The Pirate Affair

ISBN 13: 9781892183033

The Pirate Affair

9781892183033: The Pirate Affair
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Pirate Adventure, ghosts, and Comedy are all built into this newest Adult Novel by AUTHOR22.

The story was influenced by the writings of Thorne Smith (Topper), but first and foremost it is a thrilling adventure story set in the 1700's. You will find characters like Blackbeard, Mary Read, and Anne Bonny whose real life adventures rocked the atlantic, and put fear into every sea captain who dared travel through "their" territory.

The two central characters are ghosts: a teenage boy hustler, and a lesbian.

295 Pages. Rated "R" by the Author.

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From the Author:

The Pirate Affair was written with comedy in mind. But in order to set the stage properly the story starts out pretty dark. It was a fun book to write, and I learned agreat deal about pirates although the authenticity of that part of world history is not too well documented.

If I were rateing this as I would a motion picture I'd have to give it an "R".

Excerpt. Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved.:

"Well sex was the only point of your existence down there. You were the Captain's plaything, and from what I saw you were getting to be pretty good at it. Mind if I ask you something real personal?"

"Go ahead, I don't see any point in keeping anything secret. The more we know about each other the better we'll get along."

"Was the Captain your first sexual experience?"

"Yeah. How about you?"

"Yes, and no. Back on the ship I told you about how I hung around several other guys; they thought I was a boy. Well we used to whistle at girls and try to pick up on them. Being a girl, I knew what turned a girl on, so I could score three or four times to their one."

"What do you mean score?" Scotty asked.

"You know, make out."

The boy shook his head; he did not understand.

"You know try to play with their titties, or diddle their cunts with my finger."

The girl had gotten Scott's full attention. This was different. "And?"

"Well there was this one Lassie who wanted more than I was prepared to give her. She started moving her hand up me leg, and if she kept it up she wouldn't find what she expected. So I got real aggressive. Well girls don't like that so she backed off. Shit, I could a fucked the hell out of here right then, cause I knew how to get up her skirts."

"What do you mean you could have fucked her. You ain't got no dick."

"That's why I backed off. But my bud's had been a watchin', so I had to be cool about it. The way that I had worked it she was the one that had brought the love'n to an end.

"Later that night I was mulling this over, and I decide I was going to bury me sausage in her."

"What sausage? You ain't got one."

"Naw, but me dad did. A big Italian Sausage he was going to use for dinner. Well I got this piece of rope, and tied it around one end of the meat; real tight like. Then tied that around me hips. Now if she felt me leg she'd find what she expected; maybe even more than she expected.

"I snuck out, and walked around, trying to get used to that thing dangling between me legs. And who should I run into? The same wench that I'd been a diddling .. or almost diddling. Well, we took up right where we left off, only this time I didn't do anything wrong. I nibbled on her ear.. Damn, she went wild when I stuck my tongue in there. I kept my hands away from her cunt... that was going to have to be her idea.

"Well, sure enough, about the time I was sucken on her right nipple she reaches down and feels me pecker, and she likes what she finds, and starts to undo me trousers. Well that wasn't gonna work. If she found that Italian Sausage the game would a been up. So I whispers to her we'd better find someplace more private.

"We found this old barn, and inside was as dark as dark can be. So now everything is being done by touch. I get her down in this hay, get her skirts up... and her pussy was a drippin. I lowered me pants, and pushed the meat inside her. Well, she went wild, and humpen like nothin I'd ever seen before. She was humpen so hard I thought the rope was gonna break. But her humpen was pushen the sausage against me clitty and I really started gettin into it. We both went wild. I got her off at least a half dozen times." Jerry paused, a smile appearing across her lips as she fondly remembered the incident.

Unconsciously Scotty had his hand around his own hard cock as he listened to this strange story.

Jerry looked over at Scotty, then laughed, "Doesn't that thing ever get out of your mind?"

"Well, at least I got one to keep in me mind."

"Yeah, I know. After that night the story got round that I was the best stud in the territory, and all the girls wanted a piece of me sausage.

"Fortunately, me Pa travels, so we left town. If we'd stayed there much longer the truth would a come out, and I don't know what would a happened.

Then she chuckled, "The next night Pa's fixen dinner, and he's alooken for the Sausage. Well I had to 'find' it for him. So he cuts it up and then frys it with some onions, and serves it. Well I wasn't gonna eat what had been up that wenche's cunt, but Pa dove right in there and ate it all. His only comment was 'Jerry, don't wrap the sausage with the fish.'"

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