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Yves G. Rittener - YGRbookS

Zürich, Switzerland

Joined January 9, 2004

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We run our business on a private basis. You can visit us any time by appointment. We issue catalogues and also regularly update these catalogues. PLEASE NOTE: We have sold many rare books via AbeBooks since 2004 and never had any complaints. As we sell rather expensive and exclusive books, it can happen that our rating goes down from five stars to four stars, because we do not sell that many books. (It does not matter to AbeBooks if you offer quality or not as long as you keep their profits going). AbeBooks' algorithm and the company itself do not care about how good your service is as long as you sell books on a regular basis. Interestingly, you will find clowns and cheaters on AbeBooks who will try and sell you a $1 paperback for $1'000 or more. And they have five (5!) stars. AbeBooks has not been able to resolve this issue for many years, so here we are - honest and reliable sellers with four to five stars - competing with five star clowns and cheats. Anyway: we will always ask you whether you are happy with your purchase and only close any deals with you if you say so. This means that you will be asked to finish a deal. Once you do so, you will not be contacted again, nor will your address be shared with any other party. We sold the most expensive book on AbeBooks in 2020 and the customer's response was this: "Hello Yves, Ulysses has safely made his way to us! The book is beautiful and we are very pleased with the condition. It was a pleasure doing business with you." We just wish you all the best and look forward to helping you out and - more importantly - communicating with you. YGRbookS

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Terms of Sale

All books are First Editions, First Printings unless otherwise indicated. If you require any further information on any item we offer, please call or contact us. Payment in Swiss Francs (CHF) into our account is preferred. All books remain the property of the seller until paid for in full. If you should be unhappy with your purchase at YGRbookS, give us a note and send items back within 45 days of receipt.

Shipping Terms

Die Versandkostenpauschalen basieren auf Sendungen mit einem durchschnittlichen Gewicht. Falls das von Ihnen bestellte Buch besonders schwer oder sperrig sein sollte, werden wir Sie informieren, falls zusätzliche Versandkosten anfallen.