FEAR Selling for Financial Advisors

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9781886489134: FEAR Selling for Financial Advisors
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Top financial advisors earn big bucks and so have the luxury of hiring staff and investing in sales and marketing systems that keep them winning clients with little effort. But you know if you are starting up as a financial advisor that the going can be rough at first. Recent turnover statistics show that up to 68% of new financial advisors fail within their first year. Why do they fail? Well, whether you are working for a large financial institution or if you are an independent advisor, you basically are running your own small business. You have to brand yourself, market yourself, and sell yourself. Unfortunately, many financial advisors whom we train don't understand that they are in business for themselves. They have little formal sales training and limited marketing knowledge. They don't know how to set up their own sales and marketing systems - but that's exactly what they have to do if they want to survive in today's cut-throat financial services arena. This book includes all the information from the 2nd edition of FEAR Selling plus newly developed strategies, tactics and techniques specially designed for Financial Advisors. FEAR Selling For Financial Advisors covers everything you need to know to be a top producer. Find out how to: keep a steady stream of prospects calling you, target wealthy investor segments, set up a highly leveragable referral system, cold call with confidence, position yourself effectively through your 30-Second Commercial, get your prospects curious enough to invite you in to sell them more, bond quickly through proven trust-building techniques, ask the right questions at the right times to the right people, and tailor your offerings to your prospects so that they buy now. For more information, go to www.FEARSelling.com.

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From the Back Cover:

168 Sales Strategies and Tactics Proven To Work

33. Figure out the specific buying criteria of each of your prospects so that you don’t waste time – and maybe even lose the sale – by pitching them on benefits that they don’t need – or don’t want;

"It becomes obvious when you start using the FEAR Selling System that you guys really did your research. I was skeptical when I first heard about the results others were achieving. But then I decided to give it a try after finding out that one of our competitors was stealing contracts away from us by using strategies that they learned through the Sales Career Training Institute. Your system helped us win lots of business and made all the difference in the last couple of years of my career. I wish I had found you earlier. Thanks."

- Steve Goldstein, Former Sales Manager, IBM Business Solutions (retired)

34. Magnify the desirability of your offer by using the stick – as well as the typical carrot tactics – that have made FEAR Selling so successful as a comprehensive system;

35. Build credibility early on in the sales process so that subsequent steps will flow much more quickly and easily;

36. Learn an easy-to-use, comprehensive system for prospecting, pitching and closing that will drastically increase your ability to close more sales;

37. Find out when to use bonding techniques and when you should back off from attempting to bond with your prospect;

38. Learn how to set up easy-to-monitor effectiveness feedback loops so that you can tweak the system so that it gives you better and better results on an ongoing basis;

39. Discover bad habits that you may have acquired over your lifetime – or throughout your career in sales – and replace them with the success habits that have proven to work in sales across industries;

40. Become aware of the attitudes that will ensure sales success in the long-run – and how you can program yourself to adopt those winning attitudes;

41. Learn how to set up a simple system feedback loop that will enable you to improve your personal sales strategy on an ongoing basis;

42. Discover the simple 4-step, top-down process of the most effective sales systems in use today;

43. Overcome the fear of rejection, which is the number one reason that salespeople across the world fail to meet their quotes – and sometimes drop out of the profession entirely;

44. Find out how to prepare for, pre-empt, and respond to any objection that your prospects might have;

45. Leverage the leadership skills that are relevant to success in your sales career – because sales is nothing more than leading people to your solutions;

46. Speed up your sales training since the FEAR Selling research team has included the best practices from dozens of today’s most successful trainers;

47. Avoid assumptions that may ruin your chances of closing the sale early on;

48. Focus less on presenting – do less talking – and more interviewing of your prospect – more of what is known as "active listening’;

49. Minimize your prospect research time by focusing on 4 key leverage-points in the sales process;

50. How to bond quickly with your prospects on an emotional level so that they are less likely to resist your suggestions – and more likely to follow you quickly toward the close;

51. Although FEAR Selling is a comprehensive sales system that works without the need of any other training, some of our students have opted to use FEAR Selling tactics to fine tune an already-existing sales system that they are comfortable with;

52. Learn not only the right questions to ask, but also how and when to ask them – which can make or break a sale;

53. Find out how to add steak to your marketing sizzle by ensuring that you show your prospects how your solution will add value in their particular situation;

"If you want to find out how NOT to sell, get your hands on the Sales Career Training Institute's Executive Report The 7 Deadly Sins of Selling. If you want to find out how to best position your product or service so that you can find more buyers and get them to buy faster, just follow the FEAR Selling System. It increased our sales by over 29% in the first year that we used it – and that was during the recession in 2002."

- Adrian Poole, Executive V.P., Sales and Marketing, TLC Group

54. How to differentiate your product/service through superior positioning and trust building tactics that will knock your competition out of the running;

55. Ease your prospects with less resistance – and thus quicker – by using sales jujitsu moves that enable you to use the momentum of your prospects’ attitudes and behavior to your advantage;

56. Use empathy strategies that enable you to quickly understand the perspective of your prospects so that you can see the situation as they see it and thus take advantage of what will persuade them and avoid what will cause them to resist your pitch;

57. Learn the key techniques that top salespeople employ in order to avoid seeming too pushy and too much like a saleperson;

58. Leverage relationship-building techniques that have been proven to work in all persuasion situations based on years of clinical psychology studies;

59. Overcome the most popular stall tactics and hesitation techniques that savvy prospects use to negotiate better deals with you;

60. How to break through the clutter of advertisements and other salespeople to get your prospects attention and keep it focused on you rather than having to chase your prospects down all the time;

61. How to position your product/service so that you answer the all-important question that your prospect is always asking: "What’s In It For Me?"

