Ultra Meditation: 5-Level Transcendence System - (5 cd set + user guide)

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9781892805027: Ultra Meditation: 5-Level Transcendence System - (5 cd set + user guide)

The 5-Level Ultra Meditation System For Transcendence...Peak Experiences & Discovering Your Place in the Universe.

I’VE SPENT THE LAST 20 YEARS searching for tools that could shift the energies of consciousness, and unfold a state of enlightened awareness. What I’m about to reveal may be the simplest, most powerful technology for unleashing the hidden powers of the human mind.

Listen: I did everything in the 70’s and 80’s. From retreats to flotation tanks, and brain tune-up machines. But none of it prepared me for the power of the Brain Supercharger® technology. As I plugged it into my stereo player, I kept thinking, "it’s just a recording." Then I put on my headphones, flipped the switch, and woosh...I was immediately transported into another time and place. My body became extremely relaxed. My arms and legs felt numb. I began to experience new things. I started having long conversations with a voice inside my head, experiencing vivid memories, and a flood of creative ideas.

It seemed as if my mind and body were in two separate places. Words can hardly describe the experience but it was like taking a two-week vacation in 28 minutes. Perhaps one of the great untold discoveries of our time is the knowledge of how to manipulate the energies of consciousness—to unleash the true potential of a human being. For thousands of years the only way to achieve a state of enlightened awareness was through meditation. That’s where this new audio technology steps in. And the results are confirming what the ancient masters have intuitively known for centuries. And that is this...

Sitting in a cave chanting or staring at a candle focusing your consciousness —driving it inward—shifts the energy in your brain, eventually unfolding a state of enlightened awareness.

The difficulty with traditional meditation practices is it takes years of concentrated effort to train your brain to redirect its energy into optimal patterns. But there is a way to access higher states of consciousness, without being an expert in meditation. A way to drive your brain into an altered state—automatically, at the push of a button. If you’re skeptical, I understand. However, I wouldn’t ask you to make this leap of faith without proving it to yourself and basing your answers on actual personal experience. That’s why the Ultra Meditation™ 5-Level Transcendence System was developed.

Experienced meditators, such as yogis and mystics, spend a majority of their life learning to control these physiological responses. After years of practice, they develop an ability to tap into the unconscious portions of their minds and unleash creative and mental powers that cannot be accessed in their normal waking state. We’ve all heard and read about firewalking yogis who can walk across a bed of burning coals at temperatures that should have reduced their feet to smoldering stumps, yet at the end of their walk, they suffer not so much as a blister. For those new to meditation it is very difficult to grasp the concept that our so-called "normal" waking state is neither the highest, nor the most effective state of which the human mind is capable. That in fact, there are other states of much greater awareness where one is able to enter into for brief periods of time, and then return—enriched and enlivened.

It is widely known by science that only a small part of our total mental activity takes place in the conscious part of the mind. Science has no idea what really goes on in the vast portion of unconscious. This is unknown territory. What we do know is that those who make direct contact with their unconscious mind through meditation, find incredible personal insight and are able to remove self-limiting blocks that prevent them from achieving their goals and finding happiness in life. This is why people spend years studying meditation practices. To empt

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From the Author:

Dear Mind Warrior,

It was August 27, 1987. I hit a turning point. In a Southern California recording studio experimenting with sound, phasing various audio frequencies, I stumbled upon a combination that was mind blowing to say the least. Within seconds, I was sucked into a deep meditative trance unlike anything I'd ever experienced. Plugged into an EEG machine that measures brainwaves as well as hemispheric synchronization, I was amazed to see bursts of Alpha and Theta activity. I was tripping into an altered state of consciousness...big time. It was late afternoon when I finished laying down the final audio tracks of what was to become a new mind technology for meditation and accessing higher states of consciousness.

Walking out of that recording studio with masters in hand, I felt an inexplicable awe. The flat afternoon sun washed everything in a surreal shade of twilight. I was acutely aware of my surroundings, and yet I felt connected to a greater dimension focused somewhere in my mind. I was alert and felt more alive than ever...a high level of energy surged through my body. I kept thinking to myself..."If other people have the same experience I just did listening to the final cut of this soundtrack...it could change their lives." Since that time over half a million soundtracks incorporating this technology have been published. The Ultra Meditation series being the most powerful of all.

