Meet the New You: A 21-Day Plan for Embracing Fresh Attitudes and Focused Habits for Real Life Change

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9781613757994: Meet the New You: A 21-Day Plan for Embracing Fresh Attitudes and Focused Habits for Real Life Change

Even when you feel hopelessly stuck, change is possible.

As women, we are constantly evaluating ourselves. Am I enough? Why can’t I change this certain thing about myself? Should I be doing more? We long for real, deep, lasting change — but we don’t know how to begin. In Meet the New You, Elisa Pulliam empowers women to take charge of their own life transformation by engaging in a meaningful relationship with God and His Word. Each chapter gives practical and interactive ways to address some of the biggest obstacles that stand in the way of permanent change. Through stories, biblical application, personality assessments, thought-provoking questions, and life-coaching principles, Meet the New You helps women: · Understand who they are· Cultivate a vision for who they want to become· Recognize what holds them back· Determine the steps necessary to put new, practical habits into action
 It’s time to discover who you really are and how you can live life differently. It’s time to meet the new you!

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About the Author:

Elisa Pulliam is passionate about women experiencing a life transformed by God for the sake of impacting the next generation. She’s the founder of, the executive director of, and is a life coach, coach trainer, and speaker. Her favorite roles are wife to Stephan and mom to her children.

Excerpt. Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved.:

Praise for
Meet the New You
“With beautiful integrity and an open heart, Elisa Pulliam encourages women to embrace life. The attitude-focused lenses she recommends reveal vibrant color in daily living.”
—Rachel Wojo, author of One More Step
Meet the New You is a fresh road map for those who are really ready to carve out a new path for themselves in life. Pulliam holds your hand like a friend would as she walks you through the five key coaching phases that make this approach to real life change, well, real. Her words speak not only encouragement but also awareness and an ability to take action. Meet the New You is more than an enjoyable read; it is a transformational coaching experience offering true personal growth to all who enter into its pages.”
—Trish Blackwell, Confidence Coach and author of Insecurity Detox
Meet the New You isn’t another quick fix or Band-Aid for my struggles. Instead, it’s an encouraging challenge to find the roots of what’s keeping me from living the life God has designed me for. I love the way Elisa gently gets to the reader’s heart— and then walks her through a transformation that results in real, life-giving, and life-improving change.”
—Mary Carver, co-author of Choose Joy
“In Meet the New You, Elisa Pulliam beautifully crafts an authentic plan for real life transformation. With her conversational, caring tone, Pulliam reassures her readers that change is indeed possible; tackling obstacles is necessary; and by seek- ing God and his presence throughout this journey, genuine transformation will take place. This twenty-one day journey is a must-read for any woman longing for a fresh start—a do-over—and the spiritual makeover that makes it all possible.”
—Jenny Lee Sulpizio, author of For the Love of God
and Confessions of a Wonder Woman Wannabe

“Elisa Pulliam is the coach I always wish I had. In her book Meet the New You, she uses her signature grace-filled and honest approach to help you uncover the person you were created to be. If you are ready for a change in direction or simply want to refresh your heart, walk through the pages of this book with Elisa. You will be so glad you did.”
—Stacy Thacker, co-author of Hope for the Weary Mom
“In Meet the New You, Elisa Pulliam becomes the personal life coach we all wish we could have. With practical daily focus points, she comes alongside us, helping pinpoint the obstacles holding us back and providing the motivation to reach our fullest potential.”
—Lynn Cowell, Proverbs 31 Ministries national speaker and author of Magnetic: Becoming the Girl He Wants

A 21-Day Plan for Embracing Fresh Attitudes and Focused Habits for Real Life Change
ELISA PULLIAM Life Coach And Mentor

