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9781607438182: Path
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In a harsh, desolate landscape, Doppler, a lone rabbit, narrowly escapes his imminent demise when Dodge, a near-sighted elephant, falls from his foiled cliff-side climb onto Doppler's assailants. Dodge and Doppler agree to unite in their quest to escape their inhospitable surroundings, thus embarking on the adventure of their lives!

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About the Author:

About Greg Baldwin: Originally from Boston, Massachusetts, Gregory S. Baldwin has been living in Southern California for the past 12 years. After completing the undergraduate program for Fine Art and Sculpture at Laguna College of Art in Design in 2000, Greg worked as a freelance illustrator until landing a Sculpture Lead position on a stop-motion animated short written and directed by Doug TenNapel, creator of Earthworm Jimand founder of The NeverHood. After The Neverhood he went to work at The Collective as a concept artist for the X-Filesgame published by Fox and Indiana Jones: The Emperor s Tombfor Lucas Arts. In 2001 he joined Insomniac Games as Character Lead on the Ratchet and Clankseries. Greg now leads the PS3 re-envisioned Ratchet and Clank Futureprojects. Greg has also teamed up with a fellow artist from Insomniac, the talented David Guertin, to form CreatureBox a website devoted to the craft of character design, games and comic books. It has found great success, yielding development projects, software development, hardware development and the creation of a graphic novel called PATH published by Com.x. Greg is currently working at Insomniac Games as the Lead Character Artist for an unannounced project. He continues to develop CreatureBox into a hub for character art discussion and is working on his second graphic novel.


Path is a constantly moving chase driven story with a terrible cast of creatures (like air leeches - who comes up with air leeches!?!?) trying to eat our heroes, rabbit and elephant. That's right; this entire book is one long chase scene with one interlude to introduce a giant hare-driven robot. Lots of laughs and lots of monsters (and a sort-of sad bit at the end). Oh, and rabbit uses the word ' crud ' every couple of pages. Just thought you should know. Here is another way you can picture the book. Take the frenetic energy of the squirrel-rat chasing the acorn in the cartoon, Ice Age - apply it to the rest of the movie, strip away all but the most essential plot elements (getting from here to there alive), and you have Path . I've seen movies that use that premise - one long action scene with some humour sprinkled in for flavour. They usually stink. Some, though, are a whole lot of fun - and so is Path . Path solicitation info: " Doppler is a neurotic bunny who doesn't have much in the way of people skills, but when he is cornered by a pack of hungry crocidogs, Dodge rescues him. Dodge is an older Elephant who doesn't see so well, but he needs help getting to his destination and against all odds, Doppler and Dodge form a very special friendship." It's go, go, go for 80 pages. And there lies the main flaw of the book. It is a bit slim for $12.95, but I think it is worth it. It is a quick read, but one I would think kids would go back to over and over. The only other problem I had is that, at times, I found that the beautiful black and white panels drawn by creator, Gregory Baldwin , were a bit hard to follow. To be very clear: the story is not hard to follow, but in my opinion some panels are. Just keep moving and it all clears up, though. I know that if my grade 3 class has the opportunity to read / review this book they will be giggling and sharing cool moments all through it. --Comics in the Classroom

I have a copy of Path sitting on the desk beside me. Every now and again I flip open the book for reference. I want to share the most important points of Path with you, but there are so many that I have to whittle them down into a manageable list before I can even begin to organize and write. More than anything else, I want to present this graphic novel to you, my readers, in such a way that you will understand how much I love it and why I think you will love it also. Path tells the story of Doppler the Rabbit and Dodge the Elephant. Doppler and Dodge live in a lonely and dangerous world filled with Crocidogs (Half Crocodile, Half Dog), giant man-eating fish, and all sorts of other monstrous creatures that seem intent on consuming whomever comes their way. One fateful day Dodge inadvertently saves Doppler s life and sets in motion an adventure filled with non-stop action. Along the way they find a friendship that will last a lifetime. At the core of this story, at least for me, is the idea that friendship and love can help us overcome life s obstacles. It s about the sadness of being truly alone and finding someone to care about. I think more than anything else, this story is about not knowing what direction your supposed to be heading in life and having the courage to follow an unknown path. Path touched my heart and made me think about my own life, and how lost I feel sometimes. I think we all hope that there is a path out there for each of us to follow, that will lead to the place where we belong, where everything suddenly makes sense and our life s purpose is revealed. It s a sweet concept. Path was created, written and illustrated by Gregory S. Baldwin. This is his first comic book effort and he struck a home run. The artwork that lines these pages is magical. His style reminds me of Sam Kieth s work (The Maxx, Zero Girl) in some ways, but with more of an eye for detail. The world that Greg has designed is surrealistic and begins to feel like a character, it has a personality. The creatures which chase and bite populate this place, and while I wouldn t consider them scary, they are imaginative and I like it that way. Every bit of this book has a dream-like quality to it, and, like any great fantasy, a moral. I am going to keep my eye on Mr. Baldwin from here on out. When his next book hits the stands I ll be first in line to get a copy. For now, Path is going right into my personal collection. The tale of Doppler and Dodge is a must read. I would consider it an all ages book, in fact, I will definitely read Path to my daughters because they are going to love it. Greg Baldwin has created a story that is loaded with heart and these days that seems to be a rare commodity in comics.

A little surprise was in your comic shop this week: This delightful tale about a bunny, an elephant, and an incredible journey into friendship! Doppler is a neurotic bunny who doesn t have much in the way of people skills, but when he is cornered by a pack of hungry crocidogs, Dodge rescues him. Dodge is an older Elephant who doesn t see so well, but he needs help getting to his destination and against all odds, Doppler and Dodge form a very special friendship. Baldwin has created, well, not an all ages friendly book, but an all ages hearted book. The only thing that keeps it from being all ages is the use of the word crud. Now, personally, I have a very bright eleven year old and when we come across things like this, we have open discussions about how crud is not an acceptable word for her vocabulary. I seem to have some success with this, but in this day and age people will get all up in arms if you don t warn them that their child might see a curse replacement word. Egad, what would Mr. Wilson have been allowed to say in Dennis the Menace, if not for @#$%^! Anyhow, let s get back to the book at hand. This delightful graphic novel recalls the best animated features. You know, Bambi, Finding Nemo, or especially Toy Story and the first Ice Age movie. The kind of film where unlikely comrades are made and the bond that is formed is unbreakable no matter what is thrown at them. That is what this book gives us. A rabbit and an elephant. Something tells me nature didn t necessarily plan for them to be the best of friends. However, because of the dangers they face and a remarkable set of circumstances, the two overcome the odds and embark on a perilous journey that will not only create such a bond, but make the characters question what life and journeys are all about. Really, there is not much more that I can say about the story, I would give up too much of a very special and surprising ending that I believe will only work in the profound way it does without the reader knowing too much about it. But trust me, if you like books like Bone, Flight, or Amulet - then this book is right up your alley. In very expressive cartooning, Baldwin enhances his tale with unique designs and a sense of childlike imagination. The fantastic nature of the creatures swarming in at our heroes requires a certain amount of suspension of disbelief, but at the same time they are wondrous to look at. As much as the subject matter speaks to my inner kid, the art does even more so. In a week that really held an awful lot of merely okay books for me, reading this one reminded me of why I love this medium. I get to be a kid again and wonder at the marvelous and fantastic, but more importantly - it is something I feel comfortable sharing with my daughter and that is rare for the books I truly enjoy. --Broken Frontier

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