are capable of being. It takes a vibrant, brave presence to produce this exciting, exhilarating, joyful achievement.

Lots of life and love demands lots of presence and reach, not some cowardly betrayer who sneaks away and hides, leaving creation of futures and happiness to others.

There is no worse, more destructive, more evil ability than to be absent.

There is no greater or higher ability than to be fully present.

To be at full PRESENCE is to be one with all universes, past, present, and future.

* * * * * *

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