Meet the New You
Published by WaterBrook Press
12265 Oracle Boulevard, Suite 200
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80921
All Scripture quotations, unless otherwise indicated, are taken from the Holy Bible, New International Version®, NIV®. Copyright © 1973, 1978, 1984, 2011 by Biblica Inc.TM Used by permission. All rights reserved worldwide. Scripture quotations marked (tlb) are taken from The Living Bible, copyright © 1971. Used by permission of Tyndale House Publishers Inc., Wheaton, Illinois 60189. All rights reserved. Scripture quotations marked (msg) are taken from The Message by Eugene H. Peterson. Copyright © 1993, 1994, 1995,
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Details in some anecdotes and stories have been changed to protect the identities of the persons involved. Trade Paperback ISBN 978-1-60142-794-6
eBook ISBN 978-1-60142-795-3
Copyright © 2015 by Elisa Pulliam
Cover design by Kelly L. Howard
All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying and recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system, without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Pulliam, Elisa.
Meet the new you : a 21-day plan for embracing fresh attitudes and focused habits for real life change / Elisa
Pulliam. — First Edition. pages cm
Includes bibliographical references.
ISBN 978-1-60142-794-6 — ISBN 978-1-60142-795-3 (electronic) 1. Christian women—Religious life.
2. Self-actualization (Psychology)—Religious aspects—Christianity. 3. Self-actualization (Psychology) in women. I. Title.
BV4527.P84 2015

Printed in the United States of America
2015—First Edition
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Mr. Blue Eyes, you’ve seen me through the lens of Christ since day one, and you called out the new me before I was even interested in meeting her. Thank you for loving me as Christ loves His bride and turning me toward the fullness of life God offers. I wouldn’t have wanted to find the new me with anyone other than you, and I am so grateful for the way this miracle of transformation radically  impacts  the next generation,  especially  our children, whom we so deeply love together.

But I wish it to be distinctly understood all through, that, unless I believed with all my heart in God’s effectual working on His side, not one word of this book would ever have been written.
— H a n na h Whita ll Smit h,
The Christian’s Secret of a Happy Life
Let this be written for a future generation,
that a people not yet created may praise the Lord.
— Ps a l m 102 : 18

Introduction: It’s Already Begun  1
How to Use Meet the New You  7
Phase 1: A Fresh Awareness
Day 1: Zoom Out  13
Sketch Your Life Map
Day 2: The Days of Our Lives 19
What Fills Your Time
Day 3: Whatever You Do  25
Order Your Priorities
Day 4: Mind the Gap, Please  35
Look at Your Story Time Line
Day 5: Say Good-Bye to the “As Is” Life  45
Deal with Your Root Issues
Phase 2: Assess the Goods
Day 6: You’re Made New  55
Understand Who You Are
Day 7: A Complete Package 63
Embrace Your Strengths and Weaknesses
Day 8: Satisfyingly Good 73
Discover Your Talents and Spiritual Gifting
Day 9: Set Apart with Distinction  83
The Impact of Learning Styles
Day 10: The Pursuit of Purpose  91
Calling, Career, and Everything In-Between

Phase 3: Overcome Obstacles
Day 11: A Mental Makeover 103
Understand Your Core Beliefs
Day 12: A Values-Driven Life  111
Reshape Your Core Values
Day 13: Break Free  121
Get Out of the Comparison Trap
Day 14: Let It Go  131
Crush Your Idols
Day 15: Unchained 139
Walk in Forgiveness
Phase 4: Stick with Solutions
Day 16: Your Starting Point  151
Growing in Your Relationship with God
Day 17: Live for an Audience of One 159
The Art of Saying No
Day 18: Make Room for Margin 167
Cut Back and Carve Out
Day 19: The Beauty of Less  175
Eliminate the Excess and Concentrate on What’s Best
Day 20: Don’t Go It Alone 183
Cultivate Mentoring Relationships Through Listening Well
Phase 5: A Vibrant New Vision
Day 21: Embrace the New You  193
Define Your Vision and Set Your Goals
Afterword  205
Acknowledgments  207
Notes 209

It’s Already Begun
He who  began  a good work in you will carry  it on to completion.
— ­Ph i l i P P i a n s­1 : 6
Right now I’m picturing you skimming through these words wondering,
Is this book for me?

