The Pest Control Technician's Guide To Christian Faith

9781589821323: The Pest Control Technician's Guide To Christian Faith
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Well, the Reformation is over.

Everything that could possibly have been written on the essential teachings of Christianity have been written. The greatest minds of the ages have thoroughly dissected the bible, and no one can claim ignorance of it's truths based upon the volume of work smart and pious people have done. All the knowledge left to know in sanctification is what the Reformers have said, key verses, bible languages, and how to control our bodily passions. We can be confidant of our disposition before God.

Or should we?

Is it possible that that the greatest Christian minds of the past 1800 years have had it all wrong about what God considers righteous faith in Him? Is it possible that most of the scores of books that have been written, the countless sacrifices that the zealous have made, the ceremonies, and nearly every product of Christian conclusions about real faith worked over the millennia, in nearly every denominational stripe, have been motivationally wrong? It is possible that we don't understand this because the most important truths about Christ are just too simple and accessible to reason, their grave implications too obvious, and therefore reaches too deeply and demands too much of us? Are we missing a single truth about the bible that can be equally horrifying as it is joyous, and so penetrating that if preached rightly it would produce the same quality of faith from believers and the same quality of murderous outrage from unbelievers as existed in 1st century Judea?

The Pest Control Technician's Guide to Christian Faith is an attempt to strip off the church jargon, the academic literary formulas, and the years of theological and sentimental posturing of the common Christian work and let the world see for the first time in so long the cake under all the man made, excess icing placed upon Christian truth. What is real Christian faith? Not what conclusions and assumptions are right and which are wrong. Not which theological bullet point is supported by scripture and which is not. This is not another book taking up another defense of important yet comparatively inconsequential truths, such as the errors of notions of salvation through works and the corporeal presence of Christ in the Eucharist. Rather, the book discards the irrational assumption that one can have a faith honorable to he Messiah by only believing in Him through right facts but not necessarily for a factual reason. The thesis is simply that in real faith, conclusions about God and the bible are just as important as our premises; those premises being both our presuppositions and the evidence we bring forward to substantiate them.

This may sound like a relatively innocuous revelation, but when examined closely it leads one to implications about faith which reach to the very theological foundations of Christianity. The Pest Control Technician's Guide to Christian Faith, written by an unknown, common believer, and a stranger to the pulpit and halls of academia, can be nothing short of an earthquake to traditional biblical exposition, and can overturn and ruin the power of what has become only a man-made system for personal enrichment and self-aggrandizement. A Church which once attracted and people by nothing more than it's power to present and back up the reality of historical and spiritual truth, now a cause for shame to believers and revulsion to unbelievers as it can do nothing more than promote itself.

Is a second reformation for the church possible, but this time not based upon the rediscovery of the importance of faith in justification, but a biblical rediscovery of how faith is to be justified? A rediscovery of the nature of righteous biblical faith?

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From the Author:

God has given man prophecy, specifically messianic prophecy, as the primary reason by which man is to believe in Him.

The stumbling block of this seemingly innocuous and widely accepted fact is in it's implications. When we honestly come to terms with them, it prevents us in good conscience from keeping it out of every conception of the nature of righteous faith and every conception of obedience to God.

In the church today, however, righteous faith is anything but something activated and maintained by the reality of fulfilled messianic prophecy, and every act of obedience is predicated upon any motivational reason than the knowledge of that fulfilled prophecy.

Today, as throughout the church age, even churches which stress the evidential importance of fulfilled messianic prophecy and are serious about apologetics do not practice and teach a faith which is only attractive to God because that faith is grounded on this evidence. They teach messianic prophecy as one apologetic among many, and therefore teach a righteous faith which is motivated by any personal reason among many. This turns the church into a spiritual supermarket whereby people are attracted to the idea of spiritual life on the basis of ever expanding and varied products to choose from which can satisfy their unregenerate tastes, increasing church profits because a greater slice of the population becomes now open to a more carnally attractive view of spirituality.

From the Inside Flap:

Is there a truth about what biblically qualifies as righteous faith that the church has ignored over the centuries? Is it possible that all of the church’s trumpeting about doctrinal corruptions, pagan influences and expanding apathy toward sin are only red herrings against this true root problem; red herrings whereby the church can create nonexistent primary threats to it for which it can take credit for applying solutions? With Jesus strategy of using common things to explain deep spiritual truths, B. K. Silverthorne takes the role of a pest control technician to apply his knowledge of rooting out physical pests to eradicating the spiritual pests of faith. He lays the groundwork for his startling conclusions on a common, working man’s knowledge of how reality and the human mind works, moving to the book of Acts to show how the apostles preached only one legitimate reason for faith in Messiah. In a new and bold approach to the subject of faith, he will cause the! reader to rethink his worldview, churchview and bibleview along true Bible principles, not manufactured, post-modern ones.

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