The New World Order

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9781935996231: The New World Order

FOREWORD MARCH Have you ever wondered if the Devil is real, and whether or not he was an Angel that was kicked out of Heaven and descended to earth with his Fallen Angels? In this latest edition and updated version of the New World Order Michael R. Meade will historically and factually trace the origins of the Devil/Satan calling himself the God of the Sky in the heavens to his descent into the Abyss here on this earth to his descendants in Africa coming up out of the Abyss/Hell, Abyssinia, Heliopolis creating Hellas, the Hellenic Republic circa 700 BCE in the dark ages. The writer connects the Sky God Satan to his direct descendants in the Hellenic Republic, the Muslims and Muhammad to include Banu Hashim, a clan in the Quarish tribes, of which Muhammad was a member and the writer of the Quran. In fact the writer shows the direct connection to Islam in Babylonian Mesopotamia circa 2500 BCE, way before the introduction of Muhammad and Islam in the Arabian Peninsula circa 600 AD. While in Babylonian Mesopotamia the writer connects Islam to the Sky God Satan, the Antichrist and the ancient Gods Nanna Sin, Hammurabi and Shamash who were responsible for the Code of Ur Nammu and the later Code of Hammurabi that both sanctioned Slavery and the Death Penalty for minor infractions of the law. The writer also connects the Annunaki in Mesopotamian Babylon as descendants of the Sky God Satan. If that wasn’t enough the writer points out that it was King Nebuchadnezzar II the King of Babylon who attacked and literally devastated the Jews taking many as slaves while destroying the First Temple in Jerusalem in 586 BC. Using the Devil’s own words the writer shows Satan and his descendants coming up from the Abyss/Hell, Heliopolis into Hellas, the Hellenic Republic of Greece and during the 2nd century BCE, 167 BCE, the Jews of Judea revolted against their Masters decree prohibiting their worship that became known as Hanukkah, the Festival of Lights and Feast of Dedication, the eight-day Jewish Holiday commemorating the rededication of the Holy Temple (the Second Temple) in Jerusalem. This is referred to as the War of the Sons of Light against the Sons of Darkness, also known as "War Rule", "Rule of War", and the "War Scroll", that 2nd century BCE manual of the Maccabean Revolt in Judea against Hellas, containing the military organization and strategy that was discovered among the Dead Sea Scrolls. In order to achieve all of this fascinating information in one book the writer uses hundreds of historic photographs and symbols strategically woven together into pictogram tiles that tell the history by itself and leave no room for doubt in the readers mind and a picture is worth a thousand words. Using these pictogram tiles the author historically ties in Adam Jesus and Moses with the Egyptian Sun God Ra to the Pha-Ra-ohs in Egypt along with the beginnings of Islam and Christianity. The author further ties Muhammad to the Sun God Ra/Rho in Heliopolis, to Jesus the Sun of God and his descendants who were the Rhoman Palaistinians in the Holy Rhoman Empire. The writer connects Ra to the Sun God Shamash, to Rashamra and Ash Shams that connect directly with Islam/Communism and Socialism that deliberately committed Genocide and brutalized the Jewish men women small children and babies for hundreds and hundreds of years. Many naïve people falsely believe that these Genocides in Germany and Russia were caused by the European peoples but the author unveils the truth and shows that the Genocides were caused by Islam and Christianity that started and originated in East Africa thousands of years ago in the city of Thebes, locally known as Waset, Home of the Was Scepter, the Swastika. These pictogram tiles will also show that Slavery, Whippings, the Bull Whip and Colonialism didn't start with the Europeans but with the Africans and Muslims thousands of years ago.

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CLASSIFIED SECRET FOR INTERNATIONAL SECURITY: The truth about history/religion has been covered up and deliberately kept from the people for thousands of years and now the author is enlightening the world and telling them the truth, bringing them out of the darkness. When they finally see the light it's going to cause that massive headache and shock just as if they were physically locked up in the dung-eon for thousands of years. Unfortunately shock therapy is the only means available to wake the people of the world up who have been brainwashed and indoctrinated by the Churches, Synagogues and Mosques. These religious fan-addicts are the same as Drug Addicts or alcoholics who refuse to believe they are the problem and are willing to destroy their lives and everybody's life around them just like the Muslims Fan-addicts are doing right now. I know your first instinct is shock, horror and disbelief when you read the titles and look at the covers of these e-books but don't prejudge them by their covers thinking this guy is crazy and has lost his mind because if you read them it will surprise you that they are true. The truth is a hard thing to fathom and many people have become complacent in their lives and would rather live like that then to know the truth.

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