Matthew Volume 2 (SING the Bible!)

9785558604559: Matthew Volume 2 (SING the Bible!)
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This 61 minute CD completes its forerunner, "Jesus Christ is the King in the Book of Matthew Volume 1", with delightful singing through the key points in the gospel of Matthew. The album includes original songs about Biblical incidents like: the calling of the 12 disciples, the parable of the sower, the greatest commandments, the woman with the alabaster box and Christ's death and resurrection (tastefully treated for elementary ages). Parents will appreciate the emphasis on human relationships which is found in Matthew, like sharing (5 loaves and 2 fishes), forgiveness (70 times 7), faithfulness (the talents) and kindness (to one of the least of these). It's much better to have the children singing Bible songs than just hearing lectures on behavior! These songs simultaneously teach Bible truths and character values by children singing the words of the Bible joyfully. Music genres on this CD range from classics like Beethoven's Ode to Joy (Jesus Called His 12 Disciples) to spirituals, Walking in Jerusalem (I Wanna be Good Ground). Included are George M. Cohen's Over There (He's the Lord of the Sabbath), John Phillip Sousa's Stars and Stripes (Learn How to be Faithful Today) and a five-part finale (tune courtesy of Phillip Bliss) telling the great commission. Even if the children don't know the original songs, the music is grand and very singable; they will learn quickly! The vocal presentation includes rounds, counterpoint, harmony and syncopation; a challenging variety that children love. Eleven songs from the album made the 2006 Gospel Music Association's Dove Awards ballot for Most Inspirational Single of the Year; the album itself was a contender for Best Children's Album of the year.
This discovery, that singing can be the most effective way to learn, was the motivation to begin Bible StorySongs. Paula King and Catherine Walker, put Bible verses, facts, lists, stories (anything they wanted kids to remember) to favorite familiar tunes in the public domain. Employing public domain tunes which uniquely match the feeling of the Bible stories makes many of the new songs quite easy to learn. The flow and style of the excellent music assists in the writing of the lyrics, often taken directly from Bible verses. This simple formula works! The hundreds of kids they taught in summer Bible Camps can quickly answer Biblical questions by singing snippets of songs and still remember them today as adults. This time-tested positive result prompted Mrs. King and Mrs. Walker to professionally record and publish these songs. The compound word StorySongs in the company name is not a typo. The stories are in the songs - they are "storysongs"! This is a delightful and effective way for even Biblically challenged baby boomer's to join their children and grandchildren in learning the stories in the Bible. Time for today's working parents is at a premium. Playing Bible StorySongs cd's in the car on the way to school or soccer is prime time to redeem! Many grateful parents have happily informed us that they are learning as much about the Bible as their children! Research has shown that using more senses in learning results in better understanding and the longer memory retention. Bible StorySongs are: magnificently melodious (musical), rapturously rhythmic (kinetic), pleasantly poetic (verbal), magnetizingly metric (mathematical), eruditely elevating (cognitive) and so sweet to sing (tasty!). Bible StorySong singing incorporates many of the senses and thereby reinforces the learning process! Even parents of learning disabled children have told us they have discovered their kids singing these songs while at play. Singing accommodates varied learning styles and abilities. The Bible StorySongs singers are children from the Dallas/Fort Worth area ranging from age 6 to college age, who grew up singing these songs. The albums simply use a guitar and piano for most of the instrumentation, to encourage listeners to sing Bible StorySongs with the family around the piano at home! Audio samples and Sheet Music e-books are available at their website:

I Want To Be Good Ground, Matthew Volume 2 - Song List
1. Bible StorySongs Theme Song - Matthew, the Gospel
2. In Matthew's House
3. Two Blind Men Cried, Mercy!
4. Jesus Called His 12 Disciples
5. Every Little Hair
6. Confess Me Before Men
7. He's The Lord!
8. Come To Me, All Who Labor
9. Behold, Behold!
10. For Out Of The Abundance
11. Seed, Seed, Seed, Seed
12. I Wanna Be Good Ground
13. 5,000 Folks Were Following
14. Jesus Told All His Disciples
15. You Are The Christ
16. Jesus Took Up Three Disciples
17. Yes, Truly I Say
18. Then Peter Came and Said
19. And They Brought To Him
20. The Great Command
21. Like Lightening From The East
22. Learn How To Be Faithful
23. My Shoes the Have a Special Place
24. Our Master Gave Us
25. Make the Bed
26. Then Speaks The King
27. I Was Hungry And You Gave Me
28. Inasmuch As You Have Done
29. A Woman Came To Jesus
30. As They Were Eating
31. Oh, What A Dismal Night
32. Jesus Came And Spoke

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About the Author:

Paula King (the analytical left brain) of Irving, TX B.A. Education/Math/English, University of North Texas. Graduate studies in Math, English and Education. A teacher, programmer and IRS field agent. Retired from a major airline, where she spent 17 years as a programmer / manager / comptroller in the aircraft scheduling department. Thirteen years of formal piano instruction, including college level producer, song writer, composer, music arranger. Vaccinated with a phonograph needle!

