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London, ON, Canada

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Terms of Sale

Payment in U.S. dollars by credit card through ABE only. Customers pay shipping costs in U.S. funds or customers country currency at going rates.I do not have the facilities for credit cards[only through A.B.E.`s E/commerce]. I also send a "Courtesy Call" letting customers know the day the order is mailed. POSTAGE SURFACE, SMALL PACKET AIR or XPRESSPOST POSTAGE IS FREE if order is OVER U.S.100.00. CHECK SHIPPING TERMS. I ANSWER ALL E/MAIL QUESTIONS THROUGH ABE BOOKS.----L.F.

Shipping Terms

All books are wrapped in bubble wrap and shipped in cardboard boxes,{ NO ENVELOPES}. Paper items are in plastic bags { NON MYLER} and wrapped in bubble wrap where possible and shipped in cardboard boxes. Small items are in plastic bags with backer boards and shipped in hard cardboard mailers. Shipping costs are based on A.B.E.`s listings by country, with NO EXTRA COST FOR ADDITIONAL BOOKS. THIS COVERS ANY SINGLE BOOK, SET, OR ANY NUMBER OF BOOKS,OR PAPER ITEMS IN ONE ORDER UP TO 5 KILOS [11.02 lbs]. If ordering a MULTIPLE number of books I will automatically change and lower the shipping rate quoted to a one book rate.ALL INTERNATIONAL SURFACE ORDERS TAKE FROM 6 TO 8 WEEKS To ARRIVE and cost U.S.$8.50 to send. AIR POST TAKES APPROX. 10 DAYS TO ARRIVE AND COSTS U.S.$14.50. ANY ORDER OVER U.S.$100 REGARDLESS OF QUANTITY has FREE SHIPPING by AIR or XPRESSPOST, ANYWHERE at my discretion, where possible.No strings attached.------L. Fielder.