Asociación Ibérica de Librerías Anticuarias

Asociación Ibérica de Librerías Anticuarias (AILA)

Antique book professionals since 1990

The Asociación Ibérica de Librerías Anticuarias (AILA) is the Iberian Association of Antique Bookstores, a member of ILAB since 1992. It is made up of bookstores from Spain, Portugal and Spanish-speaking countries. AILA members apply ILAB regulations and code of practices and customs in customer relations and business practices that are based on the rigorous description of books, maps or documents and acceptance of the rules on returns and refunds to customers. It is equally important to establish the provenances, all bookstores actively collaborate in preventing the marketing of stolen books which is a key policy of ILAB internationally. For more information about the association click here.

AILA booksellers appear with their logo on Iberlibro/Abebooks. That's a guarantee for customers: “buy and sell with confidence”, that's our motto and that's what makes a safe experience for anyone who purchases a book, map or document from an AILA bookseller.

Like other ILAB associations, AILA organizes an international old book fair that has been alternating between Madrid and Barcelona on a biannual basis since 1992.

AbeBooks is proud to work closely with a number of bookseller associations around the world who are dedicated to upholding high professional bookselling standards.
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