Catherine Walker (the creative right brain!) of Los Angeles Bachelor of Fine Arts, University of Houston. Thirty years experience as graphic designer, typesetter, marketing specialist and publisher: Irving's Children Magazine 1994-95. Collaborated as author and illustrator on 10 children's books including puzzles, Bible stories and character. Catherine worked for a major airline in the interactive marketing department on the web publishing team. Producer, song writer, composer and author. The singing comes naturally!


Product review by AMY CHRISTY/ The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, LLC, March 2007. As educators and parents, we know that by singing or making up a rhyme, children can retain knowledge and have fun! This is the goal of the creators of Bible StorySongs. Starting with the Old Testament in Exodus, Moses Volume 1--The First 80 Years begins with the story of the children of Israel in Egypt. Before each song, its story is briefly introduced, and the Scripture reference is given. The song further elaborates on the story. This CD has an "Egyptian" feel to it and draws you right into that world! We had a lot of fun learning and singing along. It continues through the slavery of the Israelites, the birth of Moses and his rescue, as well as his life in Egypt. This CD ends with Moses leading his people to freedom. Moses Volume 2--The Last 40 Years begins with the children of Israel in the wilderness. You'll learn songs of their journey and the provisions from God and the delivery of the Ten Commandments. This CD follows the struggles of the children Israel and concludes when they reach the Promised Land. In Matthew Volume 1, we begin with Matthew 1:1, the genealogy of Jesus. From there, you'll sing of his birth, baptism, and teaching. Volume 2 continues with Matthew chapter 9 and speaks about the disciples, the Parables, the miracles of Jesus, and his return. Tucked in between all of the stories are fun songs that instill good moral virtues for children, such as being responsible for their things and being a cheerful giver. Many of these songs are original, catchy tunes, but some are familiar favorites, such as "This Old Man" or "When the Saints Go Marching In" that are easy to remember. The website is also a wonderful resource, offering a "song of the day" and samples of their music. There are additional products for purchase in e-book format. They include sheet music for guitar and piano and puzzle pages based on the verses and stories in the songs. We used the Moses Volume 1 and Matthew Volume 1 e-book bundles as companions to the CDs. We were able to use the piano sheet music, and my younger son loved coloring in his song and color book. The older boys liked working on the crosswords, word scrambles, and puzzles in theirs. I work in the children's ministry at church and plan to incorporate these songs into our program. Bible StorySongs are a fun way to learn and remember the cherished stories of God's faithfulness and promises to His people. These products would be a nice addition to a home school, Sunday School, or any place where you desire to teach the Word of God to children.

By MARY A. JACOBS / Special Contributor to The Dallas Morning News Duo has progressed from "25-cent cassette tapes" to acclaimed CD's of children's music. Paula King and Catherine Walker are already stars. Among kids in vacation Bible school, their original Bible story songs have been hits for 15 years. Now, with their own CDs, the two grandmothers might get a bigger audience. The songwriting duo started collaborating in 1982, putting on puppet shows at home when their children were young. "We really wanted our children to learn the stories of the Bible, and we discovered that 'less talking and more singing' was the way to do it," Mrs. King said. They branched out to write songs for vacation Bible school. "We'd stay up all night and make these horrible recordings on 25-cent cassette tapes," Mrs. King recalled. "But the kids thought they were solid gold." "We heard from parents that for months the kids were singing these songs in the streets as they rode their bikes," said Mrs. Walker. "I thought, 'We have something here.' " Over the years, the two built a repertoire of more than 300 original songs. The songs feature original lyrics set to public domain tunes - "Brave John the Baptist," for example, to the tune of "Itsy Bitsy Spider." Last year, the pair produced two CDs, Moses, Volume 1 - the First 80 Years, based on the book of Exodus, and Jesus Christ the King in the Book of Matthew Volume 1, with stories from the first eight chapters of Matthew. The Moses CD earned a spot on the 2004 Grammy ballot in the category of Best Musical Album for Children, but didn't get sufficient votes to become a nominee. Mrs. King, 56, a retired teacher and computer programmer, and Mrs. Walker, 54, a graphic artist, dipped into their retirement savings to make the recordings. They recruited dozens of children to sing for the recording. Proof that their method works came a few years ago. Driving across Texas, Mrs. King and her grown son whiled away an afternoon singing those songs. Even though he was heading to law school, the son still remembered them from his vacation Bible school days. Said Mrs. King: "The melodies, the rhythms and the rhymes, they get into your memory in a way that words alone can't." Mary A. Jacobs, a Dallas freelance writer, can be reached at DETAILS: For more information, visit

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