By definition, a portrait is an artistic representation of a person meant to display the subject's likeness and, perhaps more so, express their emotions or mood. Dating at least as far back as the Egyptian era, portraits come in many forms, including portrait paintings, drawings, photography, and even sculptures. Some of art's most iconic masterpieces are portraits - the Mona Lisa, Girl with a Pearl Earring, American Gothic, and Picasso's The Dream are just a few. From classical oil painting to abstract and pop art (think Andy Warhol's 10 Marilyns), portrait art has only one rule - depict your subject however you see fit. From a watercolor portrait of an unnamed boy to a copper printing plate depicting a stoic Abraham Lincoln, each portrait offers something unique and beautiful. Whether you're building the gallery wall of your dreams or on the hunt for the perfect gift, you will find the perfect piece within our selection of portrait art.



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Expression, emotion, history - what do you love about portraits?

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