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In addition to a large collections of 19th century children's books, and adult fiction we have a broad array of art books, reference materials, religion and philosophy. Lately I have been cataloguing 19th century travelogues. Also available is a large collection of 19th century and early 20th century periodicals, some bound, some still in their original condition: The Atlantic Monthly, Harpers, The Century Illustrated, Lippincotts, Putnam, The North American Review, Scribners, St. Nicholas Magazine. Many are not yet listed so inquiries for specific editions are welcomed.

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From the Land of the White Elephant, to Interior O

Fascinating 19th century travelogues often by English or American clergymen. Part natural history, part art of archeology, almost always amusingly naive in their sociological conclusions.
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Black Lives Mattered Then Too

From the famed Harriett Beecher Stowe to the Anti-Toms.
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A note on private sales.

Often potential buyers ask for the opportunity to purchase from me directly rather than through the AbeBooks portal where they found the listing, usually for a slightly lower price. Presumably the benefit to me is some marginal savings on commissions or tax. The convenience of having all my record keeping and billing being handled through one platform outweighs any small savings. In addition, I believe the service AbeBooks provides?putting these books in front of potenti...

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Shipping Terms

Oversized or heavy items shipped internationally, or shipped domestically by priority mail, may require additional postage. Most often, but not in all cases, this is noted in the description. In these cases we will request additional postage before completing the transaction.

When an object is returned as undeliverable by USPS to a specified address (e.g. in NYC) no second attempt will be made. Douglas Park will cancel the sale, issue a refund, and absorb the shipping loss.