The New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Complete Collection Volume 1 w/FREE Travel Case

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9781602450882: The New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Complete Collection Volume 1 w/FREE Travel Case

For the first time in over fifty years, the estate of Dame Jean Conan Doyle has authorized new Sherlock Holmes stories to be written and aired on American radio! Jim French has been given the privilege of writing new radio dramas using the classic characters created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. To bring them to life, French studied the masters original stories and delved into Victorian history.

Sherlock, played by John Gilbert and later by John Patrick Lowrie, is depicted faithfully as to age and disposition. And Dr. John H. Watson, played by Lawrence Albert isnt the Hollywood version of a bumbling old fogey here; hes a brave and devoted friend whose help Holmes couldnt do without. And while Frenchs scripts are pastiches, they contain the flavor of the Doyle canon, brought to life with loving care in acting and production values. The BBC saw fit to broadcast part of one of Frenchs episodes, exclaiming their surprise to find that the actors were all Americans! And the stories were all new! The BBC host called the show,

One of the four best radio dramas in the English language!

The Greatest of Them All: Sherlock Holmes, the name conjures pictures of gas-lit streets and dark mysteries from a bygone age. Along with his trusted friend Dr. John H. Watson, Holmes is without doubt the most famous sleuth the world has ever known with countless literary works, stage plays, films, television and radio programs all centering around this icon and spanning over 117 years. And now, with full authorization from the estate of Dame Jean Conan Doyle, daughter of Holmes creator Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Jim French Productions brings you 4 episodes from our long running dramatic radio series starring John Patrick Lowrie and John Gilbert as Holmes with Lawrence Albert as Dr. Watson.

Product Features:

The Tuttman Gallery (Double Length):
In this special double length episode, Holmes and Watson seek to answer the question of how a man in a locked room is literally torn to pieces.

The Estonian Countess: The world of Dr. John H. Watson has been turned inside out. Its 1894 and Sherlock Holmes is dead at the Reichenbach Falls. What to do? Holmes brother Mycroft has an answer, impersonate Sherlock and keep England from going to war with Russia.

The Adventure Of The Silver Siphon (Double Length):
In this special double length episode, the Great Detective and his Boswell hasten to solve a series of bloody murders that seem to use a mixture of the techniques of Jack the Ripper and Count Dracula.

The Adventure Of The Missing Link: Holmes is never at his best with a sobbing woman, especially one who has come to him begging the Baker Street Deducer and Dr. Watson to prove that her husband didnt commit the murder hes just been arrest for.

The Mystery Of The Patient Fisherman:
To confirm his sanity, a businessman begs Holmes and Watson to prove the ghost of his dead partner isn't haunting him, although he sees the specter several does Watson

The Diary Of Anthony Moltaire: An old Army comrade of Watson's seeks Holmes aid in ridding himself of a blackmailer, even if it means murder

The Bee And The Spider: Mycroft Holmes has learned of an assassination plot against the King of England. Hes certain only his younger brother can prevent the crime but Sherlock Holmes has retired to Sussex to raise bees.

The Wizard Of Baker Street:
Holmes takes a decidedly active interest in the production of a new play about himself. Much to Dr. Watsons confusion and dismay, he thinks the piece is dreadful. What could Holmes be thinking about?

The Living Weapon: A brazen murder on the very steps of 221 B Baker Street threatens to drive a wedge between Holmes and Watson.

School For Scoundrels: Holmes is engaged by an independently

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About the Author:

minded young woman to track down the man who swindled her father and broke her heart.

The Problem Of Pennington Flash:
A murder has been committed and what are the clues? Theres too much blood, a knife with paint on it and the fact that no one could have done it. A pretty puzzle for Sherlock Holmes.

The Mystery Of Lord Halworths Kitchen: An advancement in the world of medical science thrusts Holmes and Watson into a tale of murder and greed

The Adventure Of The Great American: A kidnapped wife and an offer that an American newspaper publisher is certain Holmes wont refuse combine to present the Wizard of Baker Street a case worthy of his attention. Featuring Harry Bartell.

The Speaking Machine:
Death prowls the midway as Holmes and Watson attend the carnival in hopes of exposing a charlatan

The Amateur Mendicant Society: A bedraggled young man bursts into 221-B Baker Street with a tale of wealthy panhandlers, imprisonment and strangling.

36 Thayer Street: Is Sherlock Holmes Dead? He must be because Doctor Watson has just sent a bullet crashing into the great detectives brain.

The Man Who Believed In Nothing:
In this Victorian Christmas story, Holmes and Watson are out to recover a troubled priests most precious possession.

The Adventure Of The Lonely Harvester: Sherlock Holmes is called on to help Scotland Yard find a man who is abducting young he can see their feet?

The Adventure Of The Forgotten Throne: This time their client literally falls at the feet of Holmes and Watson as they investigate the lost afternoon of a beautiful woman.

The Ripper Inheritance (Double Length):
Has the mantle of Mad Jack been handed down to a new murderer? In this special double-length story Holmes and Watson race againist time to stop an insane serial killer.

The Singular Affair of Madame Planchette: This time the Great Detective takes on an adversary who appears to be receiving an unusual amount of assistance from the supernatural.

At the age of eight, Jim French knew what he wanted to do with his life: he wanted to be a radio announcer. With this seemingly impossible goal tucked in the back of his mind, he turned a room over the family garage into a make-believe radio studio and broadcast into tomato-can microphones mounted on broomsticks. He practiced announcing by reading out loud from magazines he had stashed in the bathroom. His pretending paid off six years later. It was 1943, most radio announcers were fighting in WW2, and Jim got a job playing piano and announcing on KPAS in Pasadena, California, a mile away from his home. From that time on, Jim was seldom without some connection to radio. Carl Bailey, his mentor at KPAS (now KRLA) arranged for Jim to do dance remotes from the Pasadena Civic Ballroom, where he broadcast a half hour of live big band music by such orchestras as Les Brown, Jimmy Dorsey, Stan Kenton and other well known groups of the time. Jim was just sixteen.

When he entered the Army, it was only a few months before he was sent to Japan with the occupation troops, and there he got assigned to an Armed Forces Radio Service outlet in the city of Kokura. It was while there, doing several DJ and live music shows, that he was assigned to write a weekly dramatizaton of the week's news, using the station's announcers as the actors.

Returning to civilian live in 1948, Jim teamed up with a college chum to write scripts for the CBS radio series Suspense and the Dick Powell Theatre. But his real interest still lay in announcing, and in 1949 he left Pasadena City College to take his first fulltime announce job at a local station. During this period he became engaged to Patricia Anne Soule, who had come to town from the University of Washington on an acting scholarship to the Pasadena Playhouse

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