62. Distinguish between organizational goals and personal pains of your prospects and learn how to sell to both of these critical components;

63. How to conduct a needs analysis so that your prospects will be hungrily awaiting your proposal;

From the Inside Flap:

What FEAR Selling Can Do For You

168 Reasons Why You Might Want To Look Into This Program Further

If you've been struggling in sales and are serious about finding a solution - that is, you're NOT looking for a Get-Rich-Quick Scheme - take a moment and find out the 168 sales strategies, tactics and techniques that you will learn through FEAR Selling - pay special attention to numbers 86 through 162:

1. The 18 most powerful questions to ask that will help you guide your prospect to close themselves and buy now;

2. The 2 key Emotional Hooks that will help you convince anyone to do almost anything;

3. Find out the top 10 objections that salespeople hear and how to turn around each one on your prospect;

4. Learn the 8-step process for preparing for sales objections – just this technique will save you hours of grief and give you a chance at closing many more sales;

5. Find out about the 7 Qualifying Steps that you absolutely must take your prospect through if you want to qualify them successfully – you may currently be closing sales without using – or being aware that you are using – these 7 Qualifying Steps – but according to research by The Sales Career Training Institute, salespeople who are aware of the structure of this process have much higher closing ratios that those who aren’t aware of it;

6. Learn savvy "monstering" techniques – the U.S. intelligence agencies use these questioning techniques to wear down suspected terrorists that they are interviewing in order to get the information they want – we will share with you slightly less offensive strategies but effective ones nonetheless;

7. Learn what Boomerang Questions are and how to throw them so that they come back to you with the answers that you want to hear;

8. How to use Conversational Layering techniques to build prospect interest in your product/service by revisiting key points that you know drive their behavior;

9. How to use Dr. Maxwell Maltz’ famous Theatre of the Mind Technique and other visualization techniques to improve your chances of making a persuasive argument for your product/service;

10. Learn 3 easy steps to overcome call reluctance so that you will not dread having to make cold calls every day;

11. Find out the 7 major pitfalls that most salespeople never seem to shake when it comes to building trust and generating prospect interest;

12. Discover long-forgotten techniques used by some of the most persuasive leaders the world has ever known, including: Socrates, Aristotle, Ben Franklin, Winston Churchill, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy, Ronald Reagan, and Bill Clinton;

13. Find out 3 basic tactics that you can use to get your foot in the door – and drastically increase your chances of keeping your foot in the door;

14. The key question to ask current prospects and customers – and most importantly, how to ask it;

"Before my success with FEAR Selling, I tried to get my sales team to use four other sales systems. None of them worked. Only FEAR Selling put together all the pieces – it gave us the best practices that saved us lots of time, money and effort. It taught us the proven techniques, field-tested behaviors and motivational strategies that are priceless when you find yourself trapped selling any product in today’s hypercompetitive environment. Turnover in my department is way down, and we’re beating our own sales records quarter after quarter."

- Mark Walters, Exec. VP, Sales, Highland Financial Group

15. How to craft your 30-Second Commercial for maximum impact – and thus maximum face-to-face meetings with minimum prospecting time;

16. Avoid the top 3 mistakes salespeople make when asking for referrals;

17. How to position big-ticket items and small-ticket items differently so that you can expand your sales possibilities;

18. Find and focus on your prospects’ pains, fears and hopes by leading them to help you uncover their emotional hot buttons;

19. How to avoid voicemail jail – when your prospects won’t call you back;

20. Marketing tactics that have proven to help our students generate 6 times more than their average number of leads in any given month – with very little effort;

21. How to maintain complete control of any sales meeting – while letting your prospect think that they are in control;

22. Best practices in sales prospecting that have been accumulated over research spanning a 22-year period, including the latest findings from The Sales Career Training Institute;

23. Shorten your sales cycle by tapping into the emotional needs of your prospects so that they bug you to call them back and present your solutions;

24. Dramatically increase your closing ratio so that you can present less, work less on developing proposals, make fewer prospect calls and increase the size of your average orders;

25. The shortcuts to qualifying your prospects so that you don’t waste time on pitching prospects that don’t have the budget, decision-making power, or intention of buying from you now;

26. Avoid having prospects suck information from you only to use it as leverage to get a better deal from their current vendor or in order to shop around for a better price;

27. Empathize with your prospect to build credibility about the issues that are important to them;

28. Differentiate yourself from your competitors so that you have an almost unfair advantage over them;

29. Learn the shortcuts to what works and what doesn’t when it comes to crafting your pitch;

30. Avoid having to lower your prices – and thus lower your commissions – by competing only on price;

31. Discover the three key signals that will tell you when you should put a prospect in a tickler file and move on because they are not going to buy from you any time soon;

32. Learn an array of presentation positioning tactics that will enable you to handle any size audience;

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