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Office move day is creeping closer all the time.

The ongoing construction activity in Victoria has made things challenging, as well as a some poor weather compounding the issues. There seems to be something of a boom going on, everytime you turn around another condo development is getting built. But things look good for AbeBooks to move shortly (I don’t dare say the date lest I jinx things). We’ve been looking forward to moving for sometime now, and there has been a lot of planning. Perhaps once we are settled in we can post a few pictures on Flickr.

And speaking of moving. We are planning to move this ol’ blog to a new location. It will finally get a location on the abebooks.com domain. Reading Copy will give up the WordPress hosted domain and switch to the self-hosted solution. It should give us more flexibility in terms of design and features. We’ll post more on that as we get a bit closer to ensure the transition is as smooth as possible.

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