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Terms of Sale

These are the terms of sale for Magazin Aziya

  1. The products displayed on this site are subject to change in either price, quantity or condition
  2. Therefore please inquire on particular rare or hard to find books
  3. Every order is confirmed within two business days. If you do not receive such a confirmation, tracking number or other information, please contact customer service

If you are a consumer you can cancel the contract in accordance with the following. Consumer means any natural person who is a...

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Shipping Terms

Shipment Terms of Magazin Aziya

  1. We ship once a week, or if it is urgent on demand
  2. Direct shipping to the customer's addresse and whitelabel solution to the customer of the customer or in case of present is possible, the package can also be changed on demand
  3. The shipping costs are calculated with speed and efficiency in mind.Normally everything is shipped out by DHL, but the customer can chose other methods