The Truth About Drugs: What is it? [VHS]

9781886668003: The Truth About Drugs: What is it? [VHS]
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This video shows kids what drugs really do and why they are not good to take. NARCONON has found the exact type of drug education presentation that gets kids' attention, keeps them interested and shows them why they shouldn't take drugs. They are actually given the real truth about drugs.

This video explains how drugs effect the mind and what happens to it when you take them. Never before has there been such a concise illustration on the truth about drugs. Real-life examples are used which kids, parents and teachers alike will relate to. The drug education presentation is fun, active, humorous and so simple even young children can understand it.

This drug education presentation WORKS.

"People are always telling us 'Don't do drugs', Bob Wiggins told us why not and answered my questions." -Student

"I used to think that a few times or once wouldn't hurt, but after hearing the talk I never even want to touch a drug." -Student

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From the Contributor:

Despite all our efforts the drug problem continues to escalate in alarming proportions. There are simply not enough specialized educators to get to our children fast enough about the dangers of drug use. Having done drugs myself from 10years old until I was 18, I know the depth of the problem. It is going to be up to us, individually as parents, grand parents, friends and loved ones to do our part in keeping kids from turning to drugs.

As a father I have succeeded in properly educating my son on the subject of drugs in a way that he could relate to. He is in college and doing great - and is drug free. This is due in part to the wonderful program "The Truth About Drugs" that Narconon has developed. When I first saw what Mr. Bobby Wiggins could do with children I knew there was something special.

I decided to find out why it was so special. I found that Narconon, along with their top prevention specialist Bobby Wiggins, had been surveying kids for years on what it was they wanted to know about drugs. This information helped to evolve the program into one of the most powerful and enlightening programs on the subject of drug education I have ever seen.

I did over 2 thousand hours of research on drug prevention before I decided to take on this project. After reviewing so much information on other programs, I could not find one program that even came close to the results Mr. Wiggins was getting with the Narconon drug education program.

Narconon found that kids wanted the truth about drugs. They had specific questions they wanted answers to and other programs were not answering them. They were not interested in the scare tactics that are used. They wanted facts and more importantly they wanted them from a reliable source, such as someone who had already been there.This inspired me to really get involved. But in order for this to really work I knew we needed to make this broadly available.

My wife and I decided to sponsor the entire production of the first in a series of videos that are being produced. The entire series will consist of 14 presentations covering all age groups. This video captures the excitement of the classroom style that Narconon is well known for. Mr. Wiggins is superb in his ability to relate to kids.

This video was filmed without any rehearsal. It is all live. The questions that kids ask are their own. This alone will open your eyes up to how much attention our kids have on drugs. They ask questions that you would not even think was on their mind! There is even some testimonials from young kids who have done drugs. One in particular is from a 12 year old boy!

This is the type of program that really hits home. Unfortunately there are not enough specialized educators to handle this problem. But there is something that you as a parent, grand parent, friend or loved one can do to help with this problem. Now that this one-of-a-kind program on the subject of drugs is on video, you can bring it right into the comfort of your own home. The point is that now you can take part in helping to solve this problem by giving kids the truth about drugs that will allow them to make the right decisions to not use them.

Don't take my word for it. See for yourself. I guarantee that you will learn something that you did not know before. Even if you have dabbled in the past with drugs. This presentation is not only valuable for kids. It is invaluable as a tool for parents to use when discussing the subject of drugs with kids. Don't forget to check out the handbook "How to talk to kids about drugs" as well. It was designed to complement the video.

About the Director:

Robert Hernandez - Producer/Director/Writer Robert Hernandez owns a direct response TV advertising company. His company produces TV commercials and special projects that have social and moral value. The following is a partial list of special projects produced: Selected into the Who's Who 2000 directory for accomplishments in the past. Producer of the Narconon Celebrity Softball Games. These games included celebrities such as John Travolta, Kirstie Alley, Lorie Petty, Christian Slater, Ted Danson, Rhea Pearlman, Kelly Preston and many others. Produced and Directed a 2 minute fundraising commercial that won a "Vision Award" for excellence. Produced and Directed 2 - 60 second commercials. One for Drug Education and one for Drug Rehabilitation. Produced and Directed - 1 - 60 second radio commercial for Drug Rehabilitation.

Produced and Directed - One 10 minute documentary on inner city illiteracy featuring actress Ann Archer. Produced and Directed - 28 minute "Truth About Drugs" drug education video featuring top prevention specialist Bobby Wiggins. Writer, Editor - "How to Talk to Kids About Drugs" Parents handbook. This book complements "The Truth About Drugs" video. Produced many commercial projects to long to list. Starring Drug Prevention Specialist: Bobby Wiggins Bobby Wiggins is a former drug addict that got rehabilitated through Narconon. Since that time Mr. Wiggins has gone on to become Narconon's top prevention specialist out of Narconon Boston. He is also trained as rehabilitation councilor. This is where, using Narconons methods, he developed some of the most powerful presentations about drugs available today. Bobby Wiggins has personally delivered "The Truth About Drugs" drug education presentations to over 640,000 kids in the past 16 years. His ability to reach kids at all age levels and "really relate" to them is part of what makes this program so special. Mr. Wiggins also provides parent and educator training. He has trained thousands of educators and parents on the subject of drug abuse and what to do about educating kids on drugs. Mr. Bobby Wiggins : Why Drug Education? This society has seen a tremendous upturn in drug abuse in the past 8 years. In 1989 I had dropped marijuana as a topic in drug education because nearly every school I went to (over 200 schools per year), the health coordinator would report that they hadn't seen any use of marijuana in a couple of years and LSD was totally non-existent. I would confirm this with the kids also. This year I got feedback from two schools who had done formal studies on the problem. One was from an upper middle class community north of Boston that had surveyed kids from 7th to 12th grades. 51% reported smoking marijuana, 20% had taken LSD. The second towns statistics were very similar, 50% marijuana, 22% LSD. But what's more shocking is that the senior class was 81% marijuana and over 40% LSD. In other words by the time a person gets out of high school, 8 out of 10 will be smoking marijuana and nearly half will have taken LSD! By 1996 and 1997 I found that I had to be "very quick on my feet" when doing a presentation to a high school class. Many kids had "great arguments" about why drugs were good for you. We've had to research and work much harder the last couple of years due to what I term an avalanche of false information which kids from 5 to 12 years of age (key learning years) are inundated with. This stems from current teaching ideas and media glamorization that there are good drugs and bad drugs. That is why we must expand our efforts to reach kids of all ages with our program before it is too late!

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