Contrast Media: Safety Issues and ESUR Guidelines (Medical Radiology)

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9783540727835: Contrast Media: Safety Issues and ESUR Guidelines (Medical Radiology)

Two years only after the publication of the ? rst edition of “Contrast media – Safety issues and ESUR guidelines” in our book series Medical Radiology in 2006, it appeared that a second edition was urgently needed. The ? rst edition was indeed an exceptional success with our readership and sold out rapidly, but moreover the safety of MR contrast media urgently required a reappraisal after the publication of a new and dramatic adverse reaction to some of the gadolini- based agents: the so called NSF syndrome. I am very much indebted to Professor Henrik S. Thomsen and his academic colleagues from the ESUR Contrast Medium Safety Committee for accepting the task to prepare a second edition of their remarkable book.Within a record short period of time they have been able to complete this fully revised new volume. It offers to the readers a comprehensive overview of all problems related to the use of contrast media in modern radiology and of our latest knowledge and insights in the mechanisms of adverse reactions related to contrast media. It answers all questions that radiologists and referring physicians are confronted with in their daily practice when they consider the administration of these agents to their patients.

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From the Back Cover:

In 1994 the European Society of Urogenital Radiology (ESUR) set up a committee to consider the safety of contrast media used for diagnostic imaging. Subsequently the committee questioned members, reviewed the literature, proposed guidelines and discussed these proposals with participants at the annual symposia of the society. The end result of this work was the successful first edition of this book, published in 2006. This second edition not only updates the previous edition, but also contains some completely new chapters, for example on gadolinium-based contrast agents, meta-analyses in contrast media research and various regulatory issues.

Comprehensive consideration is given to the many different safety issues relating to iodinated, MR, ultrasound and barium contrast media. The text includes chapters on both acute and delayed non-renal adverse reactions and on renal adverse reactions. All those questions frequently raised in radiological practice are addressed, and the well-known ESUR guidelines on contrast media are included. This book, presented in a handy, easy to use format, provides an invaluable, unique and unparalleled source of information on the safety issues relating to contrast media.

About the Author:



Born: April 29th 1953

M.D.: University of Copenhagen, June 1979

Dr. Med. (dissertation): University of Copenhagen November 1984

Certified Radiologist: April 1993 (National Health Authorities)

Consultant: April 1996, Department of Diagnostic Radiology, Copenhagen University Hospital at Herlev

Chair: January 2002-2008, Department of Diagnostic Radiology, Copenhagen University Hospital at Herlev

Professor: April 1999, Radiology, University of Copenhagen

Director: 2000, Department of Diagnostic Sciences, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Copenhagen (renominated for 2007-2012)

Research: Author or co-author of approx. 340 manuscripts (original paper, reviews, book chapters) mainly dealing with radiological topics within the fields of uroradiology, muscleskeletal radiology, contrast media et c.

Editor: Member of the editorial board of 4 international journals (Abdominal Imaging, European Radiology, Academic Radiology, Acta Radiologica); has edited in cooperation with colleagues 8 books in English. Sole editor of one book: Contrast Media: Safety issues and ESUR Guidelines. Guest editor of two issues of Abdominal imaging (2003 & 2006).

Referee: European Journal of Radiology, Scandinavian Journal of Clinical and Laboratory Investigations, Acta Radiologica, Acta Oncologica, Current Opinion in Radiology (USA), Pharmacology & Toxicology, Investigative Radiology (USA), CardioVascular and Interventional Radiology, Annals of Medicine, Academic Radiology (USA), Kidney International (USA), Journal of Clinical Ultrasonography (USA), British Journal of Radiology, European Radiology, Lancet, American Journal of Kidney Diseases, New England Journal of Medicine, Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation, American Journal of Kidney Diseases. Has evaluated > 200 publications.

Advisor: Main advisor for 10 PhD-students

Evaluation: Dissertations and PhD on behalf of University of Copenhagen, University of Southern Denmark, University of Århus, University of Mamö.

Appointment (committee member) of professors and lecturers: University of California Los Angeles, University of Alabama Birmingham, University of Manchester, UK, University of Sheffield, UK, University of Copenhagen, Yale University.

Congresses: Member of organization and/or program committee at more than 20 international congresses and symposia (e.g. European Congress of Radiology, European Symposia on Urogenital Radiology, Radionuclides in Nephro-urology, Mangement in Radiology, Contrast Media Research)

ESUR Contrast Media Safety Committee: Chairman since 1996

ECR Evaluation Committee: Chairman 1993-2002

Committes: ECR Urogential 1995-2001

ECR Contrast Media 2007-2008

Management in Radiology 2003-

ISMRM Committee of NSF 2007-

ESMRMB Safety Committee 2007-

ESUR: Secretary 1990-1996

President-Elect 1996-1998

President 1998-2000

CMR: Convenor 2007-2009

Awards President's AWARD, Society for Uroradiology, September 1990, for best scientific presentation.

December 1990, Jytte Mommsen, født Købler's legat til fremme af den lægevidenskabelige forskning af nyresygdomme.

April 1992 Eyvind Mosekildes Rejselegat, Danish Society of Radiology

Price for cooperation with industry 2004, Copenhagen County

March 2004, Ulrik Brinch og hustru Marie Brinchs legat, (Technical University of Denmark).

Honorary member European Society of Urogenital Radiology

Pacific Northwestern Radiological Society

Member of: The Danish Society of Nephrology

The Danish Society of Clinical Physiology and Nuclear Medicine

Danish Society of Uroradiology

Danish Society for GCP ('Good Clinical Practice')

Society of Uroradiology (USA)

Danish Society of Radiology

Radiological Society of North America (USA)

European Congress of Radiology (Austria)

European Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine and Biology



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