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York, ME, U.S.A.

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Terms of Sale

All dust jackets under clear mylar dj protectors. Most items sold are used involving prior ownership. It is common to find user's name in book or other identifiers and will not be noted unless detrating from item value. Book condition is described as completely as possible. ABE Return policies apply.

Aide de Camp Books & Prints
Arthur J Fossa
43 Donica Rd
York, ME 03909 USA

Shipping Terms

$5 for the first book; $1.50 for each additional via USPS media mail. Shipping costs are based upon a package weight of 2.2 pounds (1 KG) Exceptional Large/heavy items will require extra postage; we will contact you with shipping options and costs. USPS priority mail is an additional $2 for the first book and $1 for each additional book. UPS delivery is an additional $2 for the first book. Postal insurance provided upon request - $2 per $100 value.