John Sarn Inside the Magic Mountain

ISBN 13: 9781881636182

Inside the Magic Mountain

9781881636182: Inside the Magic Mountain

In Table Rock County North Carolina, two twins, Penelope and Jason Stauf embarked on an incredible adventure that took them to places unimaginable. They could never of guessed that their neighbor, Annabelle Grump, was an evil witch who had it in for the twins from the beginning. Because of the deeds of this evil woman, such as the disappearance of twelve people in their small town including the sheriff and Annabelle's grandson, as well as her future plans, the children would start their adventure.

While the twins were riding their horses near Purgatory Creek, they noticed a golden streak going through the creek. They decided to follow the golden streak and in doing so they encountered two of the strangest people they had ever seen. The taller of the two people, had luminous skin and was dressed in an old fashioned suit. The other was a woman who was dressed in dowdy clothes that hung off her shoulders. The woman however seemed to be from another realm because she lacked color. She appeared to of stepped out of a black and white television show.

The two introduced themselves as Anselmus and Adelaide and informed the children that their realm as well as Earth was in danger because of their neighbor, Annabelle. The two strange creatures needed their help to save both realms from her evil deeds. The two creatures explained to the twins that Annabelle was using gorgons and evil dragon women, to do her evil bidding.

The twins accepted their mission and ate the golden wafers that Anselmus gave to them. The wafers began shrinking them down to a tiny size as they swam for the magic mountain that was connected to purgatory creek. After reaching the end of the creek, the children entered a whirlpool that led them inside the magic mountain. Once the twins were within, they were in awe of the glittering solar system in front of them. While contemplating the universe, the twins discovered some unique features. Marveling at the way many of the lights were arranged in clusters of two or more along different orbital belts. After this the children were on their way to visit Prometheus so they could receive the Promethean shield to protect them from the evil gorgons and Annabelle. The children learned how to save the twelve missing people. When they received their shield they left Prometheus and meant face to face with Annabelle and two gorgons who realized that they would most ceertainly meet their defeat.

The twins now were on their way to visit the Spirit of Wisdom. The Spirit of Wisdom told the twins that while wisdom has only one voice or meaning, it has many components or parts reflecting the various ways of viewing common experiences. The Spirit gave them pendants to help stop the evil Annabelle created. The Spirit of Wisdom invited the twins back to see her when they were ready to receive their treasure.

After leaving the Spirit of Wisdom they were faced by Annabelle and the gorgons. Annabelle asked the twins about their pendants. The twins explained to her the purpose of the pendants and Annabelle and the Gorgons became aggressive. The twins and their new friends then left and were on their way to the edge of the universe.

Annabelle, desperate as to what she should do, teamed up with, Joseph, who was in control of the bubble which held the thoughts of serial killers. They came up with the idea of disguising themselves as magical winged horses and their plan of capturing the twins went into action.

Just before the twins noticed four winged horses approaching them. The horses were in fact Joseph, Annabelle, and the two gorgons. But before Anselmus and Adelaide could intervene, the twins were riding two of the winged horses back towards Joseph's evil world. Annabelle and Joseph's plan worked. The twins were now captured and put in an oven where they were ordered to shovel ashes that powered Joseph's bubble. The twins wouldn't be set free until they

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