So how does Ultra Meditation open your mind to these higher states of consciousness? How can this technology be used to achieve deep meditative awareness? And what does it all mean? I'll try and answer those questions in the following pages, however it's important for you to understand that this program is not about me or the concepts I am presenting but your experiences from doing it.

Listen: The goal of these soundtracks is not just to relax away stress or massage your brain with entertaining sound effects, but to assist you in accessing a higher form of intelligence. Experiencing peak moments of enlightenment, flooding your mind with flashes of insight and wisdom that, in an instant, transform every aspect of your being. For in that moment of cosmic illumination comes a new kind of power, a kind of "super intelligence" that allows you to perceive the world in a new way. Once you experience that moment, you will never be the same again. Enjoy the ride! - Dane Spotts

P.S. This is not new age music, guided imagery, or hypnosis. What you're about to experience is unlike anything you've ever experienced before. As you begin your journey you may have questions or wish to share your experiences and meet other "mind warriors." I have established a Forum on the web for us to connect and exchange ideas and experiences. I invite you to visit me online and meet your fellow mind warriors.

From the Back Cover:


"I received and began to use your mind-scrubbing ULTRA-MEDITATION [CDs]. They are, indeed, in this world, but they are not of it. In the past three or four years I have ordered many, many audio and video tapes; now that I have the ULTRA-MEDITATION [CDs] all of the others are useless. Since beginning listening to the ULTRA-MEDITATION [CDs] my blood pressure has normalized; my eating habits have become nutritional rather than tastebud oriented; my drinking, smoking and other multitudinous bad habits have normalized and I feel centered. Specifically, I am physically relaxed, emotionally calm, mentally alert and spiritually awake." - C.M.D.


"I receive stronger, faster, and deeper states of meditation with this [CD]. My body unloads stress much faster. When in a deep state of T.M. my body at times will twitch, indicating stress relief. With your [CD] I immediately and always get to this deep state. I've noticed my eyes after a meditation have a sparkle and shine that wasn't there before, after use of this [CD]." - B.F.D.


"No other tapes [CDs] (or techniques) relax me the way yours do. It amazes me the way I can actually feel the tension leaving every part of my body....The tension just flows out of me, like water down a drain. It's great." - R.W.


"By telling you that your [CD] system has saved my life-I am not exaggerating. A little over a year ago I was diagnosed with a terminal illness. Needless to say, I had gone into a severe state of depression and made unsuccessful attempts at suicide. Now I sleep only a few hours a night. I have more energy than ever before. I have quit smoking. I have stopped procrastinating. The ironic part is that really nothing around me has changed; how I perceive it has. Thanks." - G.G.


"After listening to the first soundtrack I noticed that colors seemed more colorful, pictures seemed to stand out more, I was more relaxed. After listening to soundtrack II, I was even more relaxed and achieved a sense of peace of mind I could never achieve before. Colors are very colorful and my thinking is clear and deep." - V.A.


"The Ultra Meditation [CDs] indeed produce altered states of consciousness of a profound nature. In addition to the therapeutic value of deep relaxation through synchronization of the brain's hemispheres, these tapes [CDs] provide a veritable space/mind platform from which advanced adventurers in consciousness can blast off into even subtler spheres of perception, to explore the furthest inner depths of the ultimate frontier-the human mind, which is but a mere reflection of something much greater." - S.Q.


"I have been on the path to enlightenment since the 60's. I have used many different tapes and attended many seminars, trainings, etc. Until listening to your [CDs] the only tapes that I could achieve a Theta state were the Monroe Institute tapes. But yours are much more powerful. No need to go through mental exercises or countdowns-just lay back, relax and there I am-Theta bound. What a joy!" - D.M.


"I wanted to congratulate you and your company on an absolutely first-rate product....

I have had out-of-body experiences, using the second soundtrack, and combining traditional meditation techniques with either of the two soundtracks produces a pronounced, exquisite sense of relaxation and relief from stress. You should be proud of your achievement." - Dr. W.Y.


"...It provides the human brain with a psycho-physical "work-out" as it were, that improves it's mental functioning...it appears to alter the personality of its users in positive and life-enhancing ways" - Dr. L.C.


"I experienced what I can only describe as a body orgasm. My entire body was tingling and warm and I felt I was going to levitate at any moment....I can't describe how wonderful I felt." - D.O.


"I had an 'out-of-body' experience. It was so amazing!" - S.Y.

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