You’re looking for an answer. A solution. Maybe a way out. Possibly a step forward.
The idea of meeting the new you might sound pretty enticing, yet maybe you think real transformation is impossible. It’s not as if you can step into a machine, then presto, emerge as a new person. Doesn’t real change take time, focus, and concerted effort? Yes. But it doesn’t have to be quite so daunting.

Real change happens when you start embracing fresh attitudes and focused habits, all in light of God’s grace and truth.
Friend—if I may call you that already—I know authentic life change is possi- ble, not only because of what I’ve witnessed in the lives of the women I coach, but also because I’ve lived it myself. Oh, if you had met me twenty years ago, you would have seen a hardhearted, reckless, and destined-for-devastation woman. Trust me when I say I was a train wreck whom God was merciful enough to rescue, using Christ-with-skin-on folks to show me a better way. I can’t wait to give you the nitty- gritty of that story later on because, honestly, the core of who I am changed the day I came to believe in Jesus as my Savior.
But hear this too: God’s transforming work in me hasn’t been a once-and-done

experience. It is ongoing as He pours His love and truth into my heart and opens my eyes to see life from His perspective. That’s also what I want for you! I want you to experience the presence of God and get to know Him more personally.
And when God is personally present, a living Spirit, that old, constricting legislation is recognized as obsolete. We’re free of it! All of us! Nothing between us and God, our faces shining with the brightness of his face. And so we are transfigured much like the Messiah, our lives gradually becoming brighter and more beautiful as God enters our lives and we become like him. (2 Corinthians 3:17–18, msg)
Isn’t that the heart of real life transformation: to be changed from the inside out by the presence of God at work within us? But it’s not only us that He changes. When God gets hold of you and me, He redeems the legacies we inherited and the ones we’re passing on. He’s turned the legacy I was given—one marred by physical and emotional abuse and all sorts of dysfunction—into a beautiful story depicting His grace, mercy, and redemptive power. In the pages ahead, I’ll share how that story has unfolded in the context of what God accomplished in me and through me for His glory as my thinking and habits conformed to the truth found in Scripture.
While I am living life on the other side of being the new me, I’m still seeking God for continuous work in my heart, mind, and soul. Gone is the bitter, cranky, critical, and defensive woman who was always putting on a mask and pursuing perfection. In her place is one who is walking in the grace of God, overflowing with His hope and humbled by His provision. It’s amazing how yielding my life to God and giving Him my issues enabled my temper to simmer down and grew my ability to love, laugh, and live life to the fullest. However, that doesn’t mean I have it all together. I still battle insecurity and worry. I lose my cool. I veer away from my God-given priorities. There are areas in my life in which I feel stuck. But I’m not who I was, and I have hope of becoming more and more like that woman God intends.
Maybe that’s what you desire—simply to become that woman you believe God always intended you to be . . . a woman who is brighter and more beautiful, inside and out. But how do you make that happen?
Maybe you are ready to get out of the cycle of being overwhelmed and worn down, but you don’t have the energy required to make progress. Maybe you feel stuck every time you look at your finances or those evil numbers staring back at you from the bathroom scale. But how do you get below the surface to deal with the real issues?
Maybe you have a dream you’d like to begin walking toward, but fear holds you back like an army of giants. Maybe you’re simply craving a fresh start as you embrace your new normal, yet you don’t know where to begin.
Whatever the reason for wanting to meet the new you, it is entirely valid, my friend. That thing you want to overcome, resolve, or push through may be different from my thing or someone else’s (because let’s face it, we’re always comparing), yet we can lock arms and approach the process of transformation from the same start- ing point: the truth.
The truth is that you’re not stuck permanently. You can change.
Imagine, for a moment, if you declared the end of an era—of being stuck. Maybe it’s moving on from that habit of criticism, unforgiveness, and victim men- tality. What if you finally pursued your God-given dreams while embracing your current responsibilities? How about if you learned how to carve out margin for rest and fun? What if you accepted your God-given wiring and embraced the life you’ve been given to live today?
I’m here to encourage you to take that brave next step, prayerfully, carefully, and thoughtfully, toward real life change, whatever that change may look like for you.
It’s time to mee...

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